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White Fang Founder KSee Proves Alcohol Is Losing Its Shine

The following article was presented by Nick Kasmik


Whether we like it or not, alcoholic beverages have made their mark on society. Greenfacts — a health and sustainability nonprofit — estimates that about 2 billion people worldwide consume alcoholic drinks. Consumer demand has catapulted the alcoholic beverage industry to a predicted value of more than $1.6 billion in 2023.

Everyone who drinks alcoholic beverages knows their ill effects on the human body. About 76 million people worldwide are affected by these problems , including alcohol abuse and dependence. Those who don’t drink can also be victimized by those abusing their ability to consume mind-altering spirits.

60-year-old KSee, the founder and CEO of WhiteFang Water, was no stranger to alcohol. KSee had been drinking and smoking for 30 years before he finally changed.

The birth of his daughter in 2004 got him to quit smoking and abusing substances. But it wasn’t until later that he stopped consuming alcohol for good.

“Five years ago, I got my third DUI courtesy of the state of Texas trooper,” shared KSee. “And I was like, man, I gotta pull my head on my ass and get my life straightened out.”

KSee found himself a changed man. He started working out and quit sugar and other forms of carbs. He even got so serious about turning his life around that he was able to reduce his metabolic age to 48.8.

Inventing WhiteFang Water

Despite KSee’s newfound passion for health and fitness, there was one thing bothering him: he simply found water boring but knew he needed it for hydration.

KSee went on a quest to find suitable alternatives that were both healthy and tasty. His search came to naught. It was time to make his own.

His recipe? First, he wanted his beverage to have a special fizz. Then to make sure it was tasty.

“Swedish bitters are used as a stomach remedy. It’s a digestive. And it’s made with gentian root cinnamon and cloves. It’s super healthy,” explains KSee. “But it’s produced with high-octane alcohol. So, you take all these delicious things, and you soak them in alcohol, and then you strain it off. The problem is, it’s still alcohol. So, as far as that was going, I didn’t want to have that.”

KSee decided to brew the bitters himself without glycerin and alcohol to ensure his seltzer was healthy. KSee also added other ingredients; fresh ginger, Saffron, cloves, and cherry bark, as well as nutrients magnesium, potassium, Vitamin B-Complex, iron and 5-HTP— which boosts serotonin levels in the brain.

After creating and drinking WhiteFang Water, KSee started seeing improvements in his life.

“After a couple of weeks, I noticed that I started doing tasks that I normally fight my brain over a lot faster,” shares KSee. “I no longer procrastinate, and it makes a whole difference in my day.”

Making People Healthier One Drink at a Time

KSee admits that he initially created WhiteFang Water to help himself. Now that he has shared it with the world, he hopes more people use it to improve their overall health.

“I would love to have something for people to get healthy. That’s it,” says KSee. “I don’t make a living on this. I’m not trying to cash out.”

He also shared advice to people who may also want to live a healthier life moving forward.

“If you’re over 25 years old, it’s time to start caring for your health. I know it’s hard. It’s hard because it’s convenient to stick to what you’ve been doing. But if you want to live long to see your kids grow, or if you don’t want to be sick or tired, it’s time to do what’s right.”

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