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Breaking Barriers in Hospitality: Megan Ashli’s Empowering Journey to Restaurant Ownership

Article presented by Tom White

In the tapestry of life, some threads stand out with vibrant colors and resilience, capturing the essence of the human spirit and determination. So it is with Megan Ashli, a trailblazing entrepreneur who is weaving an inspiring and triumphant tale in the heart of Miami. From battling the upheavals of her tumultuous youth to raising a child as a teenager, she courageously navigated life’s stormy waters. Today, her narrative, intricately woven with perseverance and fortitude, gleams as she charts her course through the competitive and often unforgiving hospitality industry. With every stitch, Megan’s story reiterates that through sheer will and tenacity, one can cultivate a rich tapestry even from the thinnest of threads.

As the world spins around her, Megan’s story traces back to her turbulent teenage years. At 14, she fled an abusive home, and by 15, she embraced motherhood. With her son Jaaden cradled in her arms, young Megan juggled multiple minimum-wage jobs.

Through a mosaic of fortuitous events, Megan found mentors in the form of business partners who ushered her into the world of hospitality. She emerged from her chrysalis, shedding the past and embracing the endless possibilities of restaurant entrepreneurship. Megan dared to dream, and Miami, the land of dreams, offered her the canvas she needed.

Fast forward, and Miami’s vibrant night patrons began to whisper tales of her eateries. MAU Miami, Megan’s first restaurant endeavor she bought into, opened its doors in 2018. Not resting on her laurels, she opened Kavo, a Tequila Bar, in January 2022 and, soon after, Playa in December 2021. With each venture, Megan not only fed the city but also broke barriers as one of the few Black female business owners in the industry.

Yet, every tapestry has its shadows. Transitioning from minimum-wage jobs to the more conventional realm of entrepreneurship tested Megan’s mettle. She navigated the turbulence by severing ties, focusing on learning and building her brand.

It’s not just about Megan’s restaurants; it’s about the heart she puts into them. The ambiance of her establishments whispers stories—some hers, some belonging to the patrons, and some yet to be told. And it is among Miami’s elites that she gets to share this triumph with: Diddy, J Cole, and Lil Baby. These A-listers not only savor her delicacies but also revel in the narrative she’s building.

Now, Megan looks to the horizon. Her aspirations stretch beyond the shores of Miami; she wants her brand to be synonymous with hospitality across the United States. In her dreams, she sees her name alongside moguls like Dave Grutman and Mike Gardner.

What’s the lesson Megan’s tapestry of life shares? Life changes, sometimes with the speed of a Miami night. But be ready for your blessings and dare to step out of your comfort zone. That’s where the magic is woven.

Megan Ashli has proven that from the threads of adversity, one can weave a tale of triumph. Let’s savor not just the cuisine she offers but the spirit and courage that courses through her ventures. Miami is just the beginning. And springing from this destination, a new chapter awaits.

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