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15 Best Mattresses for Hot Flashes and Menopause

Infused with cooling gel and breathable material, these mattresses make night sweats a thing of the past.


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The Dalai Lama once said that “sleep is the best meditation,” and I believe he was on to something. No amount of concealer or water chugging can replace a good night of sleep. Unfortunately, that’s not easy to do when you’re dealing with hot flashes. Menopausal night sweats can be like an unwelcome visitor who just won’t take the hint. The upside is you don’t have to be robbed of your beauty rest during menopause.

Something as simple as having the right mattress can make falling (and staying asleep) that much easier. The best mattresses for hot flashes and menopause come with cooling technology, keeping sweat at bay. Whether you’re into the organic variety, enjoy a firmer surface, or prefer something more cushy, there are some great options for every sleeper. Below are our favorites, but keep scrolling to learn some other ways mattresses can keep you cool while you sleep.

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What are the best mattresses for hot flashes and menopause?

Can a mattress cause hot flashes?

At first glance most mattresses look the same. It’s when you test them that you realize how different each can be. Some are hard, while others are too soft. According to Harvard Medical School, the wrong mattress can cause aches and pains. It can also make hot flashes worse.

Foam mattresses, for example, are popular for the way they conform to the sleeper’s body. Memory foam was created in the sixties by NASA to protect pilots during G-force during liftoff. While it makes a bed resistant to motion, it traps heat — big time. It also recycles the hot air outward. If you have a foam based mattress and have been waking in the night drenched, now you know why.

The good news is that if you like the feel of memory foam, there are options. Some of the best mattresses for hot flashes and menopause offer a layer of the absorbent material with a layer that acts as a cooling agent. When reviewing our mattress picks below, pay attention to construction. Look for the number of layers, and how many work to keep your sleep atmosphere at a comfortable temperature.

Do cooling mattresses really work?

They can! Most beds that define themselves as chilly are relying on phase-changing gel or foam gel. They operate by pulling heat away from the body. The complaint that some sleepers have is that while cooler than traditional foam mattresses, the heat of the liquid needs to go somewhere. If that doesn’t happen, you’re bound to feel warmer again, just later.

When searching for the best mattresses for hot flashes and menopause, ones that change hot air to cold or have multiple gel layers will be worth the splurge. For example, the Ghostbed Luxe Mattress has gel based memory foam. It supports the body without making it feel suffocated and sweaty.

Mattress that have metal coils, like The Winkbed, will also fight night sweats. They allow air flow, staving off the heat. Coincidently, hybrid beds, like the Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid mattress (psst, it’s currently discounted!), has individually encased Ascension coils, plus several layers of gel.

Which mattress is best for keeping cool?

Determining the best mattresses for hot flashes and menopause isn’t the easiest thing. While I stand by every bed that made the list below, it comes down your sleeping preference. Cooling magic aside, a mattress firmness is the most important thing, according to Sleep Advisor.

The higher your BMI, the firmer you’ll want your mattress to be. But that’s not the only thing to consider. If you prefer laying on your belly, side or back, a medium to firm mattress may feel better. Softer mattresses tend to be comfortable for side sleepers.

Most mattresses come in a range of firmness options. The Saatva Classic Mattress can be purchased in plush soft, luxury firm, or firm. Alternatively, the TEMPUR-Adapt, not only comes in soft, and medium, but can be ordered as a medium-hybrid, as well as medium.

What materials make the best mattresses for hot flashes and menopause?

Our bodies naturally generate heat. I’ve touched on how mattresses with gel can combat a warming climate, but there are textiles that do something similar. Cotton tops, like the one found in the Avocado Green Mattress, push away moisture, circulate air, and are light. Nylon, rayon, and even marino wool are also breathable. If you’re sensitive to synthetics, these natural fabrics are great options.

What causes hot flashes anyway?

Let’s be real with ourselves: menopause isn’t all bad. You no longer have to deal with cramping, migraines, or the hassle of buying sanitary products each month. On the other hand, you could probably do without the thinning hair, mood changes, and hot flashes. Night sweats (hot flashes that happen at night), specifically, can be the biggest drag, because they interrupt sleep.

Hot flashes are caused by — big surprise — our hormone levels. According to the Mayo Clinic, as estrogen drops the hypothalamus becomes more sensitive to temperature. It’s the body’s inner thermostat, and keeps us cool by triggering sweat. When you’re in an environment that feels a little warm, the water works kick in. It’s inconvenient in public, but when sleeping it’s just uncomfortable.

How does menopause affect sleep?

Getting shuteye after a long day feels amazzzing, but it’s also critical to your health. “During deep sleep chemicals that strengthen the immune system circulate that help us to fight inflammation from infection or trauma,” explains Dr. Maha Ahmad, the Medical Director at the Sleep Disorders Institute. “The brain clears out information it doesn’t need. It helps us to organize and consolidate the information we learned throughout the day, and files it away for later use. This process is important for creating long term memories.”

Adults need about eight hours of sleep. However, there are long sleepers, as well as short sleepers. Short Sleepers may only need 5-6 hours of rest to feel rested, while long sleepers may need 10 hours or more. “Most adults need between seven to nine hours,” says Dr. Ahmad. Because everyone is different, there’s no single perfect sleep number. Quality rest boils down to sleeping undisturbed through the night. “The right amount of sleep is when you wake feeling rested, and have energy throughout the day.”

How do hormones impact my sleep during menopause?

Like all things menopause, sleep disturbance is often connected to hormones. “Estrogen has a protective effect on the airway, and that declines as we age and with menopause,” explains Dr. Ahmad. “This leads to higher rates of obstructive sleep apnea for women as they age…Hot flashes made lead to or exacerbate insomnia.”

Unfortunately, there’s more. Fluctuating hormones during menopause can trigger anxiety, depression. and mood swings. “Estrogen has an anti-depressant quality; this could explain higher rates of depression in women after menopause, so you’re losing that edge.” says Dr. Ahmad. However, there are things you can do to counteract it all.

Menopause-friendly supplements may ease symptoms if you’re not ready for traditional hormonal therapy. There are other things to actively keep you cool. “Sleep loves the cold,” says Dr. Ahmad. “The high 60s are the ideal temperature for sleep. Melatonin levels increase in the evening, and our body produces it best in darkness.” 

In summary: to beat night sweats for solid rest, think cool. Ditch the flannel for menopause-approved pajamas, opt for light bedding, and consider investing in a sweat fighting mattress. When reviewing the best mattresses for hot flashes and menopause think breathable materials that regulate heat.

Looking for even more options? Check out our other mattress recommendations:

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Best Mattresses for Hot Flashes and Menopause

Nolah Signature 12″ Mattress

Best Pressure Relief Mattress for Hot Flashes and Menopause
Save $150!

Buy from Nolah, $1,169 (was $1,799)

Right now, Nolah mattresses are 35% off and come with two free pillows!

Why we like it:

  • 120-night trial
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Zoned AirFoam™ and active response foam
  • Cooling cover made with organic cotton

Say goodbye to pressure points and pain around your shoulders and hips with this 12″-thick mattress designed for the best in pressure relief. This durable foam bed perfectly balances plush cushioning with deep support and offers zoned comfort for side sleepers and will keep you cool with temperature-neutral foam and a breathable cover made with organic cotton.

Promising review: “I can have warm blankets to feel cozy, yet the mattress stays cool, which helps me sleep better. And the pillows that came with the mattress are fantastic. I never liked soft pillows and these are extremely firm and cool. Perfect. I am more than pleased with my purchase.”

Layla Memory Foam Mattress

Best memory foam mattress for hot flashes and menopause
Best mattresses for hot flashes and menopause
Layla Sleep
Save $150!

Buy from Layla Sleep, $1,099 (was $1,249)

Why we like it:

  • Copper gel memory foam
  • Flippable, and with dual firmness levels
  • Oder-resistant

Firm mattresses can be more supportive for the back but they’re not always comfortable. What’s great about the Layla Memory Foam Mattress is that it’s double sided. Flip to the soft side if you prefer sleeping on your side. Prefer snoozing on your belly? Go with the firm. Whatever you choose, the bed’s copper gel will contour to your frame without making you sink. This antimicrobial foam is also conducive, taking heat away, and keeping you cool. Two free pillows come with your order. Layla makers’ are so confident that you’ll love it that they offer a lifetime warranty. That’s one dreamy deal!

Promising review: “I can have warm blankets to feel cozy, yet the mattress stays cool, which helps me sleep better. And the pillows that came with the mattress are fantastic. I never liked soft pillows and these are extremely firm and cool. Perfect. I am more than pleased with my purchase.”

Ghostbed Luxe

Best overall mattress for hot flashes and menopause
Best mattresses for hot flashes and menopause
50% off!

Buy from GhostBed, $1,598 (was $3,195)

Why we like it:

  • Winner of six best mattress awards
  • Several layers of cooling fabric
  • Consumer Reports recommended

Feel haunted by menopause night sweats? The GhostBed Luxe will freeze them out. It has seven layers, each designed to chill you out. Ghost ice fabric makes the bed cool to the touch, while the cooling fiber of the third layer adds ventilation. Gel foam makes for a plusher dozing experience, and the Ghost ice layer transfers heat outward, keeping the center of the bed frosty. This mattress has won six awards, and once you dive onto one you’ll see why.

Promising Review: “As someone who struggles to fall asleep and stay asleep the GhostBed has been a great help! I bought the Luxe and love that I am not ripping blankets off in the middle of the night due to feeling like I’m sleeping in a toaster.”

Nectar Memory Foam Mattress

best constructed mattress for hot flashes and menopause
Best mattresses for hot flashes and menopause
Save $499

Buy from Nectar, $699

Why we like it:

  • More than 40,000 reviews
  • Turns hot air into cold
  • Adjustable foam layer

When you love a bouncy bed but require solid support, a mattress with a dynamic layer is the way to go. The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress adjusting foam gives just enough kickback while cupping curves. It may sound too good to be true, but so does the bed’s hot flash fighting abilities. The poly-blended cover is heat wicking, and the memory gel cools, and brings pressure relief to elbows, shoulders, and hips.

Promising Review: “My partner and I have different sleep positions – I’m usually on my side or back, and he is usually on his stomach. In July I started having seizures that my doctors attributed to stress and fatigue, so finding a good mattress and getting better quality of sleep became a serious health concern. The Nectar mattress has been incredible. Our back and neck pains have disappeared. Night one was so amazing (we also got the incredible pillows!), but after a week it was obvious that our sleep quality was changing for the better. I wake up without pain and also feel a small increase in my energy. Since my last seizure, I track my sleep using different sensors and biometrics and the increase in quality of sleep has also been reflected in my stats.”

Purple Hybrid Mattress

Best Purple mattress for hot flashes and menopause
Best mattresses for hot flashes and menopause
Purple Mattress

Buy from Purple, $2,095 (was $2,399)

Why we like it:

  • Responsive GelFlex grid
  • Coils to ventilate air
  • Supportive

It’s the GelFlex grid that makes the Purple Hybrid Mattress firm but a little squishy. Air freely flows through the grid, cooling the bed, and keeping you frosty when hot flashes emerge. Responsive coils provide pressure relief to aching hips and shoulders. If you’re not fully sold on a mattress with any amount of memory foam, read how pleasantly surprised this happy customer was.

Promising Review: “I’ve heard from many folks that the feeling of a Purple mattress is hard to explain, but now I understand. I prefer firm mattresses, and while this does everything I like in a mattress well, there’s a certain amount of softness that I wasn’t expecting to enjoy so much. I feel extremely supported but also comfortable. The mattress also runs very cool, so I don’t find that I get hot at night anymore.”

Puffy Mattress

Best versatile mattress for hot flashes and menopause
Best mattresses for hot flashes and menopause

Buy from Puffy, $1,049 for Queen (retails at $1,799)

Why we like it:

  • Good for side, back, and stomach sleepers
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Made in America

No matter if you have a box spring, adjustable, or slates, the Puffy Mattress will work. It also keep you icy. It’s high density foam molds to your frame, offering full body support. Heat resistant Cooling Cloud Gel foam and Climate Comfort Gel douses hot flash heat. The mattress is made in the United States, and you have 101 days to return. But by then I think you’ll have fallen for how comfy the bed makes you feel.

Promising Review: “As someone with many health issues, I find getting the rest I need difficult, if not impossible. I was reluctant to try an online mattress, but I took the leap, and invested in Puffy. I’ve been sleeping my best sleep since. I purchased an adjustable base, sheets, and pad, all for less than one third the price of the big store mattresses. Now instead of dreading laying down on my old mattress, I watch the clock in anticipation of bedtime. What a difference a mattress makes! “


Best Tempur Mattress for hot flashes and menopause
Best mattresses for hot flashes and menopause

Buy from Tempur-Pedic, $3,199 for Queen

Why we like it:

  • Great motion absorption
  • Cellular structure material that responds to body heat
  • Compatible with platform beds

Fluctuations in temperature trigger night sweats. What makes the TEMPUR-Adapt super cool is that it naturally responds to your heat to keep you comfortable. The woven cover ventilates air, and the motion canceling build means that if you get up in the middle of the night, you wont’ disturb the hub. If you’ve been searching for a mattress that cradles but keeps you chill, you’ve found it. It won’t work for the floor or a traditional box spring, but if you have a power base, flat or foundation, you’ll be good to dream.

Promising Review: “For quite a few years, I have debated whether or not the Tempur-Pedic would be the right choice for me, and I am glad I made the leap! My back and neck are better… I’m not numb anywhere when I wake, or hot or sore, and am sleeping soundly once more. I love my bed again!”


Best cooling mattress for hot flashes and menopause
Best mattresses for hot flashes and menopause

Buy from Tempur-Pedic, $5,299 (was $5,499)

Why we like it:

  • Designed to keep the space between your mattress and sheets cool
  • Four cooling layers
  • Pressure relieving

Sick of waking with your covers kicked off? Even when you have the best cooling comforter, you can feel like you’re in roasting you-know-where. The TEMPUR-Breeze targets the micro-climate between your mattress and sheets. That means you’re less likely to become drenched when hot flashes arise. A SmartClimate cover makes the bed cold on contact. A thin layer of cooling material sucks in hot air, while bottom layers filter the heat outward. You’ll sleep sound and sweat free like this happy customer.

Promising Review: “Love it, just love it. [This mattress] gives the most relaxing sleep, and hugs your body but provides 100 percent full support. As a result there is no tossing and turning to find a comfortable position. The cooling feature is very important for this, because if the mattress gets hot you turn to find a cool spot. And if you understand menopause and hot flashes, you know what I mean. The pain in my back and shoulder is reduced by 75 percent. I get the most relaxing, beneficial sleep.”

Sleep Number 360 i8 Smart Bed

Best couple friendly mattress for hot flashes and menopause
Best mattresses for hot flashes and menopause
Sleep Number
Save $500!

Buy from Sleep Number, $3,199 (was $3,999)

Why we like it:

  • Recycles hot air into cold
  • Made with breathable material
  • Bed sides can be individually adjusted

Has the change made your bed fellow want to sleep on the couch? The customization of Sleep Number beds have always made them great for couples, and the 3D cooling fabric makes the 360 i8 Smart Bed one of the best mattresses for hot flashes and menopause. It absorbs excess heat, and recycles it cooler. Your partner won’t find you pushing away the blankets -or them – again. Control the firmness of your side with the mattress remote, and enjoy as it automatically adjusts to fit your body.

Promising Review:
“After years of sleepless nights, my husband and I have finally found what we needed to sleep. This bed is perfect for us! We can each adjust our settings to what we prefer and eight to nine hours later we wake up fully refreshed!”

Lucid Comfort 10 Mattress

Best mattress for hot flashes and menopause under $1,000
Best mattresses for hot flash and menopause

Buy from Wayfair, $395.99

Why we like it:

  • Ventilated memory foam
  • CertiPUR-US Certified Foam
  • 14,507 ratings on Google

Memory foam beds are great for making you fee snuggly. The trouble is when their snuggle factor encourages sweat. This mattress from the Lucid Collection has three inches of gel, designed to keep things feeling crisp. The edge is supportive, meaning it won’t slope even if you’re cuddled right on it. It’s compatible with adjustable frames, is imbedded with ventilation channels, and also has moisture wicking fabric. The mattress does come in a box and takes up to 48 hours to decompress, but according to this customer, it’s worth it.

Promising Review:
“I LOVE LOVE LOVE this mattress. I’ve had seven back surgeries to date, and this is the first mattress that I’ve slept on in years that is supportive, and yet feels like you’re on a cloud. I also love that it doesn’t make you hot and sweaty. I’m normally a very hot natured person, but I never wake in a sweat. I sleep so well.”

Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid

Best Hybrid mattress for hot flashes and menopause
Best mattresses for hot flashes and menopause
Brooklyn Bedding
25% off with code!

Buy from Brooklyn Bedding, $1,698.80 (was $2,265) – Use code: MEMORIAL25

Why we like it:

  • Cooling fabric
  • Core of Ascension coils
  • Density foam to creature durability during compression

It’s weird to wax poetic about a mattress but indulge me: the Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid has six reasons that makes it one of the best mattresses for hot flashes and menopause. It woven top provides ventilation, while a water-based surface infusion of CopperFlex and TitanCool gels pull heat away. Gel beads in the TitanCool liquify as your body warms up, activating their chilling technology, and keeping you from sweating while you snooze. If that wasn’t enough, there’s more cooling gel in the fourth layer of the mattress, 1,032 Ascension wrapped coils to promote airflow, and a foam base. Once you try this mattress you might be sad you spent so many years without the pleasure of an Arctic-inspired sleep experience.

Promising Review: “Bought the Aurora after years of using an old memory foam mattress. I wanted a hybrid bed with great cooling, and it delivers on both. I feel well supported sleeping on my back and side, and it’s easy to move around on. The material is very cool to the touch, and it distributes air well.”

The WinkBed

Best mattress for back pain, hot flashes and menopause
Best mattresses for hot flashes and menopause

Buy from WinkBeds, $1,499

Why we like it:

  • Gel infused foam for cooling
  • Individually wrapped coils
  • Wonderful for those with back pain

Whether you’re a bed hog or prefer sleeping at the edge, The WinkBed gives good shut eye. Individually wrapped pocketed coils are strategically placed to support the body. A Euro-pillow gel infused top makes getting under the covers feel like laying on a bed bathed in air-conditioning. The foam has been enhanced to cradle your lumbar region, and isolation technology will leave you oblivious to your partner’s movement.

Promising Review: “We are loving our WinkBed mattress. My husband and I were waking up with back and neck pain every day. Additionally, I had hip and shoulder pain. Since we’ve been sleeping on the WinkBed mattress we’ve had none of it! It’s comfortable, cool and supportive, plus the memory foam makes it soft and comfy. The ordering and delivery process was easy. The hook for me was the no-risk trial. I mean really, what did I have to lose? I’m so happy with our decision.”

Saatva Classic Mattress

Best luxury mattress for hot flashes and menopause
Best mattresses for hot flashes and menopause
Save $325!

Buy from Saatva, $2,360 (was $2,710)

Why we like it:

  • Dual coil system
  • Breathable fabric
  • Patented lumbar technology

The Saatva Classic Mattress is like sleeping in a cloud with some muscle -soft, a little firm, and heavenly breezy. The contouring pillow top at its center gives lumbar support. Hypoallergenic organic cotton makes the top cool, while dual coils allows airflow. The bed is treated with an exclusive antimicrobial treatment that makes it resistant to mildew, mold, and bacteria. Expect a cushiony bed that won’t sag a month in.

Promising Review: “What an amazing difference! We had a memory foam (I’m not naming the brand) for a number of years, and were unhappy about how hot it made us sleep. In addition, over time, it “lost” its memory and created dips in the mattress. We finally decided to replace it…We are sleeping better than we have in years. Thankfully the old mattress is now a distant memory.”

Avocado Green Mattress

Best organic mattress for hot flashes and menopause
Best mattresses for hot flashes and menopause

Buy from Avocado, $1,999

Why we like it:

  • Made with naturally ventilating layers
  • Made in America with domestic materials
  • Rated #1 organic mattress

Sleep well, help the planet is Avocado’s tagline, and you will sleep with this mattress. It has more than 1,400 pocket coils, each placed in one of five zones to give cushion to your most sensitive areas. Certified organic latex foam holds the body, keeps temperature mild, and creates a more durable bed. Organic cotton makes the mattress cool, fights moisture, and is a natural alternative to synthetic chilling methods. Most surprisingly, organic wool -yes, wool – fights bacteria, dust mights, and controls the climate. Snuggle up with one of the two free pillows that come with your order and wait for the Sandman.

Promising Review: “I have been in mattress purgatory for over two years. I have always struggled with sleep and as I have aged, I’ve had the pleasure of adding night sweats to my list of ailments. My naturopath suggested that I invest in an all natural mattress. Because I couldn’t try it out in the store and because I loved my memory foam mattress, I wasted two years and three mattresses coming to terms with the fact that I had to try a natural mattress…I still have the occasional warm night but I can manage it so much better. I couldn’t be happier. Good riddance memory foam!”

Birch Natural Mattress

Best coiled mattress for hot flashes and menopause
Best mattresses for hot flashes and menopause
Save $400!

Buy from Birch by Helix, $1,449.10 (was $1,998.80)

Why we like it:

  • GOTS certified
  • Reinforced perimeter coils for support and airflow
  • 100 night sleep trial

Green living doesn’t have to be all hemp and burlap. It can be luxurious, especially if you’re relaxing on Birch Natural Mattress. It’s completely organic, and gets its frosty features from tree-derived latex, and breathable cotton. Steel coils make the bed sturdy enough to please back, side, and stomach sleepers. If you have minimalist style, but like maximalist comfort, this eco-friendly number will take you to la la land while leaving hot flashes behind.

Promising Review: “I have been sleeping on my new mattress for a week now and have to say that I LOVE it! It’s not too hard, not too soft, and [offers] just the right amount of support. No more pain upon waking, and a restful night sleep. The fact that it’s organic and has no worries of off gassing is one of the biggest selling features for me… I’m super sensitive to smells, and there was absolutely NO odor from the mattress.”

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