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Living Room Looking Lackluster? How To Instantly Brighten a Space Without a Renovation

Give it that fresh spring flair.


Wondering why spring doesn’t feel like spring yet? It might have something to do with your indoor space. Reviving your living area can make a huge difference in your mood and outlook, and you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to get it done.

Rather than ripping up carpet, re-painting, replacing shelving, and more, try these easy, effective tips. You’ll give your space that “wow” factor without the headache — and you won’t believe how much these minor adjustments can help. Here, design pro Jeannine Rose, founder of, shares easy and affordable strategies to create a happy haven in no time.

Feels a little dull? Add pops of yellow.

pops of yellow in living room redecorate
Dominic Blackmore

“Bringing yellow into a room will make any space feel like a warm hug,” says Rose. “Yellow not only boosts mood, it offers joy and fresh energy in neutral living areas.” To incorporate this hue in your space, try a subtle, low-commitment light-yellow accent wall (like the buttercream hue shown) or simply showcase an array of yellow accents like pillows, decorative bowls, lampshades, candles, or photo frames.

Looks cold? Use these adjustments to make it inviting.


“All it takes to freshen a room and signal spring’s arrival is a few small decor adjustments,” says Rose. To make your space welcoming, she suggests adding throw pillows in a mix of playful prints (like dots, checkers, and diamonds), laying down a striped area rug, or tossing a lightweight throw on a seat. Tip: Repeat at least one or two prints for a pulled-together look.

Seems outdated? Revamp with simple, effective decorations.

yellow wallpaper backing
Dominic Blackmore

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make an area feel stylish and streamlined. Here, basic bookcases are renewed with bright yellow chevron stick-on wallpaper backing. Another easy way to make a big impact? Displaying a pair of crisp white focal frames on an accent wall. Also smart: Painting the trim and moldings a lighter color than the walls can make your space appear larger.

Feels lifeless? Give it fresh flair with plants.

plants in bundles in glass vases to redecorate living room

Vibrant blooms, colorful fruit, fresh greenery…echoing the beauty of springtime is a simple way to celebrate the season. “These fresh elements infuse life into your space — in spring, it’s nice to step outside and also invite the outside in.” To do that and excite all your senses, consider piling bright limes in a modern yellow serving bowl, popping backyard greenery into glass jars, and inserting flowers in a pretty vase.

A daffodil display to get you started: Dressing up daffodil bulbs in felt wraps and displaying in simple glass cups adds a cheery touch to any surface. Gather your supplies, which include 4 small daffodil plants, green and yellow felt, two 8-ounce glass cups, and rubber bands. Here’s the how to:

  1. Prepare the bulbs. Remove a daffodil plant from its nursery pot and center the bulb on an 8-inch square of felt. Pull edges of felt up and around bulb; secure with rubber band.
  2. Add to glass cups. Repeat step 1 on remaining plants and add 2 bulbs to each glass. Remove rubber band to water bulbs; keep them moist and give plants bright light.
  3. No green thumb? No problem. Wrap bulbs of faux plants (like Daffodil Plant With Bulb, Buy from Craft Outlet, $6.75) in felt; add to cups.

A version of this article originally appeared in our print magazine, Woman’s World.

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