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5 Cocktail-Inspired Beauty Treatments That Will Make Your Skin Glow

"Cheers" to looking gorgeous!


These cocktail-inspired treatments contain nourishing ingredients that make you summer-gorgeous from head to toe-in no time!

Shrink cankles with a ‘grapefruit paloma’ soak.

Diuretic grapefruit flushes out the fluids that pool in, and swell, feet. And combining with tequila- its alcohol sloughs off dry skin on the soles-boosts the foot-beautifying benefits in a flash!

  • TRY IT! Fill a basin with warm water, then add 3 slices of grapefruit and 1 Tbs. of tequila. Soak feet and ankles for 10 minutes; rinse.

Fade age spots with a ‘strawberry daiquiri’ cream.

The potent mix of skin-lightening strawberry, hydrating coconut oil and brightening lime diminishes discoloration.

  • TRY IT! Mix 1 Tbs. mashed strawberries, 1 Tbs. coconut oil and 1 tsp. lime juice. Dab on spots, let sit 15 minutes; rinse.

Banish bacne with a ‘piña colada’ body wash.

“Pineapple’s unique enzyme gently exfoliates to rid pores of the dirt, oil and toxins that cause breakouts,” says aesthetician Bella Schneider. Sweeten up the mix with antimicrobial coconut milk, which kills acne-causing bacteria to clear skin fast.

  • TRY IT! Combine 1⁄4 cup of coconut milk and 1 Tbs. of crushed pineapple. Rub onto blemishes while showering and let sit for 5 minutes before rinsing5 minutes before rinsing.

Erase cellulite with a ‘mojito’ polish.

Mint’s menthol boosts circulation to help rid dimply skin of the fluids and toxins that emphasize it, says Schneider. Pairing with sugar (it exfoliates), lime (it tightens) and olive oil (it moisturizes) smooths skin even further.

  • TRY IT! Mix 1⁄4 cup of sugar, 6 crushed mint leaves, 1⁄2 Tbs. of lime juice and 2 Tbs. of olive oil. Rub onto cellulite; rinse after 5 minutes.

Volumize hair with a ‘margarita’ scrub.

Astringent tequila dissolves buildup and absorbs the oil on the scalp that weighs down hair, clogs follicles and stunts hair growth. Using with sea salt (it exfoliates) and lime (its vitamin C fortifies follicles) speeds results.

  • TRY IT! Mix 2 tsp. of lime juice, 1 tsp. of tequila and 1 Tbs. of sea salt. Massage onto a damp scalp for 1 minute, then rinse.

A version of this article originally appeared in our print magazine, Woman’s World.

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