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Marcus Rosner’s Best Movies and TV Shows: Get To Know The Dreamy Hallmark Star

Catch him in 'Flipping for Christmas,' out Friday, November 3 at 8/7c on Hallmark!


From the moment we first saw the rugged good looks, chiseled jaw, deep dimples and devilish charm of actor Marcus Rosner, we instantly thought, this guy is a heartbreaker — and we’re all here for it. We first picked Rosner up on our “Hallmark Hunk” radar when he played the role of Tim in Garage Sale Mystery: All That Glitters in 2014. Since then, Marcus Rosner has been in dozens of Hallmark movies and tv shows — including When Calls the Heart and Ride — and, not surprisingly, has won the hearts of millions of viewers.

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Inspired by his new Countdown to Christmas holiday movie, Flipping for Christmas, airing on November 3, 2023 (see more below!) we decided to get to know Rosner a bit better and take a look at some of his best Hallmark movies and tv shows over the last decade. Talk about an early Christmas gift!

Marcus Rosner, 2018
Marcus Rosner, 2018JB Lacroix/ WireImage/Getty Images

Marcus Rosner’s early years

Born on August 10, 1989, Marcus Rosner hails from the prairies of Sherwood Park, Alberta in Canada and loved sports as a kid. I grew up as a total jock,” he told Melina Maria Morry. “I never considered the performing arts as something that would be a fit for me.” But a trip to New York City after Rosner’s high school graduation and a few Broadway plays later, the small-town boy was hooked.

Rosner recalled the way he and his mother popped their heads in the New York Film Academy on a walk through the city. “This was literally the first time it had ever dawned on me that acting could be taught, Coming from where I come from it seemed like an unattainable dream that people must be born into or had god-given talent for,” he told Popternative.

After his eye-opening trip, Rosner researched the closest and most reputable acting school to his home, which turned out to be the Vancouver Film School. “I worked construction for a while and saved up the money to go to the school and eventually moved out to Vancouver,” he shares. “I guess the rest is history.”

Rosner’s first roles

Rosner took his first role in Joey Dakota, a television movie on the CW, where he played the role of Ty. Later came other sci-fi and adventure-oriented roles, on television series Arrow, Supernatural and in the film Tomorrowland.

Finally, in 2014, he broke into the Hallmark Channel in Garage Sale Mystery: All That Glitters as Tim. From then on out, he was a certified Hallmark heartthrob, and has since acted in over 10 Hallmark movies and tv shows. Let’s take a look at some of our favorites over the years!

Marcus Rosner best movies and TV shows

1. Yes, I Do (2018)

Jen Lilley, Marcus Rosner,  Yes, I Do, 2018
Jen Lilley, Marcus Rosner, Yes, I Do, 2018Copyright 2018 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Hallmark Channel

Jen Lilley plays chocolatier Charlotte, who has left James, played by Rosner, at the alter not once, not twice — but three times! Now, Charlotte is determined to show James that she means business, and he truly is the one for her.

However, when Nicole, the owner of Chocolate Monthly Magazine, wants to feature one of Charlotte’s flavors in her spread, things come tumbling down when she learns that Nicole is James’ ex-girlfriend. That being said, Charlotte is willing to do whatever it takes to show James that she’s the one for him.

2. Love On Harbor Island (2020)

Morgan Kohan, Marcus Rosner, Love On Harbor Island, 2020 marcus rosner movies and tv shows
Morgan Kohan, Marcus Rosner, Love On Harbor Island, 2020©2020 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Courtesy Reel One Entertainment

Morgan Kohan stars as Lily Summers alongside Rosner as, well, Marcus. Lily returns to her hometown to assist her aunt run her seaside bed-and-breakfast. It’s there where she meets Marcus, the seaplane pilot who helps rescue dogs (can he get any more perfect?).

It’s through him and her time back in her hometown that makes her realize it just might be where she belongs. “This is one of my favorites I’ve been in,” Rosner told My Devotional Thoughts. “And it’s because they just let the performances breathe. It feels like sometimes we always have a tendency to go fast. So especially as an actor watching my own performance and the performance of my co-stars, you just wish it would slow down a little bit and let the performance do its job. And I really did feel that with this one.”

3. Romance to the Rescue (2022)

Andrea Brooks, Marcus Rosner, Romance to the Rescue, 2022
Andrea Brooks, Marcus Rosner, Romance to the Rescue, 2022©2022 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Courtesy of Johnson Production Group

Kyra, played by Andrea Brooks, is in a pickle: in an effort to impress a potential love interest, Mark (played by Rosner), she enters her dog in an agility show. The problem? She has no dog to even enter!

4. The Love Club: Nicole’s Pen Pal (2023)

Brittany Bristow, Marcus Rosner, The Love Club: Nicole's Pen Pal, 2023 marcus rosner movies and tv shows
Brittany Bristow, Marcus Rosner, The Love Club: Nicole’s Pen Pal, 2023©2023 Hallmark Media/Photographer: Courtesy of Nikki Ray Media Agency/Corus Entertainment

Nicole, played by Brittany Bristow, is newly engaged, but having doubts. Despite her plans to be married, she still has her mysterious college penpal on her mind after all these years, and has even kept the letters he sent her way back when. Not sure where to turn, she looks to The Love Club, a group of women who made a pact with each other a decade earlier that should they ever seek relationship advice, they can turn to one another. This group of gals band together to find the mystery man that’s been on Nicole’s mind for all these years and lead her to her destiny. Rosner plays the love interest of course.

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5. Ride (2023)

Ride is exactly what you get when you mix Hallmark with Yellowstone (check out these ‘Yellowstone’ Hunks: Our 9 Favorite Cowboys, Ranked). The series follows the McMurray’s, a family of ranchers a part of a rodeo dynasty dealing with the constant struggle of keeping their family ranch going. Marcus Rosner plays Austin McMurray, a champion bull rider whose character impacts the family unit for the entirety of the season in ways they never imagined.

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6. Notes of Autumn (2023)

Marcus Rosner, Ashley Williams, Notes of Autumn, 2023 marcus rosner movies and tv shows
Marcus Rosner, Ashley Williams, Notes of Autumn, 2023©2023 Hallmark Media/Photographer: Allister Foster

Ellie, played by Ashley Williams, is a classically trained pianist who no longer has the same passion for it she once did. Leo, on the other hand, is her close friend and author who’s struggling to finish the book he’s working on while living in rustic British Columbia. The duo come to an agreement: switch places. Unsure of their new surroundings, Ellie meets Sam, played by Rosner, who is Leo’s neighbor that she helps with a musical performance fundraiser he’s working on. On the other hand, in Leo’s new surroundings, he strikes up a friendship with Ellie’s friend Matt. Turns out this swap between the two goes better than they thought it would!

7. Flipping for Christmas (2023)

Ashley Newbrough, Marcus Rosner, Flipping for Christmas, 2023 marcus rosner movies and tv shows
Ashley Newbrough, Marcus Rosner, Flipping for Christmas, 2023©2023 Hallmark Media/Photographer: Courtesy Vortex Media

Rosner stars in not one but two Countdown for Christmas movies this year. The first follows realtor Abigal, played by Ashley Newbrough, as she agrees to a flip of a recently inherited home, said to be rather simple. However, Bo (played by Rosner), the co-beneficiary played by Rosner, has a few different ideas in mind. We’re thrilled for the premier Friday, November 3 at 8/7c on Hallmark! (Click through to our sister site to see the entire Countdown to Christmas November lineup.)

8. An Ice Palace Romance (2023)

Celeste Desjardins in 2016 and Marcus Rosner in 2018 marcus rosner movies and tv shows
Celeste Desjardins and Marcus Rosner will appear together in Ernesto Di Stefano Photography/Getty Images for Bentonville Film Festival ; Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Lifetime

Rosner’s second holiday movie this year co-stars Celeste Desjardins as a journalist who returns home to the ice rink in her hometown for a story she’s working on. When she comes together with the rink owner and his daughter, she begins to rethink a lot about her life. Premiers Thursday, December 14 on Hallmark Movies Now!

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