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4 Ways to Make Money Scrapbooking — And Still Have Fun

If you’re wondering how to make money scrapbooking, you’re probably already a huge fan of the craft. So why not turn your hobby into a creative way to earn some extra cash? Although scrapbooking might not be the most “trendy” side gig right now, the good news is that there are enough people interested in the art for it to be admired and even envied today. (After all, who doesn’t want a precious keepsake of all their treasured memories?) So there are a few ways you can make scrapbooking into your next side job — if you go about it the right way.

As much as your family and friends adore your tireless scrapbooking work, you probably don’t have it in your heart to charge them for it. And why would you? Scrapbooking is meant to be a fun activity that involves bonding and deepening relationships with those you love. That said, there’s nothing wrong with finding other folks with no personal connection to you who are interested in paying you for your talent. If anything, it’s a win-win — no matter what path of making money from scrapbooking that you choose to take.

1. Teach a scrapbooking class.

From local craft stores to community centers to recreation departments, there are tons of places that would benefit greatly from scrapbooking classes. Why shouldn’t the teacher of those classes be you? If you’ve been scrapbooking for a while, other folks could probably learn a thing or two from your skills. Blogger Lain Ehmann of Layout a Day suggests contacting your local community centers to see if they’re interested in your services. Another option is researching what classes already exist in your area — and then finding out how you can apply to be the next scrapbooker in charge.

2. Sell your creative designs online. 

If you’ve ever looked for scrapbooking materials on websites like eBay or Etsy, then you already know that one search can yield thousands of results. That alone should tell you that you have an opportunity here sell some of your own custom pages, templates, or layouts on those sites. Heck, if you’re feeling ambitious enough, you could even create entire scrapbooks for people to fill in your pages with whatever they desire. And since people can bid for items on eBay, you might even end up getting more money than you ever expected for your hard work. 

3. Create scrapbook-style greeting cards.

You’d be surprised by how many greeting cards out there today look like mini versions of scrapbooks. But surely it’s a pleasant surprise, considering that just about everyone shares greeting cards for special occasions, even if they’ve never picked up a scrapbook in their lives. Simply transfer your skills to a smaller piece of paper, and then you can sell your scrapbook-inspired cards on eBay or Etsy along with all your other fabulous materials. Alternatively, you can also contact local craft and greeting card stores to see if you can sell your work in your own town as well.

4. Think outside the book and create your own business.

This option is not for the faint of heart, but it can be super rewarding in the end. Just ask Rebekah Cowne, a former bookkeeper who followed her passion of scrapbooking to turn it into her own scrapbooking layout business called Kiwi Lane. In an interview with The Work-At-Home Woman, Cowne said, “Kiwi Lane started out as a retail company that I would see at different scrapbooking expos I would go to. They always had the prettiest booth with beautiful pages. When I found out they were going to change over to direct sales, I had to be a part of it!” It sounds like it certainly paid off; not only did this allow Cowne to get creative with template design, it also led her to create scrapbooking classes, kits, and even retreats for all her satisfied customers. Just look at what can possibly happen when you follow your dreams!

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