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Does Your Partner Hog the Covers? This Shockingly Simple Solution Will Fix That

It's a milder version of a "sleep divorce."


Sharing a bed with your partner has its pros and cons. One perk is the oxytocin (also called the “love hormone“) that’s released in the brain during physical contact; this hormone promotes intimacy within couples and has heart-healthy benefits. On the flip side are sleep disruptions like snoring and your partner hogging the duvet. Sharing a blanket, specifically, creates unique challenges — from being woken up by even the slightest movements your partner makes, to compromising your comfort because of differing sleep temperature preference (perhaps he runs hot and likes a lighter blanket, while you get cold and prefer a heavier one). Fortunately, there’s a solution that puts this tug-of-war to rest — and it’s so obvious as to be hidden in plain sight. It’s called the Scandinavian sleep method, and it’s basically… well, get two duvets. Mind-blowing, right?

In fact, there’s science to support this solution’s validity. Below are the benefits of the two-duvet system, and how you can implement it in your bedroom.

What is the Scandinavian sleep method?

The Scandinavian sleep method originated in Nordic countries (think Denmark and Norway), and is defined by couples sharing a bed but having their own covers. While it’s an extra piece of bedding you need to buy, it can have tremendous benefits: it limits bedroom tension, helps you both get a more comfortable night’s sleep, and is less extreme than a “sleep divorce,” wherein couples sleep in separate beds or bedrooms. The Scandi sleep concept is gaining popularity in the US, with a recent survey from The Sleep Doctor revealing that nearly 32 percent of 1,250 respondents said they sleep with a separate blanket from their partner.

What are the benefits of sleeping with two duvets?

While explicit research on the Scandinavian sleep method is limited, the link between high-quality sleep and reduced risk of chronic disease is well-supported by science. Thus, given the sizable role that your environment plays in how quickly you fall asleep and for how long you stay asleep (because your environment helps you relax throughout the night), the idea that the Scandi sleep method improves sleep quality is not far-fetched. Nicole Eichelberger, PsyD, a BSM-certified sleep expert specializing in insomnia, apnea, and circadian rhythm disorders and a consultant at Mattressive, agrees that this sleep method could eliminate movement and temperature-related issues for couples.

“Under this method, you will share the same bed with your partner, but each of you will have their own quilt, duvet, or blanket. Therefore, the movement of your spouse [or significant other] will not wake you up, so your sleep will not be interrupted,” she explains to Woman’s World. “If you have different [sleeping] temperatures, the person who’s always cold can add bedding; while the person who’s always hot can lighten their bedding — a win-win situation for everyone.”

Sleep is our body’s way of resting and repairing itself. When the body is unable to do this due to sleep disturbances like inadequate covers or uncomfortable temperatures, we can become grumpy and groggy. Having your own duvet, thus, reduces the odds of poor sleep quality.

How do you make a bed with two duvets?

So how do you make a bed with two duvets that doesn’t look sloppy or unkempt? Follow the tips for fitting two duvets on a king or queen size bed from the St. Geneve website and YouTube channel. For the sake of uniformity, start with two duvets in the same (or similar) print and color; unless you love to mix and match, in which case, have fun with it!

  • Side-by-side: With this simple styling option, duvets are folded in half vertically and placed side-by side. You can place a coverlet, throw, or bed scarf at the foot of the bed to unify the look
  • Grand hotel: This styling option is ideal for a more formal aesthetic. Fold your duvet in half horizontally, and then fold it in thirds. Afterwards, top each duvet with a sleeping pillow and a small decorative pillow.
  • Overlapping hotel: Lay the duvets over the bed, allowing them to overlap slightly in the center. From there, style the bed how you wish by piling on an abundance of pillows for a comfortable, cozy look. Or place pillows in a traditional formation with euro sham, back, and sleeping varieties layered in.

Sweet Dreams

To keep the peace in the bedroom and allow both you and your partner to sleep soundly, give the Scandinavian sleep method a go. It’s the perfect excuse to splurge on a new duvet, blanket, or quilt that fits your sleep temperature needs. Want to learn another way your bedding can help you rest easier? Check out these tips for sleeping with pillows to reduce pain.

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