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Ditch the Salon With These At-Home Nail Kits for Women Over 50

Skip the salon and try these at-home nail kits!


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Getting your nails done is one of the ways many people demonstrate self care, especially women over 50. But going to the nail salon for acrylic nails over and over again can be costly, especially if you go multiple times per month. That’s where at-home nail kits come in handy.

Anna Parvatova, brand manager and creative director of SNS Nails, says doing acrylic nails at home allows you to test the limits of your creativity and encourages limitless experimentation. “Plus, [nail kits] provide the flexibility to adjust the length and style of your acrylic nails to suit your preferences without the constraints of salon schedules,” Parvatova tells Woman’s World. “It also saves you the trouble of making an appointment with a salon, especially if you don’t have the time to spare during their office hours.” 

How much do acrylic nails cost?

On average, nail salons charge $30 to $45 for a full set of acrylic nails. This price can vary based on your state and location of the nail salon (for example, urban salons typically charge more than those located in the suburbs). Adding a special design to your acrylic nails can also cause an increase in the overall price, leaving you paying anywhere from $45 to $100, depending on the design and style of acrylic nail you choose. 

Paying for acrylic nails in the salon will almost always cost you far more than buying a kit and doing them yourself at home. The average DIY acrylic nail kit costs $10 to $25, but some of the more expensive and more high-quality options can cost more than $100. 

Overall, you can find salons which offer acrylic nails and DIY acrylic nail kits at varying price points. It all depends how much you’re willing to spend.

How long do acrylic nails last?

On average, a set of acrylic nails should last you 6-to-8 weeks with refills every 2-to-3 weeks. Of course, this depends on the kind of wear and tear you’re subjecting your nails to. For example, if you wash your hands often, you could need refills or replacement nails long before the 6-to-8 week mark. 

How to make your acrylic nails or at-home nail kit last longer 

There are a few ways you can make your acrylic nail manicure last a bit longer. To maintain the look of your acrylic manicure: 

  • Apply a top coat. Whether you’re giving yourself a traditional manicure or applying acrylic nails, a top coat is a must. It’s one of the best ways to prevent the polish on the nail from chipping and help keep the acrylic intact. 
  • Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Frequent washing can cause the skin on your hands and around your nails to crack. Keep them moisturized by regularly applying lotion and cuticle oil. Doing so can help prevent chipping of your acrylic manicure. 
  • Wear gloves if you’re working with your hands. Whether you’re doing yard work or cleaning up around the house (this is especially important if you’re cleaning with chemicals), wearing gloves can help preserve your acrylic manicure.
  • Give your nail beds a break. Acrylic nails can be fun and stylish, but it’s important to let your nail bed rest every 2-to-3 months. This means giving your nails a break from acrylic nails, gel manicures, and press-on nails to promote the health of your natural nail. Doing so will allow future acrylic sets to thrive! 

How to measure your fake nail size 

Acrylic nails are not universal! When purchasing acrylic nail kits to apply yourself at home, it’s important to consider the size of the acrylic nail itself. 

To find out what size nail will work best on you, place transparent tape across the largest part of your nail. Mark each side of the tape where it touches your cuticles, then remove the tape and measure that distance in millimeters. That distance will tell you which size acrylic nail will fit best. 

Generally, acrylic nail sizing is as follows: 

  • 0 = 17mm
  • 1 = 16mm
  • 2 = 15mm
  • 3 = 14mm
  • 4 = 13mm
  • 5 = 12mm
  • 6 = 11mm 
  • 7 = 10mm
  • 8 = 9mm
  • 9 = 8mm

Fortunately, there’s an alternative to getting acrylic nails from a salon. There are many at-home nail kits available now which provide you with a high-quality acrylic nail from the comfort of home. 

Best Nail Kits for Women Over 50 

Cute Pink Press on Nails with Hearts

Best Cute Nail Kit

Buy from Amazon, $8

Giving yourself the cutest at-home pink acrylics has never been easier! This pink nail kit comes with nails in varying shades of pink. Some of the nails include designs like hearts, polka dots, stripes, and gold glitter for added flair. They’re extremely easy to use and press on in a pinch. The best part is if used properly, these nails can be reused over and over again. 

Top customer review: “Love the gold and glitter on these nails. They are great for beginners and quick and easy to apply.”

Extra Short Acrylic Gel Nail Tips

Best Short Nail Kit

Buy from Amazon, $13

If you love your nails short or have small or broken nail beds,  this easy-to-apply nail kit from Amazon is ideal. These nails feature a double-sided matte design which reduces damage to your nail and increases the friction between your natural nail and the fake nail, helping them to last longer. That double-sided feature also means you don’t have to apply a base coat when painting. Each kit comes with a total of 450 pieces, which means plenty of sizes to choose from! 

Top Customer Review: “Wonderful product, and the length is optimal for if you still want to use your hands on a regular basis for chores. Dishwashing in gloves is easy and the nails don’t become overstressed and hurt your fingertips. I’m still able to garden, take care of the household and animals.”

Apres Nail Neutrals Gel-X Mia Natural Tips Bundle

Best Neutral Nail Kit for women over 50

Buy from Amazon, $24

Aprés Neutrals Gel-X nails mimic the natural color of your nail bed and extend it for a beautiful, flawless look! Available in a range of styles, lengths, and colors, this at-home neutral acrylic-look manicure kit makes it easy to create a beautiful set of nails. These kits come with Gel-X Tips in 11 different sizes, including 00, and are designed with a highly pigmented gel that provides a stunning, long-lasting acrylic look. 

Top Customer Review: “If you are questioning this purchase – don’t! You need them! I used to get a new set done for the price I paid for this! And those would never last, this ones have been on for 3 weeks with no lifting, no falling off, no breaking. I work with my hands a lot so I was skeptical about it, but they truly are worth it!”

Ejiubas Almond Gel Nail Tips

Best Short Almond Nail Kit

Buy from Amazon, $20

The almond gel acrylic nail kit from Ejiubas comes with 15 sizes of fully matte soft gel nail tips, gel nail glue, and a portable nail lamp. According to the brand, their press-on almond nails will last upwards of 30 days or more. That’s because the material is made from a soft material that bends instead of breaking. Plus, there’s no filing or base coat needed with these almond acrylics. With more than 3,000 positive reviews on Amazon, this short almond nail kit is a must-try. 

Top Customer Review: “These nails look just like your own if you don’t paint them. They are easy to apply and stay on pretty good. It’s hard for a fake nail to stay on my natural nail and these do great.”

Glamnetic Press-On Nail Kit

Best Trendy Nail Kit

Buy from Sephora, $15

Glamnetic’s press on nails in Olive You are ideal for any woman over 50 looking for a trendy acrylic. These short, almond press-on nails feature a swirling abstract design in a light green and gold trim. As an added bonus, these press-on nails are free of parabens, formaldehydes, formaldehyde-releasing agents, phthalates, and more, and they’re also vegan, gluten-free, and cruelty-free. These trendy acrylic nails will last up to three weeks if applied properly and are easy to reuse too.

Teenitor Long Press On Nails

Best Long Nail Kit for women over 50

Buy from Amazon, $13

If you love the look of long acrylic nails, this press-on kit from Teenitor comes with long coffin shaped acrylics in varying sizes and 24 color options. You can also choose from glossy and matte kits, depending on your personal style. Each kit comes with glue and an acrylic nail cutter to ensure you get the desired length and shape. 

Top Customer Review: “Omg I fell in love all over again! I can wear these for two weeks tops.

Kiss Magnifique Black French Tip Nails

Best Black French Tip Nail Kit

Buy from Kiss, $9

An alternative to the traditional French manicure, black French tips are on-trend right now. This press-on option from KISS is a play on the French manicure and available in a medium-length, almond shape. Apply these ready-to-wear nails with ease for a lasting black tip manicure for up to seven days. 

Top Customer Review: “You can’t go wrong with a classic black french tip nail, and these also last for so long! 2 weeks of wear minimum for KISS nails in my experience which is wonderful.”

KISS Salon French Nails

Best White Tip Nail Kit

Buy from Walmart, $10

Inspired by a classic French manicure, this white tip nail kit from KISS is faster, easier, and more affordable than going to the nail salon. Complete with glue, manicure stick, nail file, and 28 acrylic nails that are waterproof, smudge-proof, and non-damaging, you’ll be able to achieve a French manicure that will last for up to 7 days in a matter of minutes.

Top Customer Review: “These nails are just what I was looking for! A traditional French square. I love them!

Olive and June GH Oval Press-Ons

Best Oval Nail Kit

Buy from Olive and June, $10

These stunning oval acrylic nails from Olive and June come in a glowy baby pink and medium length which creates the perfect goes-with-everything mani. Each kit comes with 42 press-on nails in 21 sizes, non-damaging glue, a wooden cuticle pusher, prep pad, and 2-in-1 nail file and buffer, so it has never been easier to achieve the perfect oval acrylic manicure. When applied for long-term wear, Olive and June’s oval press-ons can last 7+ days. 

Top Customer Review: “I think Olive and June makes the best press on nails. They’re sized just right and look so natural.”

Nail Bliss It’s A Girl Gel Nail Kit

Best Pink Nail Kit

Buy from Sally Beauty, $10

With this pink acrylic nail kit from Nail Bliss, you’ll feel like a professional. This kit is one of the easiest to apply — simply prep your nail, apply glue, and press on! The kit comes with everything you need to achieve that perfect pink manicure, including chip-resistant nails designed to be ultra flexible for the most comfortable fit and up to 10 days of wear. 

Nailboo Dew It Daisy Press On Nails

Best Daisy Nail Kit

Buy from Revolve, $11

Looking for the perfect press-on manicure with daisies? Look no further than this kit from Nailboo. Their Dew It Daisy press-on nail kit includes 24 nails, glue, a nail file, prep pad, and cuticle tool so you get the perfect manicure every time. If you want a nail design but don’t have time to sit at the salon for hours, these strong but lightweight nails in Dew It Daisy are for you! 

Pink, Nude, and White Ombre French Nails

Best Pink and White Ombre Nail Kit

Buy from Amazon, $6

Get the look of an acrylic pink and white ombre manicure with this kit from CoolNail. Made from high-quality ABS materials, these fake nails will last several days when applied properly, either with glue or jelly glue stickers. Each kit comes with 24 medium-length nails in 12 sizes so you’ll always find the right fit. 

Top Customer Review: “I have been on the hunt for the perfect press-on ombré French nails for ages now. I want to get acrylics but they are costly and require maintenance. These press-on nails, for the price, are excellent.” 

Kiss Salon Acrylic French Manicure Nail Kit

Best Short French Tip Nail Kit for women over 50

Buy from Ulta, $8

Crafted with acrylic-infused technology, these fake nails are strong just like a short french manicure from your local salon. Short in length and square in shape, apply this manicure in minutes and wear for up to seven days. Each kit comes with 28 fake nails, glue, a mini file, and manicure stick. 

Top Customer Review: “I have been using Kiss acrylic nails for years. It’s my not-so-secret-secret! I always get so many compliments on my nails and people are shocked when I tell them that I did them myself.”

Glamnetic Press On Nails in Angel

Best Short White Nail Kit

Buy from Amazon, $15

Glamnetic provides high-quality press on nails for a fraction of what you would pay at the salon. This pure white, classic nail set features a tapered fit toward the cuticle to give you the most natural look. Plus, they’re reusable and will last up to three weeks! Each kit comes with 24 nails in 12 sizes, a storage box, nail glue, double-sided nail file, cuticle stick, and alcohol pad.

Top Customer Review: “I bought these for a one night event, thinking they would be flimsy and basically fall off in a couple of days. LIES! I am pleasantly surprised that these are as strong and feel no different than when I’ve gotten my nails done in the salon. Tip: I bought a different glue and prepped my nails according to a few YouTubers.”

imPRESS Color Nails in Baby Why So Blue

Best Blue Nail Kit

Buy from Amazon, $8

Say goodbye to nail polish and acrylics from the salon with this press-on manicure kit from imPRESS. These super slim, ultra comfortable nails come in 24 shades including Baby Why So Blue, a powdery blue hue. These fake nails come ready to wear and don’t require glue —simply prep your nail, peel the backing off, and press on! With more than 12,000 positive reviews, you can’t go wrong. 

Top Customer Review: “Love these nails. I’ve had this color before and they adhere well when combined with the Kiss glue. However, beware of longevity. Because they look so pretty, you may decide not to remove them.”

Bonmuz Jelly Press On Nail Set

Best Peach Nail Kit

Buy from Anthropologie, $17

This Jelly press on set from Bonmuz in the shade Peach Syrup will give you a simple, peachy-coral manicure that’s ideal for every day or any special occasion. Each set comes with 28 nails in 14 sizes, liquid glue, gel adhesive tabs, cuticle stick, and a nail file to make achieving the perfect peach nail a breeze. 

Top Customer Review: “I LOVED these nails. I received a ton of compliments, most people thought they were real acrylics or even my natural nails. They were the perfect length for me too.” 

PaintLab True Red Nail Kit 

Best Red Nail Kit for women over 50

Buy from PaintLab, $10

Salon-quality press-on nails you can apply at home from PaintLab means no mess, wait time, or smudging. Get the perfect red nail look in PaintLab’s Red Nail kit, which comes complete with 24 press-on nails, a dual-sided nail file and buffer, cuticle stick, and non-toxic glue. Designed with a 7-layer gel formation, PaintLab’s nails will last up to 14 days of wear. 

BTArtboxnails Short Square French Tip Nails 

Best Square French Tip Nail Kit

Buy from Amazon, $37

BTArtboxnails gel nail tips come in a classic French-style design that features a tapered fit to give you the most natural look! Through their patented gel polish technology, these nails come ready to wear — no base gel polish required and no drying time, either. Each kit comes with 300 nails in 15 sizes that last up to four weeks with proper application, which means the perfect French manicure for months. 

OPI xPress/ON Press On Nails in Certified Chic

Best Black and Silver Nail Kit

Buy from Amazon, $16

Get a gel-like black and silver manicure that lasts up to 14 days with OPI’s xPress-On line. These reusable press-on nails from industry-leading brand OPI feature a shimmering wave of silver on a glossy black nail that you can press on and wear again and again. Plus, they’re made with 94% recycled materials that are totally vegan! Each kit includes 30 nails in mani sizes, nail glue, dual file and buffer, cuticle stick, and prep pad that make applying them a simple process. 

KISS Bare But Better TruNude Fake Nails 

Best Natural Looking Nail Kit for women over 50

Buy from Target, $9

A nude nail goes with absolutely everything, whether you’re attending a black tie event or running errands. The Bare But Better nails from KISS provides you with chip-proof, smudge-proof nude nails that come in four nude shades designed to match every skin tone. Their all-in-one DIY nail kit comes with 28 fake nails, pink gel nail glue, a nail file, and manicure stick so you can achieve the perfect nude nail look any time you want. 

Top Customer Review: “I think these are really great for less than 10 bucks! They save me money going to a salon, and they stay on no problem for a week plus. I find they look best if you take the time to prep your nails.”

Morovan False Press On Nails in Matte Olive Green

Best Olive Green Nail Kit

Buy from Amazon, $4

Olive green is on-trend, especially when it comes to nail colors. This kit from Morovan comes with 24 press-on acrylic nails in the perfect olive green shade. With 14 different sizes to choose from, you’ll have people thinking you got your olive green nails from a salon. 

UNA GELLA Clear Fake Nails

Best Clear Nail Kit for women over 50

Buy from Amazon, $10

If you want the look of acrylic nails with the freedom to change the polish color whenever you want, a clear nail kit is ideal. UNA GELLA offers fake tips in every shape you can imagine including oval, almond, coffin, stiletto, oval, and straight in varying lengths. Plus, these tips can last more than three weeks when applied properly. Each kit comes with 216 nails in varying sizes that are totally customizable to your finger and color preference. The only thing this kit is missing is glue. 

Top Customer Review: “These are amazing. I love that they come pre-sanded, as it’s one less step. They are sturdy. Have had them on for a week and holding strong. Could see these lasting 3/4 weeks. Applied them using gel-x method. Pair great with the Beetles Nail Glue!”

How to remove acrylic nails

When you’re done with your acrylic manicure or press-on kit, the best way to remove the nails is to start by cutting them down. This means less fake nail to remove from your actual nail bed. 

Then, if the nails are acrylic, file off the polish. Doing so will better allow the acetone or warm water to penetrate beneath the acrylic layer so it can un-adhere to your nail. Then, soak cotton balls in acetone, place them on top of your nail, and wait 15-to-20 minutes. You can wrap tin foil around each nail to prevent the acetone from drying up and help keep the cotton ball in place. 

If you don’t want to use acetone, you can soak your nails in warm, soapy water instead. “In this technique, the acrylic nails are soaked for a longer duration, typically about 15-20 minutes, allowing the warm, soapy water to gradually loosen the adhesive properties of the acrylic,” Parvatova says, suggesting: “A mixture of baking soda and toothpaste in warm water serves the same purpose. Avoid using alcohol or alcohol-based products for this purpose, as they do not effectively soften acrylic nails and may cause skin irritation, like dryness or sensitivity.”

Either way, the fake nails should come off with ease after 15-to-20 minutes. Buff off any remaining acrylic or glue with a nail buffer, then wash your hands with soap and water. To help replenish your natural nail, apply an oil like Gelish Nourish Cuticle Oil and a hand cream like Curel Extreme Dry Hand Hand Relief

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