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Cleaning Jokes That Will Leave You Mopping Up Your Tears of Laughter!

Who knew cleaning could be so much fun?!

If you’re like us, you get more cleaning done in the 20 minutes before guests come over than at any other time. Let’s face it, nobody likes to clean. Sure, we may like the result of having a clean house, but actual cleaning? No thanks! So we’ve compiled our funniest cleaning jokes to get you through all the dirt, dust and clutter with a smile on your face — vacuum not included!

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Cleaning jokes:

Q: Why did the burglar take a shower? A: He wanted to make a clean getaway!
Cleaning jokes: Cartoon of Kangaroo mom with her pouch full telling her son, "Young man, it's time to clean up your bedroom."
Bill Thomas
Q: What is a clean house a sure sign of? A: That the internet is down!
Cleaning jokes: Cartoon of girl on her cellphone telling friend, "I'll be a bit late. Mom cleaned my room and it will take a while to get it back to a comfortable clutter."
Chris Wildt
Cleaning jokes: Someone sent me an email about using vodka for cleaning around the house… It worked! The more vodka I drank, the cleaner the house looked!
Cleaning jokes: Cartoon of a mom telling her son, who has shoved everything under his bed, "That's not what I meant when I told you to clean out your closet."
Van Scott
Cleaning jokes: "My idea of superwoman is someone who scrubs her own floors." —Bette Midler
Mark Sagliocco/Stringer/Getty Images
Cleaning jokes: People are always worried about their cellphones, Alexa or Siri spying on them. But the truth is, it's the vacuum cleaner we should all be worried about… It's been collecting dust on us for years!
Cleaning jokes: You know it's time we clean out. our purse when… We place it on the passenger seat and our car thinks we have a passenger with no seat belt on!
Cavan Images/Getty Images
Cleaning Jokes: Salesman: "Ma'am, this vacuum cleaner is so great that it will cut all your work by half." Woman: "Fantastic, I'll take two!"
Cleaning jokes: Cartoon of mom bunny telling kid bunny, "You need a bath, young man. You're starting to look like a dust bunny."
Dave Carpenter
Q: Why do basketball players have messy rooms? A: Because they dribble everywhere!
babies unloading a dishwasher: cleaning jokes
Cleaning jokes: Daughter telling mom, "There's not enough room in my room to clean my room."
Bob Vojtko
Q: What did the woman who was working at the kitchen sink all afternoon say? A: "I feel so drained."

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