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Mothercould: Making the mom Life More Manageable by Letting Moms Know They Matter

Article written in partnership with Rachel Woods.

Motherhood can be full of love, but it can also be an extremely jarring and confusing experience. Many new mothers, particularly in their earliest days, feel disconnected not just from their original lives and mindsets but from the outside world.

Myriam Sandler, the founder of Mothercould, an online wellspring of bespoke insight, information, tips for strugglesome tasks, and play ideas, was founded by a mom for moms, to address this need in a user-friendly way aimed at empowering parents of every kind.

Myriam Sandler is a bilingual baby whisperer who began pouring her play-based approaches to changing the habits, aversions, and eating attitudes of children into Mothercould’s manifesto when she found herself facing the eating issues of one of her own children.

After taking her first daughter from a texture-based aversion to most foods to eating salmon and quinoa within the span of six months via the sensory play-centered exploratory activities she was designing at home to better the life of her child and to simultaneously enhance her parenting experience.

Sandler realized that the tactics she was developing were probably useful to more people than just herself and her circle of immediate friends. She started Mothercould by simply sharing posts and videos of her original shortcuts, and inventive alternative routes to parenting success. Her posts quickly went viral, and Mothercould has now established itself as one of the buzziest online destinations for workable parenting tips on the web.

The internet is rife with too-technical parenting hacks artfully placed by PhD-holders. It can feel off-putting, challenging, or even intimidating when useful information is presented in a way that feels inaccessible to the tired brain of a working or solo parent.

Mothercould goes the opposite way; this is sensory play for the salt-of-the-earth. Through short video tutorials, Myriam Sandler offers advice with a level of relatable, experience-won acumen gleaned from real-time discoveries that are short on time.

Sandler’s Venezuelan background and bilingual content set Mothercould apart for its insistent accessibility to communities of mothers that might not get the same spotlight on their needs. Sandler views this service as one of the greatest prides of her business.

“We have followers from all over the world. Often, when we travel globally, we get recognized or parents will approach us saying, ‘Hey, I love your content, I don’t speak that much English, but I love what you do.’ What this basically narrows down to is that people around the world with different socio-economic statuses, different situations, culturally, religiously, and otherwise, we are all going through the same experience,” says Sandler.

Parents look to Mothercould for innovative, house-saving cleaning hacks like white vinegar to remove slime residue and sport sunscreen for permanent marker stains on furniture or walls as well as travel tips like creating a premade, ‘go-to’ airport bag for your child.

Beyond offering mothers methods of child management that are easy to implement, Mothercould is also geared toward promoting the mother/child bond, and many of the tips to be found there are designed in such a way for the child to actively engage in the process.

“If you look at the page, at first glance it might look like it’s an account designed for kids because of all the play elements, but it’s actually for the parent because it offers something that parents can do that connects them with their kids, and these are activities that they can do together. Or they can also allow the child to play independently if that is what they need. Having quick and easy options at your disposal is an empowering feeling,” Sandler shares.

Featuring everything from at-home cold remedies to insights on doing Disney with toddlers, Mothercould is all about parenting victories big and small. Whether it is an ingenious traveling-with-multiples hack that a mom needs, an intimidation-free DIY video for making a wipeable coloring board, or some relatable information pertaining general mental health within a parenting role, Mothercould has answers.

Looking to resonate with a global community of child caregivers that she views as all facing similar struggles but with highly specific needs in each that will vary with every family and child dynamic, Sandler sees what she has built as being every bit as much in service of the care of mothers as she sees it catering to the kids in question.

Even her company’s name itself was born out of her own sense of accomplishment as a parent when she successfully got her first daughter to eat those different textures she had been avoiding before.

Whether it is through helping Moms entertain their children with a low-cost hack or helping a mom keep a kid calm on a long car journey, Sandler makes sure Moms feel appreciated and actively seen via Mothercould’s content.

“Parents are often overwhelmed, they don’t know where to start,” she says, “and when you can break things down and keep things simple, it allows them to feel not just capable as caregivers, but like they are adding value to their child’s life, which is all any parent really wants.”

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