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Winona Is Set to Further Empower Women in the Workforce with the Introduction of Its Corporate Wellness Program

Article presented by Paige Smith

In an era marked by a growing awareness of corporate responsibility toward women’s health and well-being, companies are making commendable strides by offering benefits like maternity leave and fertility treatments to their female employees. While these initiatives are laudable, there’s a crucial aspect of women’s wellness that often remains in the shadows: menopause.

Destigmatizing menopause is paramount, not just for the health and happiness of female employees but also for fostering an inclusive and supportive workplace culture. The silence surrounding this natural life transition can lead to decreased productivity and engagement among female employees. Research reveals that many women reach perimenopause as early as the age of 35, accounting for a significant portion of the workforce. Unfortunately the lack of knowledge and understanding about menopause, especially among male business leaders, perpetuates the problem.

A jarring, yet often overlooked, consequence of menopause is the unfortunate reality that some women may become unemployable due to the profound challenges they face during this life transition. In fact, it’s well-documented that an astonishing number of women, as many as one in five, ultimately exit the workforce due to the difficulties associated with menopause. This phenomenon can have a cascading effect, leading to long-term unemployment and the increased risk of depression among those affected.

With this climate as the backdrop, the need for a corporate wellness program like that of Winona is glaring. By offering comprehensive support and resources for working women navigating menopause, companies can not only retain valuable, experienced employees but also contribute to a more inclusive, supportive, and compassionate work environment. Such initiatives can effectively address the significant workplace gender gap that arises during menopause, ultimately benefiting women, employers, and society as a whole.

Investing in menopause care for the workplace is more than just a business requirement; it’s a powerful demonstration of a company’s commitment to prioritizing the health and well-being of its female employees and fostering a more supportive, empathetic, and diverse work environment. It should be seen as a decision that both positively impacts the health and well-being of employees and contributes to overall business success.

The modern workplace presents a unique set of challenges for both employers and employees. The relentless pursuit of success and profit often comes at a cost, as employees face mounting pressures, long hours, and increased stress. The COVID-19 pandemic further underscored the importance of corporate wellness, as remote work blurred the lines between professional and personal life, exacerbating stress and burnout. In this context, corporate wellness initiatives have never been more relevant. Winona Corporate Wellness aspires to collaborate closely with human resources teams, creating a platform for open and constructive dialogue within internal support networks. Moreover, it offers women vital access to specialized resources, including certified doctors, educational workshops, and personalized treatment, all thoughtfully tailored to address their specific needs.

Angela Stubbs, Winona’s Head of PR, voiced her enthusiasm for the program, saying, “Enabling women through support and guidance during the menopause transition is not just our mission; it’s our responsibility. We enable women to restore their physical and emotional well-being, happiness, and vitality by sharing knowledge and resources.”

Recognizing that every woman’s menopausal journey is unique, their program offers a wide-range of tools and resources to address the myriad challenges women may encounter. Typical medical insurance generally falls short of meeting the needs of menopausal women, with 75 percent of those seeking treatment for symptoms going insufficiently funded. Winona fills this void by delivering exceptional menopause care with understanding and experience that is sorely lacking in the market. Live Q&A webinar sessions and workshops provide a forum for women to ask questions and receive answers from board-certified women’s healthcare specialists. The Patient Care Team is readily available to offer seamless, continued support to those looking to understand the process before taking their first steps and beyond.

Furthermore, women undergoing the menopause transition can share their stories and build community through the Winona Women’s Facebook Group. As Winona aims to empower their patients to take control of their lives and develop peace and balance in the face of the physical, emotional, and psychological shifts they’re experiencing, their offerings range from a free 25-day journal designed to help cultivate mindfulness, self-awareness, and self-care to a nutrient-rich meal plan and recipe guide to navigate the dietary challenges of menopause. With the goal of accessibility and holistic support, all of these resources are free to their patients.

Despite being a relatively young company, just under three years old, Winona has made remarkable progress in supporting women in the workplace and setting an example for other companies to follow. Their influence has expanded to over 30 states and continues to grow. This rapid expansion indicates the pressing demand for comprehensive menopause care and educational resources, both within the workplace and beyond.

The launch of Winona Corporate Wellness is a significant milestone in the empowerment of women in the workplace. This program is more than an investment; it’s a meaningful step toward fostering a diverse and thriving workforce, promoting a more inclusive and empathetic corporate culture, and committing earnestly to the well-being of women. The company strives to inspire positive change across industries and sectors by giving employers the tools and information they need to care for their perimenopausal and menopausal employees. The time for menopause support is now, and Winona is at the forefront, advocating for change.

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