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Aquarius Compatibility: Best and Worst Matches for Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Independent, out-of-the-box Aquarians can find traditional relationships stifling.


If you were born between January 20 and February 18, your zodiac sign is Aquarius — which means you’ll gel with air signs Gemini and Libra and struggle with Taurus, Cancer, and Scorpio; Aquarius-Aquarius love is something of a mystery as well. Wondering why? Read on. 

What personality traits are common in Aquarius signs?

Aquarians are air signs, meaning they defy categorization and breeze past goals like they’re blessed from above. Air signs are social butterflies, so you can always count on them for lively conversation. That conversation, however, better be about big-picture ideas and high-minded ideals. If not, Aquarius will quickly lose interest. Aquarians are innovative and known for being original and thinking outside the box, even when it puts them at odds with others. In fact, you can often identify an Aquarius by how they dress and behave — look for the person with unique style and interest in avant-garde fashion. Aquarius moves to the beat of their own drum. If there’s one thing an Aquarius loathes, it’s conformity. 

Because of their tendency to take charge and be individualists, Aquarians can be stubborn contrarians, which is where they run into trouble with other obstinate signs Scorpio and Taurus. Unlike water signs, Aquarians don’t wear their hearts on their sleeve, and it can be difficult to get them to open up and make themselves vulnerable — which of course is crucial to building a meaningful relationship. Finally, Aquarians are driven by what they believe in. They love to cultivate passion projects and take charge, and they believe in their power to improve their community and the world at large. All of these traits influence which signs are most compatible with an Aquarius woman, and which ones might walk away with a major headache after spending time with this idealistic air sign. 

Most Compatible Signs: Aquarius and Gemini

For a match made in heaven, look no further than fellow air sign, Gemini. It’s easy for Aquarius to find common ground with Gemini, whether as a friend or a romantic partner. Gemini balances Aquarian sensibilities and finds satisfaction and enjoyment in quirkiness. They avoid what’s trending, and instead gravitate toward the unique. And no sign is more unique than Aquarius. Similarly, high-minded and intellectually curious Aquarius meets its match in witty Gemini. This is a relationship built on cerebral compatibility and the chemistry between two people interested in and engaged with the world around them. 

While both Gemini and Aquarius are strong communicators, the air-sign duo might run into trouble when it comes to expressing their needs. Aquarians can be so focused on the big picture that they forget about the details that make a relationship tick. Meanwhile, Geminis are so open and compromising that their needs may be neglected in favor of Aquarius’ demands. The key here is to be honest with each other and receptive to what the other has to say. As long as both communicate, Gemini is an exceedingly compatible match. 

Most Compatible: Libra and Aquarius

Libra and Aquarius are another great match, though the best friend route might be wiser than romance. That’s because Libras flourish in partnerships, while Aquarians tend to be more independent or distant in their relationships. Still, if you’re an Aquarius falling for a Libra, all hope is not lost. Just make sure you express how you feel about them, romantic gestures and all. Talking about emotions is important here — especially if you want to make it work with your Libra love interest. 

Outside of romantic relationships and emotional needs, these two signs couldn’t get along better. Air signs are known for being highly cerebral and ruling over everything related to the mind — thinking and planning are their greatest strengths. A Libra-Aquarius match is likely to yield a strong friendship rooted in shared passions for justice, environmental issues, or creating change in their communities. 

Most Compatible: Sagittarius and Aquarius

Just like air fuels fire, innovative Aquarius fuels the rebellious and spontaneous sides of fire sign Sagittarius. It’s a match that will either conquer the world or spiral into disaster. These signs share a whimsical nature and zest for life that makes them almost unstoppable together — you know the party has started when Aquarius and Sagittarius walk through the door. Don’t be surprised when it takes all of two seconds for them to convince you to go skydiving or take a last-minute trip to Hawaii. These two are just as comfortable dancing until dawn as they are having an intellectual conversation over coffee the next morning. 

That said, it’s worth considering the traits Aquarius and Sagittarius compatibility bring out in each other and how those might make for trouble. Sagittarius’ ruling planet is Jupiter, the planet of good fortune and abundance, which means that these fire signs are open to trying everything once — even risky or high-stakes adventures, such as getting a tattoo on a whim. Independent and rebellious Aquarius exacerbates this tendency. An Aquarius-Sagittarius pairing should be cautious together and learn to embrace each other’s courage and adventure without spiraling down a dangerous path. 

Most Problematic: Cancer and Aquarius

No two signs are less likely to connect than Aquarius and Cancer. Cancers are deeply emotional water signs: They need to talk through their feelings and receive affection and validation from their close friends and partner. Independent Aquarius will view this as clingy and even suffocating. Where Aquarius will feel smothered, Cancer will feel neglected and forgotten. Whether friends or lovers, there’s going to be a sense of tension or confusion between these two. They just don’t quite get each other. However, the differences between them can also create a sense of mystery and wonder, which makes for undeniable chemistry. That initial attraction and the ensuing challenges mean that these two signs will need to work harder than others to establish a functional relationship. 

Most Problematic: Aquarius and Scorpio

Although most people assume that fierce Scorpio is a fire sign, they’re actually ruled by water. At the heart of their often-intimidating exterior is a softie motivated by their emotions. For this reason, Aquarius and Scorpio find a relationship difficult. Independent, out-of-the-box Aquarians can find traditional relationships stifling and may struggle to make themselves emotionally vulnerable, choosing to instead focus on their favorite subject: big-picture projects and goals. 

When Scorpios turn towards their Aquarius partner in search of emotional support, they may struggle with what can feel like a cold or detached response. Aquarius and Scorpio are two of the most stubborn signs, so when these two have a problem — whether in friendship or something more — they’re more likely to dig their heels in that compromise. One commonality these signs share is loyalty. Once you’ve earned an Aquarius or Scorpio’s trust, you’ll have it forever — so if nothing else, these two often-opposing signs can bond over this shared quality.

The Middle Ground: Taurus and Aquarius

Not the best pairing but also not the worst, Taurus and Aquarius is an unusual match that can be successful under the right circumstances. Taurus is an earth sign, which usually pairs better with water signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. However, these two signs have a lot of commonalities in how they approach life. Both are fixed signs, meaning they can commit to relationships and projects — no wishy-washiness here! They push through obstacles and challenges with grace in order to complete projects they’re passionate about. A prime example of this is George and Amal Clooney: The super-famous duo are united by their passion for humanitarian work and have worked hard to clear the hurdles of their Taurus-Aquarius pairing. 


You may have heard that Aquarius gets along best with air signs. You may have heard that Aquarius is compatible with Aries and Leo. Scorpio, too, may have been mentioned. The point here is that every zodiac pairing has its connections and challenges. Whether you’re an Aquarius or looking to win the heart of one, dive into your birth chart and see for yourself where your best match is found.

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