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Cat People vs. Dog People: Different Goals, Interests, and Incomes, Study Finds

Whether you’re a cat person or a dog person, your reasons for picking your pet are probably different than those of an owner who picked the other animal. But according to a new study, cat owners and dog owners tend to differ in other ways beyond simply preferring one animal over the other.

A new study of 2,000 pet owners — 1,000 cat owners and 1,000 dog owners — by the company Mars Petcare revealed some fascinating differences between cat people and dog people. From work to hobbies to big decisions, the results have us wondering if our precious pets actually have way more influence on us than we originally thought.

For instance, the study found that dog people are more likely to enjoy hobbies like sports, travel, dancing, and yoga. Anyone who owns a dog can tell you the little fellas can be very energetic, so it makes sense that they’d inspire their owners to get moving along with them. Meanwhile, the research found that cat people are more likely to prefer more leisurely activities like reading, writing, or gardening. As cat lovers know, their pets tend to be on more of a relaxed side than dogs (unless said kitties aren’t getting enough attention, of course!).

The same difference extends to the movie theater, according to the study; dog lovers are more likely to tune into an action movie, whereas cat lovers are more likely to enjoy a documentary. In the professional realm, cat people and dog people also tend to differ in terms of career choices; dog lovers are two times more likely than cat lovers to pursue a career in finance, while cat people are four times more likely to get a job in the creative field. Interestingly enough, dogs tend to have more influence than cats do on their owners when it comes to big-time decision-making. Huh!

Though cat people and dog people seem to have different paths in life, the study also showed one path they have in common: turning to their four-legged friend to improve their day. The majority of both cat owners and dog owners credited their pets for relieving their stress and making their tough days better. Aww!

What do you think about this study’s findings? Does it fit your personality as a cat or dog person, or is it totally off the mark?

h/t Fox News

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