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What Fafafitness (She-Hulk) Actually Eats in a Day

Written in partnership with Luke Linz


Bodybuilding involves enlarging one’s muscle mass through rigorous strengthening exercises, a certain amount of cardio, and careful meal planning. For some bodybuilders it is looked at as a hobby, but for others, it’s their profession and calling. They need to be an artist, and a sculptor to create a body that others can only dream about. Not only that but they need to work hard, and invest time, sweat, and tears into chiseling their muscles to ultimately reveal a true masterpiece.

Fafafitness (Raphaella Araujo) lives that world. Known for her amazing curves and sculpted physique, she has been dubbed the She-Hulk of the fitness world. Fafa is also a renowned fitness coach and all-natural bodybuilder who sculpted her body for years to get where she is now. Besides total dedication to the intense training process, her secret to having such a sculpted body is not steroids or performance-enhancing drugs but the food she eats.

“There are no shortcuts regarding building your dream body, no magic powder or pill that will make it happen,” Fafa says. “It is the dedication and consistency that really builds the deep, thick muscle tissue! And also, what you eat. After all, you are what you eat. When I tell people what I eat in a day they can’t believe that I could be so shredded and have so much muscle mass.”

While most female fitness influencers eat probably around three low-carb meals a day, Fafa is quite the opposite—she eats a ton! Fafa explains that most females try to avoid carbs, but over six nutrient-rich meals each day is how Fafa maintains her figure.

Fafa has found that a mix of both proteins and carb-loaded meals is the best way for her to continue having lean muscle mass, and because she is in love with the feeling of being thick and shredded, Fafa adds that she follows a high-carbohydrate, high-protein diet with moderately low fats contrary to what you hear from other experts.

Take a look at what Fafafitness eats in a day:

Meal 1:

·         50g of cream of rice

·         1 scoop of whey protein

·         1 scoop of glutamine

·         1 scoop of creatine

Meal 2:

·         100g of strawberries

·         100g of raspberries

·         100g of cottage cheese

Meal 3 (the intra-workout drink):

·         Karbolyn powder (which amounts to 50g of carbohydrates)

·         1 scoop of whey protein

·         3g of creatine + 1g of the Pink Himalayan salt

Meal 4 (post-workout):

·         500g of white rice (with a little bit of butter)

·         200g of chicken meat

Meal 5:

·         300g of white rice (with a little bit of butter)

·         150g of chicken meat

Meal 6:

·         200g of white rice

·         1 ½ scoop of whey protein


·         200g of white rice,

·         175g of lean red meat (steak)

“When you work out every day, your body needs a lot of calories to burn through, and that’s why you have to eat a lot,” says Fafa. “Over time, your muscles will get thicker and thicker. And the more muscle you build, the more calories your body burns throughout the day.”

Even though this is her usual eating regime, Fafafitness believes that all things in life should be perfectly balanced. That’s why she doesn’t eat the same food day to day, and she throws in a couple of cheat meals per week in the mix. “I usually have two or three cheat meals in the week,” she says. “A cheat meal is like a reset button for me. And besides that, these cheat meals help me restore my glycogen storage that my Brazilian-style training quickly depletes.”

Eating so much in a day takes dedication. But Fafafitness explains that everybody is different, and every person has different needs. So, while this may work for some, it may not be a one size fits all approach. She adds that people can be sorted into three groups of body types: ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph and that every person should first learn what body type they are and then, based on that information, build a diet program that fits their needs.

In the words of Fafa, “If you want to achieve perfection, you need to be your own lab rat and find out what works well for you and what your body responds well to. Some people need to avoid very high carbohydrate meals, and the reason for that is because their body type doesn’t respond well to it. So, learn your body type and what works and doesn’t. Add persistence and continuity to the mix; that’s your ticket to perfection.”

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