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How Personal Stylist Jody Tjan Maximizes Wardrobes With High Quality Fashion That Flatters Each Body Type

Jody’s main goal is to empower people to have a personal style that boosts their confidence and enables them to wear the fashion they love.

Since the beginning of time, humans have been wearing clothes or adoring themselves with certain coverings. As we’ve evolved, the types of clothing we prefer to buy have become influenced by the media and what we think we’re supposed to look like. While these trends can allow us to discover a variety of styles that can work for us, our bodies should not be fashion trends. Wearing a certain type of boots, pants, or even a color may look fabulous on one person but can look completely wrong on you, and that’s not your fault. Understanding your skin’s undertones, your body type, and what clothes suit your lifestyle is crucial for building a closet full of clothes that you look great in.

A plethora of fashion gurus commonly offer these services, but they overlook one problem that should be addressed. Fast fashion has erupted as the norm for average consumers purchasing clothing. However, these buying habits contribute to enormous amounts of waste that is either put into landfills and dumped into developing countries where these clothes are often manufactured.

Based on previous studies, 92 million tons of clothing end up in landfills. Additionally, less than two percent of garment workers receive a living wage, highlighting just how exploitative fast fashion can be. These grim facts are saddening, but there are positives to the fashion world. Consumers can buy items that aren’t mass-produced, which means they are much less likely to be supporting these damaging practices. Attempting to maximize the garments that someone already owns is another way to ensure you’re not becoming part of the problem within fashion.

Jody Tjan, a veteran of fashion, works to educate average people on how they can enjoy fashion in a more ethical and sustainable manner. Jody has over 30 years of experience in fashion working for and consulting with over 50 brands. These retailers have varied from low-end private label brands all the way to designer brands.

These experiences have allowed Jody to build a vast knowledge of different brand aesthetics and customer desires. Her goal is to empower both men and women to find their personal style that is ethical, sustainable, and suitable to their bodies.

Jody launched her eponymous fashion brand in 2018 and has been consistently creating small 10-piece capsule collections that are sold on her website. While her business struggled during the pandemic, Jody decided to start posting videos online to raise brand awareness. What she didn’t expect was that most people were very curious about her knowledge of tailoring, styling, and the fashion industry overall.

Jody quickly amassed thousands of followers on social media after sharing a video of her tailoring a shirt to fit her body perfectly. As someone who grew up in a family that owned a sewing company, Jody was constantly surrounded by the world of fashion from a young age. Jody wants to share the knowledge she has gained over the years to help more people understand how clothes should fit on them.

As the number of people asking Jody for advice rose, she realized that she should offer styling services at her company to serve more people. Since deciding to become a personal stylist, Jody has helped hundreds of people love their bodies through an understanding of what clothes will make them look good.

Jody’s knowledge stems from her experience working within multiple departments of fashion brands, including production and product design. With this expertise, Jody has developed the FIPS system: Functional, Intentional, Personal, and Sustainable.


Smart clothing purchases must be functional, which means having a place and time where you would wear these items. Too often people buy clothes for a fictional fantasy lifestyle of what they will wear in the future that contradicts the actual life they are living in. This is why most people end up with a full closet of clothes but still have nothing to wear.


Being intentional is also essential when you’re shopping for new styles. Before you visit any store, you should shop your closet first to make sure you don’t already own something like it. Once you’ve realized what you actually need, you’ll buy the higher quality of your personal styles because they fit into your lifestyle.


Your style should be personal to you, it shouldn’t be copied and pasted from social media. You can take inspiration from the people you look up to but this should not be a cookie-cutter look, styles need to be customized to your body type and lifestyle. This is why Jody teaches her clients about the 12 body types and which aesthetics will work for each one, that way your style is an expression of your personality, not your social media feed.


Beyond being sustainable to the environment, we all need to be sustainable in our personal habits, eventually turning them into daily habits. Jody offers practical tips that can be woven into your everyday routines.

Overall, Jody’s main goal is to empower people to have a personal style that boosts their confidence and enables them to wear the fashion they love.

“With my personal style services, I can help people across the globe have the positivity of their body to wear the fashion they want,” says Jody Tjan, “Not to lose confidence and settle for fast fashion trends because they don’t know how to wear the styles they see. My followers have dubbed me Auntie Jody because of my down-to-earth nature and I really would love to be seen as a fashion educator who can help you make more conscious and sustainable decisions about your fashion purchases.”

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