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Lacey Chabert Shares Behind-the-Scenes Stories About Hallmark Christmas Movies, Plus Holiday Tips & Traditions (EXCLUSIVE)

From her best stress-busting trick to reuniting with her Party of Five costar — Lacey shares all!


Cozy up under your favorite blanket and sip some hot cocoa as beloved Hallmark movie star Lacey Chabert kicks off the holidays with two new Christmas movies and shares some of her favorite holiday traditions and tips to celebrate this joyful season.

Recently, we sat down with Lacey to discuss her latest Hallmark Channel movies: the heartwarming A Merry Scottish Christmas that premiered on November 17th (but is replaying weekly starting on Saturday December 2nd at 4pm/3c) and and the humorous Haul Out the Holly: Lit Up which aired on November 25th (but will be replaying every few days starting December 1st at 6/5c)

“I’m so excited that this year I was able to do two very different types of Christmas movies,” Lacey Chabert tells Woman’s World with a smile. A Merry Scottish Christmas tugs at the heartstrings with its sweetness, while Haul Out the Holly: Lit Up promises laughter and a joyful romp through one neighborhood’s Christmas lights decoration dilemma. Here, the 41-year old actress gives us an exclusive peek into her favorite moments.

Lacey Chabert reuniting with Party of Five costar for Christmas

Scott Wolf and Lacey Chabert, 1995
Scott Wolf and Lacey Chabert, age 13, in 1995

Lacey was thrilled to be reuniting with her dear friend and former “Party of Five” co-star Scott Wolf in A Merry Scottish Christmas. Their on-screen chemistry, born out of a genuine friendship, added a layer of authenticity to the film. “It was like no time had passed, and he’s just the best,” Lacey said.

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The movie tells the touching tale of a brother and sister finding their way back to each other amid unexpected family news, set against the breathtaking backdrop of Scotland.

A Merry Scottish Christmas
Lacey Chabert in ‘A Merry Scottish Christmas’,

Filming on location in Scotland added a special dimension to A Merry Scottish Christmas, turning the setting into a character itself. “We wanted to take the audience on a journey,” Lacey says, but the experience also had a deep impact on everyone who worked on it. “I cried at the end of that movie because I knew it was so special and it meant so much to me. I love these people so much.”

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Behind-the-scenes in Haul Out the Holly: Lit Up

Lacey also shared what it was like making the comedy Haul Out the Holly: Lit Up, the sequel to Haul Out the Holly from 2022. “It’s so fun to catch up with these characters and see where they are in their relationships and in their life,” Lacey says. “The HOA is back on Evergreen Lane and they are more intense about Christmas than ever before. It was such a joyful experience, and I think that comes through the movie. We had fun making each other laugh all day.”

Haul Out the Holly
Wes Brown and Lacey Chabert in ‘Haul Out the Holly’, 2022

The homes on Evergreen Lane are all decked out in holiday splendor, complete with snow – and there was even some snowball throwing! How did they make the snowballs look so real?

“Some of them are real ice, real snowballs. Some of them are made out of this sort of foamy type material. It also depends on the temperature outside,” Lacey explains.

Lacey continues, “When we did the first Haul Out the Holly, they were having an unprecedented heat wave in Utah and it was about 110 degrees. We were all bundled up in our coats and hats and gloves and scarves. Talk about having to act, literally. You’re sweating and you’re having to pretend like you’re not hot and you’re freezing. You learn to do cold acting because you do different things with your body when you’re cold. So you have to learn the cold body language. You rub your hands together and sort of hold your shoulders up a little bit.”

Lacey Chabert Christmas traditions

This holiday season will be an exciting one for Lacey and her daughter, Julia, who is seven – and it all starts in the kitchen. The mother-daughter duo will continue the cookie-making tradition that Lacey had with her mom when she was a girl growing up in Purvis, Mississippi.

Lacey with daughter, Julia, 2023@thereallacey/Instagram

“[Making cookies] is something we’ll probably do every weekend until Christmas,” Lacey says. “We’ll do a lot of baking together that we’re going to bring to friends and family. It’s just so fun to soak it in with her and watch our favorite movies and drive around and look at Christmas lights. I’m excited about all of it this year.”

The star of A Royal Christmas and Christmas Waltz loves hosting Christmas get-togethers. When guests walk through her door she’ll have Christmas music playing and a candle burning. “It just creates that holiday feeling,” she says. “My favorite right now is the Starlight & Snowflakes by Glade. [Lacey collaborated with Glade on their holiday candles this season.] It smells like fresh fallen snow, which is extremely nice in southern California, especially where it’s summer at the moment, so it gives that wintry feeling.”

And since Lacey has an artificial Christmas tree, she says she also lights up the Twinkling Pine & Cedar candle to make it smell like there’s a real tree in the house. “The scent of pine is just so awesome and they all smell really good actually burning together,” she smiles. “There’s another one, the Crisp Cranberry Champagne, which I plan on putting on my dessert table because it has a bit of a sweeter scent to it. It just helps create this whole sensory experience and brings back nostalgia from my childhood as we create new memories with my daughter today.”

How she slashes holiday stress

Lacey Chabert
Lacey Chabert, 2019Paul Archuleta / Contributor

Does the Queen of Hallmark Christmas movies have any tips to make life more manageable during the seasonal hustle – and beyond? “I find writing things down is really helpful and it’s something that I’ve only learned to do more recently because a lot of times I keep things in my head or I write them in my phone, but then I don’t remember where I even put it in my phone,” she admist. “So a little notebook is great. Lately I have been carrying a little notebook with all of my notes inside of my purse.”

Lacey’s tips to fill a home with love, laughter and the spirit of the season also include preparing as much as you can in advance – like she does with her great-grandmother’s sweet potato casserole.

“That is my absolute favorite thing to make during the holidays, hands down,” Lacey shares. “I have a lot of things I love to cook, but that’s definitely my number one favorite, and it’s something you can definitely prepare the night before. You can do the sweet potato part on the bottom and then you can prepare the brown sugar pecan topping and put that on right as you bake it.”

“I also like to be prepared and have arts and crafts for the kids or a hot chocolate station or something to keep them busy,” she adds.

Lacey Chabert Christmas gift-giving secrets

“I love a cozy gift. I love a self-care gift… and I think a great hostess gift is a candle and maybe a pair of slippers, or a candle and a face mask, or a pair of pajamas, something that just is cozy.”

Lacey Chabert Gift Ideas
Lacey Chabert in ‘Pride, Prejudice and Mistletoe’ (2018)

“A life hack in general, I think, is just not sweating the small stuff and letting go of what doesn’t really matter and just doing your best, and remembering to be in the moment,” Lacey says. “These moments are fleeting and they pass and you just have to enjoy it as much as you can. And I think being a parent has taught me that more than anything.”

Lacey said it’s important to remember to stop to take a moment and not get caught up in the busyness of the holidays. “It should just be about the joy we have in being together and taking those moments and realizing what a blessing it is to all be together,” she smiles. “I just love being with the ones I love and share some laughs.”

And maybe watch a Lacey Chabert Hallmark Christmas movie or two.

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