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Proud Dog Moms Pose With Their Pups in Four-Legged Family Photos


There’s nothing sweeter than seeing dogs and puppies together in heartwarming photos. This is especially true if it’s a picture of a mama dog with her precious baby boy or girl. While we humans might brag about being “dog moms” and about how much we love our “fur babies,” there’s no comparison to how an actual pooch feels about her little ones.

The Sweet Bond Between Mama Dogs and Puppies

One of the main reasons why the relationship between a mother dog and her baby is so important is because puppies are essentially helpless when they’re first born. According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), newborn pups are born without the ability to see, hear, or walk. Furthermore, their motor skills are basically nonexistent. That’s why it’s absolutely crucial during the first few weeks after puppies are born that their moms give them their full and undivided attention, helping them with everything they need to survive and thrive. “What you’ll see on day one is a mother who doesn’t want to be away from her pups for more than a second,” said Dr. Ann Hohenhaus of NYC’s Animal Medical Center in an interview with AKC.

But this doesn’t mean that the family bond ends once the puppies are able to stand on their own four paws. Some studies suggest that dogs still recognize their mothers as their parents as they get older, even if they’ve been separated for years, according to Psychology Today. When Irish researchers instructed dogs to sniff two different cloths — one with the scent of their mom they were separated from and one with the smell of an unfamiliar female dog — they showed a clear preference for the cloth bearing their mother’s scent. The same was true for the dog moms, who highly preferred the cloth with their offspring’s smell, even though they had been away for an extended period of time. Even though dogs can be independent from their parents once they grow up, it’s so wonderful to hear that they don’t forget where they came from. Clearly, their moms taught them well!

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