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Rockee Redd: Simplifying Health and Wellness for Everyone with No-Tox Ingredients

Article presented by Alden Zuck

It can be challenging to live a healthy life. We often do not know the importance of what we consume, put onto our bodies, and surround ourselves with. Not everything we consume is healthy for our bodies, and food that works well in one body might adversely affect another. Understanding how different ingredients might harm us and identifying things that can boost our overall health is crucial. Rockee Redd is a 100% organic apothecary shop that uses natural ingredients that can positively affect health and well-being.

Christina and Natalie co-founded Rockee Redd to help people achieve optimal health while keeping it simple. Originally, Rockee Redd was a freelance space on Instagram that Christina used to sell apparel, rings, and other items. This changed after she agreed to partner with Natalie in 2021. They turned Rockee Redd into an apothecary full of natural remedies, tinctures, salves, goat milk lotions, and more. It was inspired by their different backgrounds and their own problematic health journeys. They wanted to make a difference and help others achieve ideal wellness through natural methods.

After Christina’s son was vaccinated at 15 months, he developed speech delays, hearing loss, and behavioral issues, including explosive anger and irritability. His condition only worsened after obtaining medication from various doctors. She resorted to improving her son’s health through sustainably grown foods and a smoothie recipe to help remove heavy metals from his body. In experimenting with nutrition, it became apparent that her son appeared to have higher sensitivities to certain foods, particularly Red Dye 40. Christina discovered that Red Dye 40 was in many different foods and nearly all cough medicines. She began using a natural homemade remedy of honey infused with herbs that proved effective in treating her son’s coughs. A remedy that became Rockee Redd’s first product. 

As for Natalie, she suffered from a rare autoimmune disease known as Vulvar Lichen Sclerosus. Despite seeing multiple gynecologists and dermatologists, no one could find a viable solution to her problem. She suffered for 2.5 years trying different antibiotics and steroid creams that had been prescribed. The discomfort got so bad that it affected her mental health to the point she considered taking her own life. At last, after extensive allergy tests, it was determined the causes were specific food groups, soaps, and fabrics. Natalie switched to a plant-based diet and began using organic no-tox products. In less than a week, her skin finally stopped burning and itching for the first time in nearly three years.

Based on their unique journeys, both founders appreciate the importance of nutrition and natural remedies. Through Rockee Redd, they serve others with their knowledge – while constantly encouraging personal research and developing organic, no-tox products. They take real issues and simplify the approach taken to improve health problems such as autoimmune diseases, infertility, hormonal health, mental well-being, hair loss, gut problems, skin issues, low libido (for men and women), and more.

“If you struggle with multiple health issues, single out the one making the biggest difference in your life. Pick that one and focus on getting it right before moving on to the next. You’ll likely surprise yourself and find that other issues begin to improve or resolve themselves as a positive overflow of improvement from just starting with one thing.” Advises co-founder Natalie.

Rockee Redd’s ultimate goal is to welcome people into their community and empower them with the knowledge, tools, and skills to be healthy and live freely. Because of this, they are giving away two free gifts. Their ‘De Junk Your life’ ebook which includes a step-by-step guide to making changes in your home to live a low tox life and a zoom community link. In addition, they are currently providing a 25% discount code site-wide, with checkout code: DEJUNK.

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