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Embracing Confidence: The Beauty of Finding Strength Through Wigs

In the world of expectations and self-expression, few accessories have as much transformative power as wigs do for women. Beyond being a simple addition to someone’s wardrobe, wigs are a symbol of uniqueness, empowerment, and renewed confidence. Wigs go beyond just being an accessory—they are a way to embrace individuality, overcome hair loss, and redefine yourself.

Amanda Hoblak with Chiquel (the alternative hair company she runs), knows all too well the hardships of going through hair loss, but has ultimately overcome those struggles and replaced them with acceptance and confidence. Amanda has Alopecia, an autoimmune disorder that causes your hair to fall out. In 2011 when her hair began to fall out in clumps, Amanda was devastated, confused, ashamed, and lacked any form of self-worth. Her confidence was at an all-time low. After staring at her reflection in the mirror day after day, she wondered where her old self went. To Amanda, her hair was a physical representation of her personality and a huge part of her identity. That was taken away from her without her permission and it was devastating. It wasn’t until Amanda reluctantly turned to wigs that she discovered the redeeming power of them.

That redemption wasn’t revealed to her immediately, though. It took a couple of years for Amanda to break out of the sadness and shame that comes with hair loss. For many women, experiencing hair loss due to medical conditions, treatments, or genetics, wigs are often way more than a fashion statement – they become a lifeline. This was true for Amanda within the first few years of her wig journey. She relied on wigs to allow her to see herself as she once was so she wouldn’t crumble under the pressures of societal beauty standards. She relied on wigs to provide her with a sense of normalcy which enabled her to regain some control over her appearance again. Wigs also gave Amanda the gift of time. She shared that turning to wigs gave her the time she needed to grieve her hair loss without staring it directly in the face every single second of the day. Wigs gave her the ability to find acceptance in the new version of herself and slowly allowed her to love who she was as a bald woman, as well.

Over time, wigs became the driving force that changed Amanda’s outlook on life and beauty. Amanda eventually discovered that wigs aren’t merely a cover for thinning hair or a definitive solution to hair loss- Wigs aren’t just for movies or Halloween. They’re a game-changer when it comes to finding confidence again. With her bald head, she became a blank canvas for creativity. Amanda says that with a wig, she can effortlessly transform her appearance, channeling different characters within herself, and completely change her look in under 10 seconds. With a simple change of style, length, or color, wigs empowered her to experiment and try new things she never imagined doing when she actually had hair, allowing for the exploration of different versions of herself. Amanda allowed wigs to be fun and exciting, as opposed to daunting and depressing.

She began to see the positive impact that wigs had on her life. Not only did they save her hours every week when getting ready for the day, they became the ultimate accessory and fashion statement. One of the most thrilling aspects of wigs is the ability to reinvent yourself. They allow women to step outside their comfort zones, inspiring confidence and adventure. The transformative power of a wig isn’t only about changing appearance; it’s about finding that hidden confidence and redefining yourself.

Wigs are about reclaiming the feeling of having hair that makes you feel good about yourself. They’re about trying out styles you’ve only dreamt of or colors that make you feel like a million bucks. And the best part? Nobody needs to know it’s not your natural hair! In fact, Amanda laughs about how thrilling it is when people compliment her on her hair. She admits that she will usually tell people she is wearing wigs, but ever so often, she relishes in the joy of simply saying “thank you” and keeping it her fun little secret.

Amanda acknowledges that the wig-wearing game might feel strange at first. It’s a feeling that many experience when jumping into this alternative hair world. Putting on a wig in the beginning is like trying on someone else’s clothes- weird, uncomfortable, and like you’re an imposter- trying to be someone else. But she urges everyone to trust in the process and give yourself time to adjust- it gets easier. Amanda says to start with a style and color as close to what you’re used to as you can. Experiment with different pieces until you put on a wig, look in the mirror, and can finally say, “there she is!”

Her social media pages emphasize what she practices and preaches:


Wigs are your secret weapon in the game of confidence. You pop one on your head and suddenly, you’re not just a woman who is dealing with hairloss- you are a proud and confident woman rocking a glamorous new style! Amanda says that it takes time to adjust, of course and some days you might feel like throwing in the towel because you think your wig is entirely obvious. But here is the truth she shares after experiencing over 10 years of wig wearing- most people won’t even take any notice and will have no idea you are wearing a wig. And anyone who does take notice is simply just admiring the fabulous hair you have, still clueless of it even being a wig!

For Amanda, confidence isn’t just about how you look though. It’s about how you carry yourself in this world of constant judgment. It’s about embracing your journey and wearing your wig like the proud and beautiful woman that you are. Slowly but surely, confidence begins to flow through you, allowing you to stand a little taller and smile a little bigger. And when in doubt, “fake it ‘til you make it.”

For anyone out there dealing with hair loss, Amanda’s advice is “Keep your head held high, as those strands on your head (or lack thereof) do not define who you are. You are more than enough with or without them. If a wig can help you feel beautiful and like yourself again, then embrace them!”

So let them be that for you so you can walk through life with that big, beautiful smile again.

You can find Amanda on her social media platforms or try and book a free consultation with her for any alternative hair questions or struggles you’re having:

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