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Is It OK to Carry Your Cat Like a Baby? Yes, But There Are Rules to Follow


If you’re wondering how to carry a cat like a baby, you’re not alone. As veterinarian Dr. Uri Burstyn explains on his YouTube channel, one of the most common questions he’s been getting from pet owners lately has been whether it’s OK to carry a cat like a baby. Considering the adorable trend of people wrapping their kitties in blankets and calling them “purritos,” we can’t say we’re all that surprised.

Can you carry a cat like a baby?

The short answer is yes, you absolutely can — as long as you do it properly. The long answer is that carrying a cat the right way means using both the right physical technique and sharing the right emotional relationship with the feline to do so.

In terms of the actual baby-carrying of the cat, all you have to do is gently pick up the cat, put the kitty on his or her back, and cradle the little darling in the crook of your arm. But the major caveat to this simple technique is that you should only do this to a cat with whom you have a trusting relationship. “I would not do this with any cat that I don’t completely trust,” Burstyn cautions.

The vet then demonstrates why: The cat’s paws — and claws — have prime access to scratch up your face if the kitty in question doesn’t trust you to pick him or her up in the first place. So before you try to carry your cat like a baby, you might consider doing a few tests to see how affectionate and trusting your feline is feeling toward you at the moment, such as the “slow blink” test

Burstyn also adds that the cat might not be too thrilled about being picked up in this fashion if he or she happens to have back pain at the moment — after all, this carrying technique relies on strong spinal support. As always, make sure you put your precious pet down gently when you’re done!

For a detailed visual explanation (and a very relaxing narration) on how to hold a cat like a baby, check out Burstyn’s full video below:

h/t LifeHacker

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