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The Internet Can’t Decide If This Shoe Is Green and Gray or Pink and White


Remember the infamous internet debate about “The Dress,” and how no one could decide whether it was black and blue or white and gold? Three years after that viral sensation, a new clothing-color debate has popped up to take its place and force people to choose sides. This time, the heated topic of contention is a shoe. Good grief: What’s next, a purse or a hat?

In any case, Australian radio station 99.3 B-Rock FM shared the image of the squabble-worthy footwear on its Facebook page last week with a caption reading, “It’s happening again!” Clearly referencing the memorable arguments over the viral dress, the station continued, “What do you guys see? Most of us see pink and white but some see grey and green.” Take a look for yourself at the image below.

Though the shoe’s colors might seem crystal clear to you, try asking your friends or relatives the same simple question. Chances are, you’ll probably get different answers from other people. The next thing you know, you’ll probably be questioning if you’re all even looking at the same picture.

Interestingly enough, this image was actually posted on social media last year, next to another picture of the same shoe. A few users reported seeing different colors for each of the separate pictures — but the huge debate about the shoe itself had yet to begin.

Now that the original image has resurfaced, thousands of people have chimed in with rather strong opinions.

“We know it’s pink and white,” one user wrote. “However, with the lighting [effect], it’s a bit off but not exactly gray or green. Though at a glance, it could be perceived that way.”

Another commenter wrote, “When I first looked they were pink and white, and now grey and green.”

Some folks got extra creative with their responses, suggesting that the shoes perhaps glowed in the dark.

Take your best guess with your whole family — just don’t be surprised if the discussion gets more heated than board game night!


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