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This Fruity Essential Oil Can Relieve Knee Pain, Nix Joint Stiffness, and Boost Mood


The fresh and zesty scent of orange essential oil is enough to attract anyone who enjoys eating the fruit. But beyond its wonderful smell, it can also have amazing benefits for relieving knee pain, nixing joint stiffness, and boosting your mood!

Although we tend to throw away orange peels, it’s the part of the fruit that gives this essential oil its refreshing scent. And, it’s not just made from any ordinary orange, but a sweet orange called citrus sinensis. The rind goes through a cold press extraction process to release its natural oils and become a go-to remedy for various health issues.

Stiffness and pain in our knees or joints doesn’t have to stop us from enjoying the warm weather. Orange essential oil can work as a short-term natural remedy to nix that discomfort! A 2017 study published in the Indian Journal of Palliative Care found that using this oil during aromatherapy sessions for patients with fractured limbs (ouch!) helped to relieve pain.

Researchers credited the oils active substances: limonene and flanders citral (also known as levomenthol). These natural chemicals carry anti-inflammatory properties that are able to relieve pain. Similarly, another study published in Complementary Therapies in Medicine supported orange essential oil’s pain-relieving benefits when massaged into the knees of older adults to reduce stiffness over a three week period.

Orange essential oil is not only great for topical use, but its scent can also ease stress. Research published in Complementary Therapies in Medicine looked at how spraying this oil into the air daily can have positive effects on certain parts of the brain, such as the prefrontal cortex — which affects our mood. Click through to learn how this essential oil improves focus and more!

Researchers concluded that the orange oil induced olfactory stimulation. This process occurs when sensory cells in our nose, mouth, and throat send messages to our brain to help us interpret those smells. The oil was ultimately found to increase the participants’ feelings of comfort and relaxation.

For everyday pain-relief use, mixing a few drops of orange essential oil (Buy on Amazon, $7.99) with coconut oil or olive oil before messaging on to skin works to balance out the intensity of oil so that it’s gentler for your skin to absorb. Plus, it doubles as a natural fragrance that’s way cheaper than other perfumes we tend to buy!

Placing several drops in an essential oil diffuser (Buy on Amazon, $15.99) will help with soothing stress and feeling relaxed. Guests will also always feel at ease as they hang out at your house with its mood-boost benefits.

It’s clear that orange essential oil can help with so many parts of our lives — and with a vibrant fruity scent that’s perfect for summer!

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