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Jerusha Couture: Making A Statement With Authenticity

An Australian-born fashion and makeup enthusiast is changing the dynamics surrounding the luxury and fashion industry. Her essential spice to standing out is being authentic.

Jerusha started her brand, Jerusha Couture, in 2010 after she had an epiphany about what she could do with her passion.

As a child actor appearing in commercials, written about in magazines, and newspaper adverts, her destiny was stardom. Jerusha was also a teen actress starring in local dramas and had several brand endorsements.

“When I was a child, my father had such clever insight into financial planning. When I was about nine, he started enrolling me in various acting agencies, and I started getting commercials and TV series roles. He also started investing the money I would make from these commercials, and when I turned 18, I had my assets set up. Alongside my mother, he told me everything I learned about being an entrepreneur at a young age.”

Jerusha’s rise to stardom was no surprise as her Godmother was famous Australian star Olivia Newton-John. During her teen years, Jerusha was opportune to have dinner with favorite worldwide celebrities such as the King of Pop, Micheal Jackson, R&B goddess Mariah Carey and the diva Britney Spears. Her Godmother opened doors for Jerusha, and her prolific acting career was a ladder that hoisted her to the top.

“Having this woman as my godmother has put me in a position where I have met some of the top entertainers in the world. These three interactions, for me at that age, stand out the most. I was too young to appreciate when I met superstars like Barbara Streisand, John Travolta, Elton John, and Cliff Richards. However, meeting Miss Mariah Carey and being in the circle with these entertainers was special. It was her butterfly tour concert, and Olivia had joined her in Melbourne on stage to perform.” Says Jerusha

After having what some would call a “golden childhood,” many would think she was starting her fashion line for the fun of it. But Jerusha wanted to create a sustainable and authentic fashion line that fits all. Jerusha started blogging about her brand as early as 2010, when social media platforms were still growing. She knew that if she wanted her clothing line to stand out, she had to create a different strategy.

She started her journey by explaining why she wanted to create a fashion brand and also brainstormed what her influence would mean in the fashion industry. With a degree in fashion design, she has first-hand theoretical and practical knowledge of the industry. It wasn’t long before her mark would be secure in the industry, and it’s still growing.

One key secret to the success of her business is how she values relationships. In an era where most business owners want to meet virtually or form relationships online, Jerusha believes one-on-one human interaction is better than meeting online. Call her archaic, but she has tremendously impacted and sold her merchandise through face-to-face meet-ups.

“I realized the best way to sell my clothing line was to sell my story. At first, I thought of just a blog. However, I loved chatting face-to-face with people. At this time, YouTube and Instagram were starting to kick off. I started vlogging my daily fashion life through my boutique, customers, employees, and the lines I was designing. This type of content showed the side of my fashion label that was real and how I built it up. My followers slowly wanted to know more and more about me.”

After a while, her brand expanded to welcome high-profile Australian individuals. From vlogging about her fashion life, she started a fanbase slowly. In an industry that’s a little choked, consistency is one thing people don’t have. Jerusha has demonstrated remarkable consistency in all her media content.

“I think being consistent was a challenge. A lot of bigger Youtubers at the time had very strategic upload schedules. It was something younger Youtubers needed to adapt to, but once you become consistent with your uploading and creating, your fans and subscribers had something solid to follow.”

Jerusha Couture was born out of consistency, dedication, and hard work. As a wife, mother, and daughter, Jerusha has a lot of responsibility, but her family members and in-laws make things seamless for the entrepreneur.

Jerusha isn’t stopping just yet. She’s looking to collaborate with big brands and conglomerates to expand her fashion line.

“This next year ahead, I am focused on working with brands that I truly admire. Large conglomerates I appreciate their company/conglomerate strategies. Net-a-porter, LVMH, Sephora.” 

One thing with Jerusha, she keeps going head-on no matter what. Nothing can stop the fashion enthusiast. Jerusha is one of a few who remain true to herself and her brand in an era where everyone has a coated image online.

The Jerusha online is the same behind the camera. She makes sure to remain authentic in whatever she designs. Jerusha Couture is slowly taking the world by storm.

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