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Becoming the Wind Beneath Her Wings: Cynthia Gompers’ Story Inspiring Others to Find Their Greatness

Success eludes those who don’t dare; dare to improve, step out of their comfort zones, and face challenges to which we are all vulnerable. Cynthia Gompers traversed from the architecture and design industry, forced to face her obstacles and rise above societal limitations, eventually adding a valuable thread to the health and wellness tapestry. As a loved and respected leader of a nutritional brand, she hopes to use her story to inspire others to chase their dreams, choose happiness, and achieve greatness.

Before finding her way to the design realm, Cynthia did what was expected of women in the 80s and enrolled in Michigan State University’s Childhood Education Course. “That’s what all women were doing back then. Finish school, graduate, get married. I didn’t realize there was more to life,” she reminisces.

But Cynthia’s creativity, begging to be released and recognized, inspired her to seek different career paths. Supported by her dad, who owned an architectural and engineering firm, Cynthia reshifted her path and embarked on a life-defining journey, starting at Michigan State University. Perspective drawing classes were where she would absorb knowledge and broaden her perspective, learning how to see, smell, taste, hear, and most importantly feel the outcomes of visions. She never stopped nurturing that skill, centering all her future ventures, including the health and wellness business, around the art of visualization.

What binds these two endeavors is Cynthia’s childhood; though a cradle of her desire for unbridled artistry, her youth is also the source of the struggles Cynthia grappled with as an adult. When she was only one, her biological dad passed away from a heart attack. A year later, Cynthia’s mother remarried her dad’s best friend, forcing an 11-year-old Cynthia, who discovered the truth by accident, to keep it a secret from her younger brothers.

Though the love she felt from her adopted dad was undeniable, the burden of hiding the truth left metaphorical scars Cynthia healed only much later in life. What made that weight heavier was the constant chase for her dad’s approval—even the sole act of Cynthia choosing design was because he was the one who suggested it, and she – trying to please him in an act of gratitude for loving her – agreed without hesitation. In the same vein, her passion for health and wellness blossomed when she unearthed the truth about her biological father, realizing the need for prevention and a healthy lifestyle.

“We all have childhood wounds that reveal themselves in adulthood,” she adds. “What helped me face my past was talking to young Cynthia, something my therapist suggested. I went back to the time when I was 11. I told the young me I was loved, I was going to be okay, and I was going to achieve greatness and be a legacy. Talking to little Cynthia was one of the most powerful experiences of my life.”

Currently leading the global wellness movement, Cynthia’s success in the industry began as a means to an end. When faced with the great recession, which she now calls her biggest blessing, Cynthia partnered with a wellness company, initially as a part-time venture. After over 30 plus years, this journey has become her destination. Cynthia has not only been able to reach financial stability but has developed her purpose and her mission of inspiring healthy living around the world. This has been a venue to be an inspiration for others, realizing friendships that will last a lifetime, which Cynthia identifies as “emotional revenue.’’

That transformative moment happened over 30 years ago. Just less than a month before the great recession, Cynthia, surrounded by her loved ones and the sentimental notes of Bette Midler’s Wind Beneath My Wings, said the momentous ‘yes’ to the love of her life. Since that day, she considered her husband, who supported her on the rough days and celebrated her on the good ones, the wind beneath her wings.

In the past decade, her husband was diagnosed with dementia. “Suddenly, I had to become the wind beneath his wings,” she shares. Recently, Cynthia, more than ever, had to learn how to love herself without fail, becoming the best version of herself yet. What helped her achieve that was what she calls the seven Ds of concern or the seven events no one wants to talk or think about. ”It’s the What ifs of life. What if there is a death, divorce, debt, disaster, disability, lost dreams, or dementia? I didn’t sign up for dementia, but I still had to face it. The seven Ds taught me how important it is to not take things for granted and practice gratitude,” Cynthia adds. For the first time in her life, she sought out a holistic psychotherapist, Pedro Marata, practicing in Brazil.

Only recently, Cynthia became a fervent lover of personal growth retreats. She called one such retreat, attended by her in Tuscany just a month ago, transformational. Whether it was the golden vineyards kissed by the Tuscan sun, looking deeply inward at her soul, or the combination of both, Cynthia learned how to be authentically vulnerable as she realized the potential of her story in helping others.

“I used to hide my pain behind a mask I put on every day and pretend to always be okay. For me, it took decades to learn that self-love is not selfish. Now, I feel incredible and want to be an inspiration for other women,” Cynthia says, sharing her mission.

After over three decades of being a respected and forward-thinking voice in health and wellness, Cynthia received a leadership award at her company. After impacting the lives of thousands of people throughout her career, she received congratulations cards from people she had never met, calls from friends from the past, and words of encouragement from colleagues. “That’s why I want to share my story. The emotional revenue matters more than any financial gains,” she adds.

Cynthia Gompers, an inspiration within the health and wellness industry, found her calling and purpose. “We are all vulnerable to setbacks, but if our minds are open, those setbacks can be our biggest blessings in the long run,” she says. Though sharing her story took courage, she visualizes touching the lives of more people and helping them realize their dreams and their potential.

“We all have choices. I could have chosen to let the past hold me back, or I could have chosen to channel my perceived wounds to touch and inspire the hearts of others. As a mother, wife, and business partner, I have always put others first. Through therapy, I know to put my oxygen mask on me first and to be the wind beneath my wings. Now that I have, it is my dream to help others visualize a happier life,” Cynthia remarks. “I am grateful. I am abundant. I am authentic. I am beautiful, blessed, bold, and courageous. I am a kick-ass feminine woman, I am legendary, I am healthy. I am enough. And so are you.”

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