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Dr. Gundry Weight Loss Breakthrough: Heal Your Gut to Lose Your Belly on This Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Heal your body, drop the weight.

Looking for an incredibly fast and easy way to transform your body? Reader Chellie Beck suggests Steven Gundry, MD’s Plant Paradox plan. After just 16 weeks using an ultra-simplified version of his anti-inflammatory diet, Chellie had dropped 70 pounds, reversed type 2 diabetes, normalized sky-high cholesterol and blood pressure, and was weaning off thyroid meds. She also cured chronic fatigue, digestive problems and joint pain.

“Even my gallbladder issues and depression went away,” shares the Nashville mom, 49, now down 112 pounds. “I felt so bad for so long, I started to think feeling bad was normal. Now it’s like I have superpowers!” As for Dr. Gundry, he says we all have the potential to get healthy in a hurry: “A short period on my diet has a profound effect for virtually everyone!”

To see results like Chellie’s, Dr. Gundry recommends natural foods that are free of lectins, compounds in plants like grains, beans, nightshade veggies, white potatoes, and peanuts that help protect the plants.

“Humans used to be able to neutralize lectins, but modern diets have changed our gut bacteria and we no longer handle them well,” explains Dr. Gundry, a Yale-trained cardiologist famous for using diet strategies alone to restore patients to health. “For the vast majority of us, lectins irritate the digestive tract and can even open tiny tears in the gut wall, allowing the lectins and other debris to escape.

Dr. Steven Gundry who created the Plant Paradox plan for weight loss
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This causes system-wide inflammation and autoimmune attacks that are linked to thyroid problems and just about every disease you can think of,” says Dr. Gundry. A study in the journal Circulation showed that a lectin-free diet immediately reduces inflammation; another in the Journal of the American Heart Association found that it cuts signs of autoimmune disease by 94 percent.

Dr. Gundry adds that renegade lectins also block receptors in our muscles and brain in a way that drives intense cravings, stalls metabolism, and pumps sugar into fat cells. “All of these negative effects begin to reverse as soon as you get rid of lectins,” promises the doctor. Better yet: He’s got an easy hack that makes his approach both ultra-convenient and ultra-effective.

Save time, boost results.

Three ingredients and a blender are all you’ll need to make one of Dr. Gundry’s favorite Plant Paradox meals. “Most diet shakes out there are lectin bombs that slow your progress,” the doc warns. By contrast, Dr. Gundry’s shakes flood your body with nutrients to make weight loss and good health automatic.

That means inflammation-soothing good fats from olive oil and coconut milk. You also get special fiber from hemp seed protein powder, which feeds and rejuvenates beneficial gut bacteria decimated by lectin-containing foods. “Research shows these bacteria directly influence every part of the body, from skin and metabolism to brain and heart health. They have a bigger impact than our own genes. When they thrive, we thrive.”

It’s also worth noting that shakes are faster than fast food, and we aren’t inclined to overeat them. No wonder scientists say they’re a weight-loss tool so potent, using them twice a day makes any diet doubly effective.

To learn more, check out The Plant Paradox ($19.30, Amazon) or visit

How to Do It

To eat Dr. Gundry’s way, enjoy shakes, meals, and snacks made with low-lectin plants like greens, cruciferous and root veggies (except white potatoes), avocado, olives, cocoa and nuts/seeds (except peanuts and cashews). Enjoy a daily serving of in-season fruit and 6–8 oz. of natural animal protein (goat dairy only). Also fine: pressure-cooked beans/rice. Avoid most sweeteners, which worsen lectin issues. Eat until just satisfied. Always get a doctor’s okay to try a new diet.

Breakfast: Blend 1 scoop stevia-sweetened hemp protein powder, 1 1⁄2 cups coconut milk, 1 Tbs. olive oil and ice to taste.

Lunch: Enjoy another shake or make a quick salad with greens and toppings like beets, goat cheese, chicken, nuts and olive oil vinaigrette.

Snack: Nibble cassava tortilla chips with dip made from mashed avocado, lime juice, fresh chopped cilantro and salt to taste.

Dinner: Grill up a bunless burger and serve with sweet potato wedges roasted with olive oil and a side salad with greens and goat cheese.

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