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6 Monthly Bills Almost All of Us Overpay

You’ve tried your best to cut back your spending and lower your bills: You brew coffee at home, you refuse to order avocado toast — and you won’t even step foot into Target.

But no matter what you do, you’re still stuck with those inescapable monthly bills — rent, utilities, cell phone bill, insurance, groceries.

Although we can’t wipe these off the table for you, we can stop you from overpaying them…

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1. Credit Cards: Get Rid of up To $100,000

Your credit card companies are getting rich by ripping you off with insane rates, but a company called Fiona could help you pay them off tomorrow.

Here’s how it works: Fiona will match you with a low-interest loan you can use to pay off every credit card balance you have. The benefit? You’re left with just one bill to pay every month, and because the interest rate is so much lower, you can get out of debt so much faster. Plus, no credit card payment this month.

Take, for example, Katherine, who faced $12,000 in credit-card debt. Holding her back? The 15.24% interest rate. By refinancing with a 5%-interest, seven-year personal loan, she saved $12,000 in interest.

If she’d kept on the same road, she would have paid something like $14,000 in interest alone over 25 years. Yikes!

Fiona won’t make you stand in line or call a bank. And if you’re worried you won’t qualify, it’s free to check online. It takes just two minutes, and it could save you thousands of dollars. Totally worth it.

2. Life Insurance: Take Back Hundreds of Dollars

If you’ve thought about how your family would manage without your income after you’re gone, chances are you’ve looked into life insurance.

But so often, we end up not following through because it takes too much time or money.

But your application shouldn’t take more than about five minutes — and you could leave your family up to $1 million by spending as little as $5 a month on life insurance with a company called Bestow.

You can change or cancel your plan at any time. Plus, the security of knowing your family is taken care of is priceless.

If you’re under the age of 54 and want to get a fast life insurance quote without a medical exam, pushy sales calls or even getting up from the couch, get a free quote from Bestow.

3. Car Insurance: Cut Your Bill By up to 50%

When was the last time you shopped around for car insurance? Was it more than six months ago?

If so, you’re probably overpaying — by hundreds of dollars. Yep. Experts say you should compare rates twice a year to get the best deal.

Twice a year? Yeah, we don’t want to do that either.

Thankfully, a free app called Root will cut the need to shop at all. It will reduce your rates by up to 52% — and give you the same coverage.

We talked to Amanda Collins, 27, who, along with her husband, used Root to cut their insurance bill by $2,352 a year — or $196 a month.

It takes just two minutes to download the Root Insurance app and get started.

Root Insurance is available in Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, New Mexico, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas and Utah.

4. Home Insurance: See if You Can Knock $57.50 Off Your Bill in Minutes

For many homeowners, your insurance is wrapped into the monthly mortgage payment, so it might not be something you actively worry about — until you go to pay the bill each month.

But the truth is, you could probably be getting a much better deal.

A free website called Policygenius does all the shopping for you to find cheaper policies and unlock special discounts. It saves users an average of $690 a year — or $57.50 a month.

All you have to do is head over to Policygenius, enter basic information about your home, then you’ll get an email with a handful of quotes. From there, you can ask any questions via email or phone and get signed up. Policygenius will even help you cancel your old insurance.

It takes just a few minutes, and you’ll thank us when you go to pay next month’s bill!

For more Easy Tips for Reducing Expenses, watch this video.

5. Cut Your Cell Phone Bill By More Than Half

You’ve probably had the same cell phone company for a while. And you’re probably paying way too much for your service. 

But with discount carrier Twigby, you could cut your bill by more than 66%. 

It worked for Zak Wilson. He’d been paying Verizon Wireless about $180 a month for two lines. So he tried Twigby. For both phones, he’s now paying $60 a month.

With Twigby, you get to build your own plan. Each plan comes with unlimited texts, then you choose how many minutes and how much data you need each month. Plans also include free Wi-Fi calling and texting.

Twigby uses both the Sprint and Verizon networks for its coverage. Plans start at just $9, and you can bring your own phone. Plus, new customers get 25% off the first 6 months of service.

6. Household Items: Copy This Strategy to Get a $526 Refund

Chances are you do some of your shopping online. Whether it’s pet food from Walmart, toilet paper on Amazon or even a flight home for Thanksgiving, you’re probably leaving money on the table. 

A free website called Rakuten has a deal with just about every online store you shop, which means it can give you a kickback every time you buy.  In fact, since Colleen Rice started using Rakuten, it’s sent her checks in the mail totaling $526.44. For doing nothing. Seriously.  Rice says she uses Rakuten for things she already has to buy, like rental cars and flights. 

It takes less than 60 seconds to create a Rakuten account and start shopping. All you need is an email address, then you can immediately start shopping your go-to stores through the site. Plus, if you use Rakuten to earn money back within the first 90 days of signing up, it’ll give you an extra $10 on the first check it sends you. 

Talk about money for nothing!

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