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FemGevity Health Collaborates with Liquivida on Comprehensive and Innovative Approach to Menopause and Beyond

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While the quest for longevity and vibrant living is a universal pursuit, for women stepping into their forties, this journey comes with unique challenges and transformations as they begin to enter menopause. Often relegated to hushed conversations and egregiously overlooked by traditional healthcare, this pivotal phase of a women’s life has found vocal advocates in Kristin Mallon and Michele Wispelwey, the Co-Founders of FemGevity Health.

Standing at the forefront of the FemTech revolution, FemGevity Health recognizes the need for clarity, empowerment and individualized care for women post-40 and is redefining the women’s healthcare landscape at this critical juncture. Unlike other menopause digital health companies, their distinctive telemedicine approach focuses on improving long-term health from day one. They begin treating patients during their perimenopausal years, helping them reach optimal hormone levels to improve their symptoms and prevent disease. In doing so, they position themselves as long-term partners, providing targeted care through menopause and beyond. The essence of FemGevity Health is not merely about healthcare; it’s about celebrating life and embracing its potential. As Michele says:

The one thing I’d want women 40 and over to know is you are just entering the best years of your life. This is when you take risks to make yourself grow and succeed. The years after 40 are when you truly embrace your self-worth and capabilities, from your health to your professional life.”

Kristin, a certified nurse midwife and obstetrical nurse with an extensive background in high-risk obstetrics and natural hospital births, and Michele, dedicated to advancing women’s health through her role as a strategic healthcare executive in the diagnostic lab industry, met through their shared mission in the healthcare field, collaborating on a unique diagnostic platform dedicated to women’s health testing.  With a combined 35 years of professional and personal experience between them, including the loss of Michele’s mother due to cancer symptoms that were misdiagnosed as menopause, the two discerned the glaring inadequacies in post-childbirth and menopause care.

FemGevity Health was born with the realization that there were still considerable gaps in knowledge that could empower women to understand what is happening in their bodies. And it goes beyond addressing the symptoms of menopause. While most women know what the symptoms are, few are aware of the intricate and multifaceted link between menopause and longevity.. Menopause signifies a hormonal decline that can have irreversible effects on a woman’s health and longevity. For instance, earlier menopause can correlate with a shorter life span, while later menopause might increase the chances of living longer. This phase also comes with heightened risks of diseases like osteoporosis, cardiovascular issues, diabetes, and dementia.

This link between menopause, quality of life and longevity demands a shift from merely managing symptoms at this phase; it calls for a comprehensive and innovative approach to care. FemGevity proactively addresses the underlying issues to help ensure women don’t just live longer but do so in the best of health, with a comprehensive model of care that combines telemedicine services with accredited medical professionals and menopause experts, precision diagnostics, and in-depth symptom analysis. This individualized approach delivers a targeted, personalized and effective treatment plan for each woman. replacing the outdated one-size-fits-all healthcare model.

A vital part of FemGevity’s innovative approach is its strategic partnership with Liquivida, the growing franchise well known for its pioneering approach to health and wellness. With a range of cutting-edge solutions, notably Liquivida IV Drips, and it’s focus on prevention, Liquivida aligns deeply with FemGevity’s mission to empower women to take control of their own well-being. Michele, who has personal experience using Liquivida IV drips, recognized their potential in promoting women’s health during menopause. A sufficient intake of vitamins and minerals can help mitigate the effects of menopause, but a balanced diet and regular exercise doesn’t always accomplish the goal. With IV drips, the precise nutrients required during menopause are delivered directly into the bloodstream, ensuring maximum absorption.

Referring patients to a Liquivida Wellness Center adds an additional component to FemGevity’s services and distinctly sets them apart from other menopause relief companies. In addition to the IV Drips, FemGevity plans to incorporate the DEXA scan and body composition scans available at Liquivida as part of their comprehensive analysis to develop effective treatment plans.  This synergy between the two companies embodies the shared vision of integrating medicine for optimal health and extending lifespans by preventing diseases before they manifest.

“Everyone, no matter their age, wants and deserves to live a vibrant and healthy life. At Liquivida, we believe that a proactive approach is the best way to achieve optimal health. We are on a mission to provide access to the best IV vitamin therapy products so that patients can get healthy from the inside out and live their best lives.” – Samael Tejada, CEO of Liquivida

In addition to providing services on premises at their Wellness Centers, Liquivida as the leading distributor of the highest quality IV Vitamin Drips and supplements on the market, partnering with doctors, nurse practitioners, wellness centers and naturopathic medical professionals throughout the country, who align with their vision to provide optimal nutritional support to their patients and clients. Liquivida IV Kits and Packets ensure a convenient and reliable experience for both providers and their patients and are distributed directly from their partnering pharmacy, giving practitioners the confidence to know they are getting the best products with the best quality ingredients. Liquivida IV Kits contain everything needed to administer an IV, all in one box, including gloves and single-dose vials of nutrients sourced from a 503B FDA-registered pharmacy. This seamless and hassle-free approach maximizes efficiency and effectiveness for providers.

With only a fragment of FemTech ventures catering to menopause and a staggering 31 million women aged 40-55 in the U.S. alone, the need for innovative and comprehensive solutions is palpable. Michele and Kristin are poised to not just succeed in the business world but make a tangible difference in countless lives. Their journey is setting a new standard in women’s healthcare, focusing on individualized treatment plans, leveraging cutting-edge technology, and emphasizing longevity medicine. In aligning with partners like Liquivida, who share a parallel mission and vision, FemGevity Health is ushering in an era, promising a brighter, healthier, and more informed future for women navigating menopause and beyond.

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