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Boric Acid Suppositories Are a Cheap ($10!) and Natural Yeast Infection Cure

When Donna Flagg was diagnosed with persistent yeast and bacterial infections, she worried about the side effects of using prescription antibiotics and hormonal creams. But when her nutritionist suggested boric acid suppositories, an inexpensive, natural alternative, she decided to give it a try — and was healed in mere days!

After Donna turned 50, her life seemed to change in an instant. With her hormones fluctuating, she began to notice things starting to feel different “down there” in a way that just wasn’t normal.

What is going on? Donna wondered, as all of a sudden, an influx of new sensations started coming on. Most notably, intimacy began to feel different and unusual, punctuated by recurring irritation and pressure that she’d never felt before.

“But I don’t have any itching or burning,” the New York City native explained to a doctor during one of her multiple visits. “I just can’t figure out what is happening — and it’s extremely frustrating!”

After several tests, her doctor came back with a diagnosis: One test had revealed that Donna had a yeast infection, while another indicated bacterial vaginosis, an infection caused by the overgrowth of gardnerella bacteria.

“You can take an antibiotic or use a specific cream to treat it,” the doctor told her as they weighed her treatment options. But Donna knew neither option would work: The antibiotic would upset the bacterial balance she was trying to restore to heal her leaky gut syndrome, and the cream had chemicals that mimicked estrogen, which would potentially complicate her severe case of endometriosis.

I wonder if there are more natural options that could help, she thought.

A Surprising Cure

Interested in finding another solution, Donna asked for her nutritionist’s opinion — and was surprised when she suggested boric acid vaginal suppositories. “They’re effective, natural, and safe,” she assured. “They help balance your pH, which will then balance the yeast and bacteria.”

After doing some research, Donna confirmed that what her nutritionist had said was true. Absent a downside, it was settled: Donna was going to give the suppositories a shot.

I usually make my own body products, so why not this? Donna thought, buying some boric acid and gelcaps to whip up her own. But she also looked into premade suppositories and was pleased to find that they cost as little as $10 (Buy on Amazon, $9.99).

Hopeful, Donna began inserting one capsule at bedtime, which would dissolve overnight while she slept and exit her body in the morning. Upon waking up the first day, Donna was once again surprised to find that, apart from the sensation of moisture during her first trip to the bathroom, it wasn’t at all uncomfortable.

As she continued to use the suppositories for the next seven nights, she was happy to see that with each consecutive day, her symptoms got better and better. And at the end of the seven-day cycle, Donna was relieved to find herself restored to normal once more, with no trace of the irritation and pressure that she had been experiencing before she started using the suppositories.

Today, she even keeps a bottle of them close at hand to use whenever she starts to feel any strange sensations. “These suppositories are cheap and effective!” the 55-year-old enthuses. “Every time I feel any weird sensations or pressure coming on, I know I have a healthy, natural solution to help restore my balance. It’s also an affordable way to cure something that is traditionally treated with chemicals and prescriptions that can disrupt other systems in the body — I am so happy to have found it!”

It works better than cream.

Hormonal changes during menopause can alter vaginal pH, making you more susceptible to yeast infections, explains Laura Corio, MD, author of The Change Before the Change (Buy on Amazon, $16.04) “Yeast is a normal microbe found in the vagina,” she explains, “but it becomes problematic when their numbers climb.”

Boric acid to the rescue! “It safely makes the vagina more alkaline to stop yeast overgrowth and cure the infection,” says Dr. Corio. In fact, researchers found the powder eliminates 70 percent of yeast infections and eradicates bacterial vaginosis for 78 percent of women. Dr. Corio advises using boric acid vaginal suppositories before bed for two weeks. One caution: Although found to be safe for vaginal use (unless you are pregnant), boric acid may irritate skin for some women.

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A version of this article originally appeared in our print magazine, Woman’s World.

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