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How F45 Fitness Makes Getting in Shape Easy and Fun for Everyone with Director of Athletics Chasity Morales

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As an advocate for functional fitness and trainer, Chasity Morales fell in love with F45 Training. Upon realizing how accessible and fun the gym made fitness to everyone, she joined the Five Fitness Group and became co-owner of six gyms in greater San Antonio, TX. Here are some of the inspiring things she had to say about the gym; we dare you not to look for locations near you after reading this article!

Chasity’s Story

“From the very beginning, I fell in love with F45 because of the team atmosphere. I came from a sports background and played sports my entire life. So, it wasn’t just initially the programs that I was interested in; it was the fact that there were so many different people (with different skill levels) in one place, the atmosphere and everybody cheering each other on. And so much diversity in one place, you never feel alone.”

Chasity got her start with F45 fitness as a member and quickly became a coach and got involved in the community side of things and helping people progress. The positive energy and culture she developed hooked her, and she decided, “I’m going to make my way to work to open up a location.”

She met her business partners and was quickly integrated into the Five Fitness Group. She brought the training experience and the expertise of making meaningful connections with clients face-to-face — attributes her partners truly knew was necessary to bring the F45 mission to success. “I genuinely love seeing people progress and seeing people feel so accomplished and achieved whenever they leave a class. I think that’s always been my biggest driver; somebody’s going to walk in, you obviously don’t know what they have been going through on the outside. But what I can do is give them that 45 minutes to show them their capabilities, put them in a good and positive environment and then ensure that when they leave, they feel a lot better than they did when they walked in.” She went on to say, “that’s 100% what we embody within Five Fitness Group. Even though we want people to come in and get in shape, we really want to help people change their lives for the better.”

Chasity has always taken training very seriously; people aren’t going to make progress with trainers that aren’t entirely there. Chasity has always sought out the best of the best trainers to join her team that fully embody the F45 culture by “getting involved with people’s progression or modifications, hyping each other up while at the same time creating those friendships and connections with the team and clients. Overall, providing that VIP service to every client.” She continued to say, “I’m very picky with my team. I want people that understand what training is. And I also want people who understand what empathy and integrity are, as well.”

Morales went on to explain the new client process. “From the moment a new person walks in, trainers use the pre-screening, and we sit them down to give them a full screening. This is the best way for the trainer to interact with new clients properly on their first day and provide support — because you know how intimidating it can be walking into a new place. Everybody else knows each other, and you don’t know anyone, and F45 is a brand-new concept to nine out of 10 people. The full screening tells trainers if there are any past injuries, current injuries or limitations. I have women coming in pregnant, people coming in after extensive injuries, people at the age of 70, trying to better themselves, and we absolutely love the diversity; it’s what we live for.”

“The consult gives the trainer a bit more of an idea of the clients’ initial limitations for each class. After that, they get a studio tour so they can see all the additional amenities we have. Next, they meet their team trainer for the first time, and that trainer goes through a full breakdown of what that class will entail. We do all this to make sure the person is properly prepared. Each day people come in; trainers also go through a full breakdown of the heart rate monitor so clients can target certain heart rate zones. This sets us apart from other gyms because nobody will ever hit a plateau with F45 training. Clients aren’t just coming in trying to get a spiked heart rate; we’re working with them on the technology side of things, the internal side of things, cardiovascular fitness and heart rate manipulation. So not only are we training them physically but also internally and mentally to think about the initial purpose of each day they come in. After that, two trainers are always in the room, and they’re highly qualified and nationally certified.”

At the end of the first visit to F45 Training, “your trainer gives you the console breakdown and tells you exactly what you need to do next to hit your goals. Getting your first evaluation is cool; it’s like one-on-one training in a group setting. This level of service fuels the positive F45 culture and keeps people engaged and motivated to hit their goals.”

Every day, Chasity works hard to ensure things at her F45 gyms are running smoothly, and clients are getting what they need. So, if you are looking for a fun way to get in shape in San Antonio, TX head over to one of the Five Fitness Group F45 Training locations today!

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