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A Luxurious Journey of Self-Discovery with Kathryn Hastings’ Wax Seal Quiz

Article presented by Charli Rosen

Immersed in the charming rhythm of artistic creation, there exists an extraordinary realm where tradition meets innovation, subtly blurring the line between antiquity and contemporary. In this domain, the evocative allure of wax seals has been awakened, their mysticism and timeless elegance revived with renewed vigor, breathing life into an age-old, cherished art form.

This new take on the world of wax seals, where one’s personality is distilled into symbolic artistry, is made possible by the enigmatic Kathryn Hastings. An artist by passion and entrepreneur by trade, Hastings offers an experience that blends art, wax seals, and history in a uniquely captivating way.

Through a thriving online business that transcends geographical boundaries, Hastings’ creations, spanning from seals to stationery, have been a beloved addition in both US households and across the oceans in Europe and Asia.

But, with an intriguing mix of historical treasures and modern interpretations, Hastings has set the wheels of another project in motion, wishing to present to her audience a novel way to not just connect with the past but also embark on a journey of self-discovery.

One might wonder how an artifact such as a wax seal can become a personalized symbol of one’s identity. Fortunately, Hastings might have an answer with her upcoming Wax Seal Quiz that delves deep into the world of symbolism— a universal language that transcends the barriers of spoken words.

“Symbols have the power to articulate the complexities of human emotions that words often fail to capture,” Hastings says.

More than just a set of questions, the Wax Seal Quiz isn’t a run-of-the-mill personality test. Designed with a keen understanding of both antique wax seal history and modern sensibilities, the quiz immerses participants in an engaging process.

According to Hastings, it’s a deeply introspective journey into the power of symbols, taking people through a series of reflective questions that range from personal aesthetics, lifestyle preferences, and philosophies, ensuring that the resulting wax seal is a perfect emblem of one’s individuality— something akin to holding the mirror to one’s thoughts, whims, and desires.

“The quiz takes you on an adventure, coaxing out answers that resonate with your core,” Hastings muses.

The result? A unique wax seal that reflects not just the aesthetic inclinations but also the deeply held values and personality traits of its bearer. Be it the unfurling petals of a rose, symbolizing love and beauty, or the twisting curves of a snake representing wisdom and transformation, each symbol holds a deep, timeless meaning.

Yet, the Wax Seal Quiz doesn’t end with the revelation of one’s personal symbol. It instead marks the beginning of a new journey of self-expression. A firm believer in integrating beauty into everyday art, Hastings hopes that the quiz will invite participants to wear their symbols with pride and share their discoveries with others.

A reflection of this belief is her wax seal collection, an array of gorgeous pieces meant to add a touch of elegance to personal correspondence. These aren’t mere accessories, however, but expressions of style that travel across the world, connecting people and sharing the appeal of art and history.

Hastings envisions her brand becoming a go-to resource for all things related to wax seals and letter-writing. But the luxury of Hastings’ offerings isn’t limited to the physical products she crafts. It is the luxury of experiencing art in a personal, profound way, of connecting with the past while leaving one’s mark on the present.

Her evergreen courses on wax seals and the launch of the Wax Seal Quiz exemplify this idea perfectly, creating a tangible connection between people, their identities, and, of course, their letter-writing.

Still, Kathryn’s venture extends beyond business. It’s a mission to imbue everyday life with beauty, striving to make the mundane extraordinary. Her work serves as a gentle reminder of the joy found in the subtle nuances of life, the beauty hidden in plain sight, and the pleasure derived from the art of the written word.

In the fast-paced, digital-driven world, the art of letter writing, enhanced by a personalized wax seal, stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of personal touch and slow living. The opportunity to enjoy such a luxury is no longer a far-off aspiration. With the Wax Seal Quiz, it becomes a delightful reality.

As Hastings continues to break boundaries and inspire countless artistic souls, one thing remains certain: her story is one being beautifully written, sealed with innovation and passion. In her words: “It’s not just about creating a beautiful artifact or participating in a questionnaire. Primarily, it’s about invoking emotions, creating connections, and adding a touch of luxury to the ordinary.”

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