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Add This Pantry Staple to Your Queso For an Extra Creamy Game Day Dip


Football season is in full swing, which means gathering with your friends and family to cheer on your favorite team. Of course, yelling at blind refs and jumping on couch cushions when the team scores a game-changing goal is bound to make people hungry. Enter the perfect game day snack: Ro-Tel queso.

The simple mixture of gooey Velveeta cheese and Ro-Tel tomatoes has been fueling football fans for years now, but you don’t need to have sports on the TV to enjoy the delectable dip. It’s perfect for pretty much any get-together. After a lifetime of chowing down on the classic two ingredient mixture, I was surprised to see recommendations for adding a third ingredient while scrolling through cooking tips on Reddit. Nope, not ground beef or sausage. According to one user, they grew up adding cream of mushroom soup to their queso recipe. 

I was instantly curious — I’m a fan of the soup and the dip, but how would they taste blended together? Since I already had all of the ingredients in my pantry, I decided to give it a shot. 

How to make queso

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The Reddit user claimed that once all of the cheese, tomatoes, and mushroom soup were fully melted and blended together, you wouldn’t actually be able to taste the soup — just have an extra-creamy snack to nom on.

Cooking Rotel queso

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I’ll be honest, I wasn’t convinced while waiting for everything to heat up. Mushroom soup belongs in things like tuna or green bean casserole, but queso? Still, as an adventurous cook, I reminded myself that I also happen to like the flavor of mushrooms in almost any form and continued to stir the mixture until it resembled the classic cheese dip.

Finished Rotel queso

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You certainly wouldn’t be able to tell there was anything extra going on just by looking at this queso. It was a slightly paler color than the bright orange I’m used to from Velveeta, but that didn’t bother me. It also smelled exactly like the same dip I’ve been whipping up for years — so it all came down to the taste test. 

Despite how it looked, the mushroom soup flavor didn’t completely disappear from the dip, but it was subtle enough that it just gave the whole thing a nice dash of savory goodness. And, it was definitely a bit creamier than the regular Ro-Tel queso dip I grew up with. The addition of cream of mushroom soup seemed to help balance out the watery-ness of Ro-Tel more than just Velveeta on its own. 

Give this twist on the classic recipe a try for your next game day gathering and you’ll get plenty of your own cheers from the crowd. Score! 

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