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Golden Retrievers Holding Eggs in Their Mouths Is the Latest Video Craze


Anyone who owns a Golden Retriever knows that it’s one of the most gentle dog breeds out there. But now, the whole world is getting a taste — literally! — of just how soft this pup can be.

It’s all thanks to the Golden Retriever “egg challenge,” a new viral sensation dropping jaws and stealing hearts all over the internet. Here’s how it works: The dog owner puts a whole egg — shell and all — into the canine’s mouth and lets it sit there for several seconds. Supposedly, the Golden Retriever’s mouth is so gentle that it won’t break the egg while it remains inside. So the “challenge” is for the dog to successfully hang onto that egg while keeping it totally intact.

How did the Golden Retriever egg challenge start?

It all began with a popular video post by Twitter user LaurDreyfuss, whose aunt is a vet tech and read online about how the Golden Retriever’s soft mouth allows it to hold an egg without breaking it. So her aunt tried it out on her Golden Retriever on camera. To her amazement, the doggo held it in for nearly a whole minute — leaving no cracks or dents!

Since it was posted on February 4, tons of other Golden Retriever owners have tried it out on their pups as well — to varying degrees of success!

Hilariously Adorable Egg Challenges

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Even some non-goldies are starting to get in on the fun!

I read that golden retrievers mouthes are gentle enough for an egg, so I tried with my pitmix. from r/aww

Why does the Golden Retriever egg challenge work for these dogs?

As previously mentioned, Golden Retrievers have incredibly soft mouths. What this means in doggo language is that they’re able to pick up select items with their mouths without damaging them. Though it’s possible to train other dogs to have soft mouths using bite inhibition exercises and other special practices, Golden Retrievers have a rich history of this talent on their side.

In the past, goldies were trained as “gun dogs” — dogs who would help hunters by retrieving their game. The same pups we cuddle up to by the fireplace used to have a huge responsibility of returning downed birds to hunters — while keeping the meat totally intact and undamaged. If they used a dog with a “hard mouth” who damaged the food, they risked it being inedible and unsuitable for serving. Though most retrievers today aren’t trained for this specific purpose, their soft mouths still come in handy — including for entertainment purposes, like the egg challenge!

Is the Golden Retriever egg challenge safe?

Some veterinarians are concerned about the challenge. Even though Golden Retrievers are famous for having soft mouths and not breaking the shell, Dr. Paula Parker, the president of the Australian Veterinary Association, told Buzzfeed that the challenge could be dangerous.

“It is choking hazard, as the egg may become lodged in the dog’s throat,” she said. “However, there is also a risk of the dog contracting an infection from bacteria that is present on the outside of the egg shell — for example, salmonella.”

If you decide to try this with your dog, please be very careful!

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