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This Skin Hydrating Supplement From Ritual Works — I Know, I Tried It!


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I hate that I hate my fine lines. Seriously. I really do. In fact, it’s one of my personal goals to decondition myself from the narrative that women are required to look forever 21 to be beautiful. It’s total nonsense — and that’s putting it nicely.

Fact: being healthy is beautiful, and if I’ve learned anything from my years in the wellness space, it’s that while creams and devices are helpful, good lifestyle practices, including supplementation, make the biggest impact. Understandably, I was excited when I heard about HyaCera, the hydration supplement from Ritual.

Ritual's HyaCera

How does HyaCera hydrate skin?

I think many of us are tired of anti-aging propaganda but still want to do right by our skin. After all, it’s our biggest organ, and its health is just as important as our teeth, muscles, or brain. I’ve done some damage to mine, which has led me down a few beauty rabbit holes looking for remedies. You want to know the best secret in keeping yours glowing? What you put in your mouth.

Seriously, good nutrition is the ultimate must-have for healthy skin, and that includes hydration. According to research, it’s critical in keeping the epidermis moisturized and strong.

Obviously, the easiest way to accomplish this is by drinking water. However, there are other ingredients to promote skin health.

Ritual’s HyaCera, for example, has two such ingredients, and both are clinically proven to not only hydrate but smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. If you’re looking to maintain that “youthful appearance” minus injections and other costly cosmetic procedures, it’s a must try.

Ritual's HyaCera

The first ingredient in HyaCera is called Ceratiq, which is sustainably harvested from a plant lipid. A ceremide, it’s also considered a dietary ingredient (NDI) by the FDA, and has lots of exciting researching backing its effectiveness. It’s been clinically shown to moisturize skin, as well as soften wrinkles within as little as four weeks.

The other ingredient is a bio-fermented hyaluronic acid, and as you may already know, the substance aids skin elasticity and moisture. Similar to collagen, it naturally occurs in the body but also diminishes with age. This is where Ritual’s HyaCera comes in.

Featuring a capsule-in-capsule technology to maintain ingredient integrity, the supplement has been shown to reduce the look of fine lines (especially crow’s feet) and boosts hydration from the inside. It can be taken with or without food at any time of the day, and even has a lovely vanilla essence flavor — completely natural, of course.

Like all Ritual supplements, HyaCera’s ingredients are traceable, which means they come from trusted supply chains. It’s also been formulated around clinically studied dosages, which have been published in peer review journals. The brand has also conducted their only clinical trial.

What Happened When I Took Ritual’s HyaCera

Ritual HyaCera

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Ritual's HyaCera

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Why you'll like it:

  • Scientifically-tested ingredients
  • Clinically proven results
  • Promotes internal skin hydration
  • Naturally improves look of fine lines

I’ve already mentioned how lifestyle changes have made the biggest impact when its come to the quality of my skin. Although I love performing various beauty treatments, eating more protein and sleep have helped the most. Recently, retaining hydration has become increasingly difficult for me. My skin has always been dry but it’s desert-status these days, so even before I heard of HyaCera, I was researching non-topical solutions.

To write this I poured over the research regarding Ceratiq, which left me very intrigued. However, while doing so, I became just as interested in the positive impact hyaluronic acid could have if ingested. According to Cleveland Clinic, a quarter-teaspoon of the substance can hold one and a half gallons of water. No wonder it’s a skincare staple!

I was given a 90-day supply of HyaCera to test, which is how long it took for most people to see visible results. Participants saw an improvement in their crow’s feet, as well as noted that their skin was more hydrated. As someone who slathers cream on her face multiple times a day, this also left me intrigued.

I don’t refer to skin as good or bad, because I don’t like to moralize appearance. However, I realize the lines I have are not that deep. Still, I do have them and without all the creams, my skin looks parched!

I already take a variety of supplements every day, so I just added HyaCera to the line up. One cool thing I want to mention is that you can take it whenever, with or without food. I could taste the vanilla essence, which I found to be subtle and pleasant, plus I love the look of all Ritual products.

The skin around the eye is the thinnest, and I definitely see lines there when I smile. To document how taking HyaCera changed my skin quality, I snapped some selfies.

Ritual HyaCera
Canva/Women’s World

The above shots are when I first started taking HyaCera and when I was almost through the first bottle. I focused on documenting under my left eye, which for some reason has more lines than my right. March 11 was taken in my bathroom, while the March 31 photo was taken in my car. As you can see, by the end of the month, my under eye area was less puffy, and some of the lines are hardly detectable.

Ritual HyaCera
Canva/Women’s World

These were taken yesterday — in sunlight, no less. Impressive right? I’m just about to start bottle 3, which means I haven’t finished testing the full 90 days yet. (FYI, sans some fading lip liner and smudging mascara, I’m not wearing makeup in the photos.)

Needless to say, I’m pumped to see how my skin looks and feels once the full 90 days is through. I love the idea of combating age-concerns from the inside instead of just topically. Furthermore, anything that allows me to care for my skin naturally always has my vote. Do I think you should try HyaCera? Yes!

Vitamins You Can Trust

With my health history and knowledge of the supplement industry, I tend to be wary of supplements I see advertised. If you didn’t know, the FDA doesn’t have the authority to approve dietary supplements, and many companies have a way of making certain products seem like they can do more than they can.

What I like about Ritual is that they’re serious about showing the science behind everything they do. Along with having 20 scientist on staff, as well as registered dieticans, the Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Nima Alamdari, has PhD in Physiology. They uses traceable supply chains, conduct their own clinical studies, and only use ingredients that have been thoroughly researched — plus, they leave all the info on their website, so consumers can check it out too!

For example, their flagship product, the Ritual Women’s Multivitamin 18+, has been peer reviewed, published human clinical study and is USP verified, which less than 1 percent of supplement companies have. Its technology delivery is also patented.

While many people — myself included — are health-focused about their food, they’re willing to compromise when it comes to anti-aging, especially if a product works. HyaCera was not only developed to give something effective for skin health, but that met the Ritual standard.

Part of that standard includes well-studied ingredients in amounts proven to give results in peer reviewed, clinical studies. This process has not only resulted in an excellent product but created a brand that’s loved by women of all ages.

Although HyaCera can’t fully replace your skincare routine, it can certainly enhance it. Like all of Ritual vitamins, free shipping is included in the price, plus it comes with a money back guarantee. It’s vegan, non-GMO, third-party tested and a seriously must try addition to your wellness routine!

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