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Aquaphor on Eyelashes Transforms Them From Thin to Lush In Seconds — The TikTok Trick Makes Them Healthier Too!

A dermatologist weighs in and cautions to be careful not to do *this* or your lashes could fall out

Tons of beauty hacks can be found all over social media. And that’s great because we all love discovering easy tricks — especially using things we already have on hand — that give us a confidence boost. The hitch: not all of the hacks we see online seem to be worthwhile or look like they will provide actual results for women over 50. One of the latest hacks that couldn’t be simpler and really does deliver on the beauty benefits to help turn back the clock, is the Aquaphor on eyelashes trick.

This trend kicked off earlier this year when beauty influencer and TikToker Marnee Dowell went viral with her Aquaphor and mascara how-to, which has amassed 2.6 million views and counting. In her video (scroll down to see), Dowell starts by squeezing a small amount of Aquaphor ointment onto her fingertips and dabbing a bit of mascara next to it. Then with just her fingertip, Dowell simply swipes the mixture onto her lashes to make them look fuller in the blink of an eye. 

Real women weigh in on Aquaphor and eyelashes

Naturally, one might wonder if this beauty hack of putting Aquaphor on eyelashes actually provides the results Dowell showed in her viral video. Well, according to the nearly 1,000 comments the video has amassed, many users raved that their lashes looked as if they’d had a professional lash lift after trying the trick. So the answer seems to be yes.

Photo of a blond-haired woman who is smiling and has voluminous eyelashes

However, a few commented that throughout the day their mascara became a flaky mess or left dark swipes here and there if they touched their eyes. The answer to that pesky problem, according to beauty TikToker Lauren Wilensky, is to skip the mascara and just use Aquaphor on eyelashes alone.

“The most asked question I get is how to make my eyelashes look [so great] using just Aquaphor,” she says in the video tutorial below. Then, she demonstrates how she uses a clean spoolie to separate lashes and coats them with the ointment, using just her fingers. Next she takes an eyelash curler and pulses it against her lashes. “It takes me two seconds, and I kid you not — my lashes will stay curled until I wash my face tonight!”


Replying to @melissajrodrigu THE ultimate hack for longer looking lashes #makeuphacks

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A dermatologist weighs in on Aquaphor and eyelashes

Making lashes instantly appear thicker with an everyday staple most of us already have on hand almost sounds too good to be true. But it’s the real deal, according to Melanie Kingsley, MD, founder of MK Dermatology and Adjunct Professor of Dermatology at Indiana University School of Medicine

“You can even try using Aquaphor on eyelashes at bedtime,” she suggests. “Doing so can help the lashes look shinier and healthier — the coating of the petroleum-based barrier ointment doesn’t directly make them grow thicker or faster, but it does lock in moisture that coats the lashes and makes them look lush, and creates a barrier that can help prevent breakage.” The credit goes to the ointment’s hydrating ingredients like liquid paraffin, glycerin, panthenol (vitamin B5), mineral oil, ceresin and lanolin.

Not only is Aquaphor perfectly safe to use on the delicate eye area, it’s also been around for decades — as it was first created in the U.S. in 1925 and was primarily used for wound care, especially post surgery.

Although, as Dr. Kingsley notes, there are some caveats. “Remember, a little goes a long way; do not put too much of the ointment on the eyelashes,” she says. The reason: If you put too much weight on them, it could have the reverse effect and cause the eyelashes to fall out. “Also, while generally safe, lanolin can be an allergen for some individuals,” notes Dr. Kingsley. “So always consider a patch test before consistent use in case of any sensitivity.”

Why use Aquaphor over Vaseline?

While Vaseline and Aquaphor can seem like the same product, the ingredients are what sets them apart. Vaseline is made up of only petroleum jelly as where Aquaphor contains many humectant (meaning things that help skin retain moisture) ingredients as mentioned above. The nutrients in Aquaphor is why this ointment is more commonly recommended by dermatologists to treat skin concerns as it tends to be much more moisturizing. But if you’re sensitive to lanolin as Dr. Kingsley stated, Vaseline can be a good alternative to Aquaphor to use on eyelashes and for other skin uses.

Bonus: 7 more brilliant beauty uses of Aquaphor

Besides using on eyelashes, there are so many genius ways to use the skin-nourishing ointment. Just grab a tube (Buy from Ulta, $11.99) and read on for all of its other beauty benefits.

1. Aquaphor beauty use: Gives skin a youthful glow

Photo of a brunette-haired woman touching her face

A swipe of Aquaphor can give skin a glow much like a highlighter stick, say beauty influencers like TikToker Lydia Bird. In her video below, she uses the ointment on her brows and lashes before swiping it on to nose, cheeks and lips. 

“It’s also great to use Aquaphor on the orbital bone, chin and bridge of the nose to enhance a natural dewiness,” says Rachel Lee Lozina, Founder of Blue Water Spa in Oyster Bay, New York. Just be careful not to apply it over makeup, says Merry Thornton, board-certified Dermatology Physician Assistant and founder of Element Medical Aesthetics in New Canaan, Connecticut. “Even though Aquaphor itself is non-comedogenic, which means it won’t block pores, it will create a messy situation since the makeup will slide off,” she says. “Plus the ointment can seal makeup’s oils and debris in the pores and lead to breakouts.”

2. Aquaphor beauty use: Volumizes sparse eyebrows

The same way that Aquaphor works for lashes is similar to how it can make eyebrows look well-groomed and thicker. “While a slick of Aquaphor helps brows stay in place, additional benefits come from the ointment helping to seal moisture into the hair follicle, which, in turn, allows the hair to stay in the shaft longer before it breaks off,” says Dr. Kingsley. “Basically, the better hydrated brow hair is, the richer, darker and more prominent [they look].”  

3. Aquaphor beauty use: Heals dry, chapped lips

Curious about if aquaphor is good for lips? Indeed it is as Aquaphor makes a great lip balm substitute. “I love Aquphor for lips,” says Lozina. “It helps to moisturize and prevent or treat cracking and chapped skin.” Though the company produces a specific lip balm product, our experts said using Aquaphor straight from the tub is fine as well. Plus, it adds a little shine to lips, like a subtle lip gloss, which can optically plump a thinner pout. 

4. Aquaphor beauty use: Mends ragged cuticles 

A photo of a woman smiling with her hands touching her face
Cecile Lavabre/Getty

Besides Aquaphor for eyelashes, Aquaphor for cuticles via nail slugging has become its own viral hack as well. (Click through to learn more about slugging and how hair slugging is beneficial as well.) “Aquaphor on its own is wonderful for cuticle hydration and protection from breakdown and peeling,” says Lozina. “But using it with cuticle oil can act like a nail mask.”

As shown in the @MyTrendyNails TikTok video below about nail slugging, you simply apply cuticle cream first and then massage a dollop of Aquaphor into cuticle beds. The result? Nails and cuticles look smooth and shiny in no time. 

5. Aquaphor beauty use: Repairs cracked heels 

For cracked, rigid skin along heels, Aquaphor can be a great treatment, but it works best when used in conjunction with a lotion or moisturizer. “To soothe cracked, dry heels, you need to apply a heavy cream to dry heels first,” says Lozina. “This is because the Aquaphor is heavier than the cream, so it doesn’t absorb into the skin, and it just sits on the outside and helps seal in moisture so heels stay smooth.”

Follow the advice of TikToker Lauren Alvino: Exfoliate heels, then apply a heel cream, followed by a layer of Aquaphor. Then slip on some socks overnight. “I have tried every remedy,” she says in the video. “This is what works!”


Besties, I have tried so many heel products and this routine is the only thing that actually works. I have ALWAYS had dry, cracked heels and if I dont stay on top of them, its game over. The amlactin is a game changer and consistenly doing this is key. I do this routine every other day. #greenscreen #dryheels #crackedheelsremedy #crackedfeet #crackedheelstreatment #crackedheelshack #amlactin #amlactinlotion #aquaphor #feetcare #footcareroutine

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6. Aquaphor beauty use: Tames flyaways

Photo of a brunette woman in a towel smiling with soft, shiny long hair

Reaching for some Aquaphor to tame frizzy hair can work great, as long as you just use a dab. Using much more than that can make locks look greasy. Unless you want a slicked back look like beauty influencer and self-declared Aquaphor devotee Kenna McClellan. She uses the ointment as hair pomade to give her locks a smooth look while tying her hair up in a bun. As you can see in her TikTok video below, Aquaphor helps every hair to stay in place. 


My hairline said no 😪😪😪 but aquaphor works great guys 🤪😂😂 #sophiarichie #slickedbuntutorial #aquaphor

♬ original sound – Kenna McClellan

7. Aquaphor beauty use: Removes makeup

“I actually use Aquaphor to remove my eye makeup,” says Thornton. “Since like-dissolves-like, the petroleum base helps get oil-based makeup, such as mascara, off without all the tugging and rubbing, which can happen with other makeup removers.” Avoiding this rubbing helps to keep lashes healthy, prevents them from breaking and is better for skin as well. 

It sounds like Aquaphor is the MVP when it comes to being a beauty hero. “Aquaphor is one of beauty’s greatest inventions as you can use this virtually anywhere on your body,” says Lozina. “Think diaper cream or chafing prevention and protection of the skin — as long as you don’t apply too much, there’s no harm in trying it anywhere you think you might need it. It can only help!” So reach for a tube of Aquaphor the next time you want to enhance your natural beauty. 

The video that started the Aquaphor on eyelashes craze

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