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The Most Surprising Secret That Helped Me Fix Over 15,000 Marriages – Laura Doyle

For many, marriage is a blissful union, a sacred bond that lasts a lifetime. However, for Laura Doyle, renowned New York Times Bestselling Author and America’s Leading Relationship Coach, marriage once represented pain, confusion, and frustration. Her story, remarkable in its vulnerability, is a testament to the transformative power of wisdom and understanding in relationships.

At one point, Doyle was an unhappy wife in a seemingly irreparable marriage. Thousands of dollars were poured into counseling sessions in a desperate bid to save her union. Yet, the expert guidance failed to mend the widening cracks. Divorce seemed the only option. Then, in a last-ditch effort, she asked women in happy marriages to share their secrets. That’s when everything changed.

The 6 Intimacy SkillsTM she got from these happily married women reignited the spark in her marriage, bringing back the loving, attentive man she once fell in love with. Inspired by her experience, Doyle penned her learnings in a book that soon topped the charts as a New York Times bestseller, securing the #1 spot on Amazon and translated into 19 languages across 30 countries. A global movement emerged from her struggle to end the distressing cycle of divorce.

So, what propelled this movement to such staggering heights? Doyle’s coaching programs and coach training initiatives deserve a notable mention. Taking a unique approach, she exclusively supports women, not couples or men. This strategy might strike some as unfair, especially when husbands often contribute to the issues. Laura thought so too, at first. Yet, Laura’s perspective is backed by the undeniable success of over 15,000 women who used Intimacy Skills to transform their marriages. Her vision is simple: arm every woman with these tools so they, too, can realize the marriage of their dreams.

Beyond her accolades and accomplishments, what truly sets Laura apart is her genuine desire to help. She started this journey not with an ambition to lead a global movement but with the hope of salvaging her marriage. Today, she relishes in the stories shared by courageous women on her ‘Empowered Wife’ podcast, tales of families reborn from the ashes of marital discord.

The conventional wisdom suggests couples counseling as the first port of call when facing marital struggles. But this conventional route proved ineffective for Doyle and the thousands who followed her teachings. Laura’s 6 Intimacy Skills present an alternative, enabling women to rejuvenate their marriages single-handedly. The emphasis isn’t on a couple’s joint effort or men’s involvement; it’s on empowering women with the right tools.

With practical phrases and scripts to use, women can tap into their feminine gifts that inspire husbands who once seemed distant and detached to want be her hero.  Instead of talking to their partners about doing more housework or being more romantic, women can use the Intimacy Skills to become irresistible magnets who are doing less work but getting more time, attention and affection. In Doyle’s words, “women have more power than men to fix relationships if they know how.”

To put it briefly, Laura Doyle isn’t just another relationship coach. She’s a guiding light for women drowning in marital despair. She’s making strides in fixing modern marriages  with her bestsellers, coaching programs, and her “Empowered Wives” series on Amazon Prime. And all this because she dared to hope, learn, and then teach. Laura Doyle’s message is clear to the countless wives feeling unloved and undervalued: “You have the power to transform your marriage, even when all seems lost.”

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