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‘Access Hollywood’ Host Kit Hoover Shares 6 Tricks For Staying Positive During Hard Times

Beloved broadcast journalist Kit Hoover, host of Access Daily and Access Hollywood, is known across America for her bright smile and effervescent personality. But that positivity was forged by several life-changing challenges, including losing everything in a devastating fire. Here, how gratitude and hope keep Kit joyful, centered, and thriving.

Raising three kids while simultaneously co-hosting two television shows is a juggling act to say the least. And journalist Kit Hoover confesses to Woman’s World that keeping all the balls
in the air can be a bit overwhelming. “Take today: My son forgot the lunch I made him, so I had to drop it off,” Kit sighs. “Then I had to make sure my daughter’s dress was hemmed, and that’s not to mention all the wash I have to do! But if I focus on keeping my family happy, it all works out in the end.”

Kit’s key to balance begins at 6:30 am, during her morning chat with her 81-year-old
mother. “She immediately puts me in a good mood,” Kit says with a smile. “I’m so grateful for her.” And that gratitude has been Kit’s secret to lasting peace—even in the face of disaster, like losing her Connecticut home in a fire a few years ago. “I was pregnant, and we’d put our savings into renovating our kitchen,” she recalls. “The day of the fire, we lost everything — even my wedding ring. It was a lot to wrap my head around.”

But from that tragic experience, an important lesson arose. “I was so thankful for the things that went right, like our healthy baby boy and the neighbors who helped us.”

Today, Kit, her husband and children live happily in a new home in Los Angeles, where the 51-year-old celebrated her birthday on July 29. “The trials I’ve faced have taught me that life as I know it can go away at any time, so being grateful for where I am right now is where I find joy.”

Here, Kit’s best tricks to turning stressed into blessed!

Look for glimmers of light in dark times.

“In life, I’ve learned to look for the silver linings in my struggles,” Kit says. “My home was burglarized last month with everyone upstairs — our money, keys, and car were all stolen. But when my daughter said, ‘We’re cursed,’ I said, ‘No, honey: We are blessed!’ We weren’t home in the fire, and we didn’t even see anything in the burglary. We’re safe, and that’s our lesson: to look for the silver linings shining in every storm.”

Slash stress with exercise.

“Running is the best stress reliever for my body and mind, but now that my knees have begun to hurt, I’m doing 30 minutes on my bike. But any exercise works! I suggest running, walking or biking to a song, then taking a break for a song, then going again to another song!” Another stress reliever? “Journaling! Just writing out my worries or joys puts me in the best mood.”

Tap into the bliss of the present moment.

“I love my work and I’m so grateful for it, but being a working mom, wife and daughter, it’s impossible to do everything well all of the time,” Kit says. “There are times you can’t be where you need to be and so different aspects might suffer, but if I try to be present where I am, things usually work out. If you focus on what’s most important, I think it all comes out in the wash.”

Discover joy in the little things.

“My husband, kids, and I have never been big TV watchers, but we’ve been having a blast bingeing shows these days!” Kit says. “It’s great for our relationship because it really just gives us the time together as a family to do something fun. And in the tough moments, remembering that connection just brings us closer.”

Find strength in your loved ones.

Kit credits her inner strength to her mom, nicknamed “Bug.” “She’s a rock star!” Kit cheers. “She’s lost a baby, she’s battled breast cancer and still, she’s just unflappable and optimistic. Her thing is, ‘This too shall pass.’” Kit also credits her dad with giving her confidence. “His nickname for me was Junkyard Dog for my grit,” she laughs. “He empowered me to believe in myself from a young age, and that has given me so much strength.”

Boost stamina with planned rest.

While Kit is an early riser, she admits she can lose steam in the mid-afternoon.
“Thankfully, I’ve got a great new trick!” she says. “I downloaded this app called Nap26, and I’ll use it and close my eyes for 26 minutes. It’s more about meditation than sleep, but after, I feel refreshed. It helps me turn off my mind and gives me the energy to tackle the rest of my day!”

A version of this article originally appeared in our print magazine, Woman’s World.

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