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12 Gemstone Meanings So You Can Figure Out What’s at the Heart of Your Bracelet

There’s no discounting the fact that a woman loves wearing a little bit of sparkle around her neck, but actually learning gemstone meanings gives that shine a bit of significance. Maybe you’ve been a proud June baby for years and yet never learned your birthstone. Maybe you’ve come into an inheritance and have no idea how to divide up the jewelry (maybe sapphires simply aren’t your thing, we’re not judging). Whatever the case may be, we’ve collected 12 gems that represent each month, and the good vibes they can bring into your life.

Garnet Gemstone Meaning

garnet gemstone meaning

The deep pomegranate-like gem is a great choice when it comes to alleviating a temper, or letting go of seething resentment. If you find yourself constantly aggravated, garnet might allow you to level out your emotions.

Amethyst Gemstone Meaning

amethyst gemstone meaning

This stunning stone has Grecian roots; the name literally comes from the Greek term for “without drunkenness.” That’s why amethyst is primarily associated with sobriety. Now, that can mean literal sobriety if you know someone who’s struggling with alcohol addiction. Yet more broadly, it extends to being mentally sober. Amethyst is a wonderful treat to the mind because it’ll help you make more intellectual, clear-headed decisions, and if you keep one underneath your pillow it’s said to bring sweet dreams!

Aquamarine Gemstone Meaning

aquamarine gemstone meaning

Like its moniker would imply, aquamarine embodies all the powers of water. It’s calming and cleansing all at once. Likewise, it’s an ideal stone if you have to bring up an issue you feel anxious about, or have fears about public speaking. Aquamarine will soothe your nerves and have you expressing your ideas clearly.

Diamond Gemstone Meaning

diamond gemstone meaning

What can be said about diamonds that hasn’t been said before? They’re a girl’s best friend and all that jazz. But there’s definitely a reason they’re picked as the most common engagement ring stone: with their indestructible nature and absolute brilliance, they’re a symbol of permanence and perfection. Diamonds, like many other stones, can absolutely bring clarity to a situation, and improve the quality of love and prosperity in your life. No wonder they have such a hefty price tag!

May Gemstone Meaning

emerald gemstone meaning

This gorgeous green gem won’t just give you strong Wizard of Oz vibes, it’ll help you in several areas of romance. As a gift, it promotes fidelity in lovers and will help bring you two closer. Worn on oneself, it’ll work to heal any heartache you may currently have.

Moonstone Gemstone Meaning

moonstone gemstone meaning

Simultaneously semi-transparent and pearlescent, there are few things as lovely (and mysterious) as a moonstone. Like the light of the moon, this gem’s purpose is to essentially aid those who are lost. That means that it may just be the right gemstone to keep on your person if you’re terrible with directions, even with a GPS. But it also means that it can lead lost lovers back to one another, which makes it a subtly romantic stone.

Ruby Gemstone Meaning

ruby gemstone meaning

This probably isn’t shocking: the boldly hued gem is an emblem of passion, and will definitely force you out of your comfort zone. Pick up a ruby if you need something to revitalize you and light the fire within to allow you to showcase your bravest self.

Peridot Gemstone Meaning

peridot gemstone meaning

Though peridot may not be the most popular gem in your jewelry stone, the olive stone radiates with a multitude of positive energies. Its main purpose is to help people move on with certain phases of their lives. Peridot brings fortitude and banishes bad energy, so consider keeping it with you the next time you’re going through what seems like a neverending rough patch.

Sapphire Gemstone Meaning

sapphire gemstone meaning

Sapphires, likewise, are good when it comes to refocusing your energies. If you have a task at hand that needs completion, yet you feel too bogged down by insecurities, pick up this dark, deep gem. The sapphire will beat away discouraging thoughts in no time.

Opal Gemstone Meaning

opal gemstone meaning

The multi-colored opal is not by any means a traditional gem, which makes it perfect for your inner artist. If you have designs to tackle for a creative project in the near future, pick up this stunning holographic stone. The opal will help unlock and enhance your personal uniqueness.

Topaz Gemstone Meaning

topaz gemstone meaning

Think about how much warmth you can get just from looking at Topaz. It’s no surprise that the stone fills you with a similar warmth, one that will encourage kindness and an overall cheery attitude.

Turquoise Gemstone Meaning

turquoise gemstone meaning

A turquoise necklace is the ultimate gift for the Mama Bear of your friends or family (or yourself!). It’s famed for being a protection stone, guarding against any outside harm, and simultaneously works to honor a woman as strong as the opaque gem.

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