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Period Poverty: Addressing the Global Crisis with VediKh Care

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Period poverty brings substantial challenges for women with limited access to safe and hygienic menstrual products. Women’s Health Physical Therapist Dr. Khushali Trivedi aims to tackle this crisis, fighting for change as she moves throughout the industry. Dr. Trivedi’s commitment to women’s health has shaped both her career trajectory and her dedication to addressing the issue of period poverty through her initiative, VediKh Care.

Hailing from India and kickstarting her professional journey with a bachelor’s degree in physical therapy, Dr. Trivedi’s experiences in diverse settings ignited her passion for addressing many challenges in women’s health. Pursuing a master’s in exercise physiology in the USA exposed her to the financial barriers hindering women’s access to sanitary products. This only intensified her resolve.  Dr. Trivedi’s education, coupled with her hands-on experience as a physical therapist in New York, inspired her to earn a doctorate in women’s health.

The challenges Dr. Trivedi encountered, including limited university options for her Ph.D. and the scarcity of professionals in women’s health, became pivotal catalysts. Founding of VediKh Care during her Ph.D. attests to her commitment to promoting global healthcare equality. Specifically, she hopes to address menstrual management issues in underserved communities in India, Kenya, and the USA.

Dr. Trivedi’s standing as a thought leader in women’s health is evident through her participation as a judge and reviewer at prestigious conferences. Her contributions to Brainz Magazine and the American Physical Therapy Pelvic Academy highlight her expertise, as she provides a unique perspective shaped by daily patient interactions. Transforming challenges into opportunities for growth, Dr. Trivedi encourages embracing struggles, seeking mentorship, understanding global perspectives, and leveraging your voice for advocacy.

Noteworthy highlights in Dr. Trivedi’s journey include prestigious awards such as the Catalyst in Women’s Health: Hall of Fame 2023 and the CREA Global Award. VediKh Care’s recognition for incubation at IIM Visakhapatnam serves as a testament to its potential for social impact and innovation. VediKh Care remains resolute in advancing women’s health globally. They strive to boost awareness of period poverty and ensure every woman has access to quality healthcare and support.

As the founder of Vedikh Care, Dr. Trivedi has been at the forefront of advancing women’s health. However, her expertise extends far beyond Vedikh Care, as it is widely recognized and utilized by numerous organizations supporting women’s health globally. Dr. Trivedi’s influential work as a reproductive health specialist has earned her the appointment as the Northeast Representative for the American Physical Therapy Association Pelvic Health Academy. Her leadership in guiding 11 state representatives underscores her dedication to advancing pelvic health awareness and advocacy across a diverse geographic region. Through her influential role, Dr. Trivedi continues to drive positive change and empower both professionals and patients in the field of pelvic physical therapy.

As VediKh Care continues to make significant strides in women’s health advocacy, Dr. Trivedi plans to further collaborate with global organizations, academic institutions, and healthcare professionals. Strengthening the network of support for women’s health initiatives, VediKh Care aims to create a sustainable impact by providing solutions to period poverty and more.

VediKh Care’s vision includes establishing comprehensive women’s health programs that incorporate menstrual management and address broader issues such as pelvic pain, postpartum care, and overall well-being. By leveraging her expertise and global outreach, Dr. Trivedi seeks to influence policy changes, bridge healthcare gaps, and create a more inclusive and supportive environment for women around the world.

An undeniable beacon of change, VediKh Care inspires individuals to join the movement for healthcare equality. This exemplary company embodies the profound impact of education, advocacy, and persistence in making a lasting impact for women. As VediKh Care continues to champion the cause of women’s health, Dr. Khushali Trivedi inspires others to join hands in creating a future where every woman receives the care and support she deserves.

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