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Kate Berski’s 4-Step Approach to Overcome Milestone Anxiety

Young adults at a crossroads in their lives often experience ‘milestone anxiety’ as a result of societal pressure to succeed in their careers, relationships, finances, and friendships – all before turning 30. Writer and Content Creator Kate Berski’s ground-breaking work provides a glimmer of hope by directly addressing the complex dynamics of modern ‘baby adulthood’.

Since selling her company (Curlsmith) in 2022 she has dedicated herself to helping young women who are anxious about not having achieved all of the milestones expected of them by 30. Based on hours of conversations with 20-somethings, hundreds of research papers and over 35 interviews with experts in mental health, mindset, and motivation Kate has identified a 4-step plan to overcome any life goal anxiety.

Kate Berski’s Plan: Overcome 30-Phobia in 4 Steps

The 4-step process developed by Berski is evidence of her dedication to helping women overcome social fears and begin a path of self-discovery and fulfillment.

1. STOP Looking out – Stop allowing external pressures and external validation to dictate the way you live your life. Let go of false deadlines, outdated and unrealistic societal expectations. Stop people pleasing and ‘comparing and despairing.’

2. START Looking IN – Start living for YOU – seek internal validation and personal fulfilment. Sit with your feelings and take time to get clear on your personal priorities

3. REFRAME your goals – Set new life goals that feel achievable, positive, motivating and authentic to you. Make the shift from milestone mentality to process positive

4. CELEBRATE the small wins – Practice celebrating the baby steps, the micro successes and the little moments of joy in life. Embrace the possibilities of the future and be open to new experiences to set yourself up for success.

A Call to Authentic Living

Although the 4-step process provides a framework, individual experiences might require customized approaches; thus, Berski’s method is more than simply a means to conquer milestone anxiety; it is a proclamation for genuine living. Mindfulness and community support are two supplementary tactics that other experts support.

As we move through a dynamic society, Berski’s works continue to be an essential resource for comprehending the challenges of twenty-something life. It promotes being authentic in the face of societal expectations and provides a method for coping with milestone anxiety.

Kate Berski is writer, content creator and (exited) co-founder of haircare brand Curlsmith. Instagram @kate.berski

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