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Creating Products That Make Lives Easier: The Success Story of Erica Chierchio

Article written in partnership with Nick Kasmik


When you consider new Apps causing a shift and making lives easier in online retail, one name that comes to mind is Erica Chierchio. Over the years, Erica has built an impressive career in the tech industry, having participated in several successful projects that have positively impacted everyday people’s lives. Alongside her husband, Michael, Erica is the successful entrepreneur behind the wave-making of new mobile Apps, Crosslisting and Magiscriptor.

Magiscriptor is a mobile app that uses A.I. technology to write the most diverse and SEO-friendly product descriptions. These product descriptions can be used across many e-commerce platforms, such as Poshmark, Mercari, Depop, eBay, Grailed, Amazon, Facebook Marketplace, Carousell, Curtsey, Kidizen, etc.

Like Magiscriptor, Crosslisting helps people sell more products because it blurs the lines and enables people to cross-post ideas from Poshmark, Depop, Mercari, and eBay, saving time and canceling delays the process of listing your products across various e-commerce platforms. With just a few taps, you can list your items on multiple sites and reach a wider audience.

For Erica, who grew up not far from Brooklyn in an area called Bensonhurst, her background was as humble as it could be. Her father was deceased when she was only four, leaving her single mother to work extra hard to fend for the family.

“My family did not have a lot,” she says. “My mom worked hard to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table. So, I started working pretty early. I started working at 15; I left school and started working to help pay bills. I then got my high school diploma through the military.”

Being entrepreneurial driven and starting a venture was something that Erica took seriously. So, once she met and married her husband, Michael, they both decided they needed to find a way to generate more income. With an entrepreneurial spirit, she decided to start a business.

She said, “I started picking fruit off the tree in my backyard. And I would make jam. And I would sell them on a table in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It was called the Brooklyn homemade. It was organic jam,” she says. “I made a bunch of different flavors. They sold well.”

From her start-up, Erica was raking in up to $120 at a minimum. But her goals were large, and her vision could not be contained. So, she kept pushing and working her way forward.  The next stop regarding hustling and making the most of her situation was the recycling and reselling business.

“I went around looking for things usually in the recycling,” says Erica. “I would go around and pick out things I found and just sell them. And that’s how I started reselling. I would go through my neighbors’ or go up and down my block, and I’m doing the recycling bin and taking out the soda cans and bottles. And then, my grandma would bring me to the store to recycle them. And that’s how I earned money when I was very young.”

As a mom, business owner, and wife nowadays, making sure there are no loose ends with daily tasks can sometimes be challenging. The secret, she says, is to have a healthy balance and set your priority right. So far, she’s managed to hold everything together, which is no ordinary feat/.

“As a busy mom and business owner, there only seems to be so many hours in the day, but I’m dedicated to these business ventures,” she reveals. “So, juggling everything requires patience and a solid routine. I have to keep to a schedule.”

Erica’s ability to identify gaps in the market and create timely products that address the needs of her target audience has responsible for her success in the industry. Her ability to balance her successful career and family life is a testament to her hard work and dedication. That, in itself, is a true story of inspiration.

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