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California Woman Drops 53 Pounds and 10 Dress Sizes with the V Shred Program

Disclaimer: Keria’s story and results are unique. Results with the V Shred program vary. For typical results, please see the testimonial support page.

After achieving immense fitness success, 20-year old Kiera shares her story to inspire others.

Never in a million years would Keira foresee that moving to California would be a grave mistake. Beginning in her early 20s, she started noticing some symptoms of mild depression and soon fell into a dark place. Away from her loved ones, she gained 53 pounds around her belly, arms, and thighs.

Not only did her family have a history of dangerous medical issues, but she felt trapped – stuck in a rut, mentally, emotionally, and physically. This heavily damaged her health and wellness, resulting in Keira’s weight gain spiraling out of control.

She tried cutting out carbs and extreme exercise programs like the other women did online. But they only made things worse – something needed to change. “I didn’t want to end up like how my other family members did. I wanted to live a strong and healthy life,” Keira says.

From what we know, the first step to overcoming depression is acknowledging that we cannot fix what we do not face – the person in the mirror.

So, when Keira came across V Shred {one of the world’s biggest online fitness and supplement brands} while scrolling through social media, one of the many benefits that it promoted was to move every day, eat healthily, cultivate a social support network, and find her why.

Amongst numerous positive V Shred reviews, she came across a treasure trove of digital workout programs, meal planning, and 1-1 coaching services that she could use to improve herself.

With just a few clicks, the Body Type Quiz informed Keira of an entirely new and unique way of eating, exercising, and feeding her body correctly.

So, she decided to try a stand-out program called V Shred Toned in 90 Days.

In the first half of the step-by-step guide, having admittedly ignored the diet and undergoing intensive training, Keira dropped 20 pounds – while eating more carbohydrates.

“I watched some of V Shred’s videos on their tips of what type of foods to eat and started upping my fat intake,” she smiles. “I started adding carbs back in ’cause, for a while, I just completely cut them out, and I realized that was a mistake. And taking the full program seriously, I dropped another 30 pounds.”

The incredible weight drop and muscle gain have been credited to V Shreds’ “carb-cycling” system, which focuses heavily on “Metabolic Matching” designed to help women drop entire dress sizes while eating their favorite foods.

“You will cycle your carbs between low/no carb days, then moderate and even high-carb days throughout the week – this keeps your body burning fat by telling your brain that food is available, so keep that Leptin pumpin’! No marathon cardio. No starvation dieting. And no calorie counting,” shares V Shred.

In hindsight, all Keira had to do was 15-20 minute workouts from the comfort of her home, and after smashing her health goals, she managed to healthy torch ten dress sizes. Now, she effortlessly slips into her favorite jeans and dresses she used to wear and is looking better than ever.

“My muscle increase has gone up to 45%, which was much better than it was. I have abs for the first time,” she laughs.”Today, I’m rather muscular. I’ll be squatting more than the guys next to me at the gym.”

One of the most significant benefits of the V Shred program was the incredible community and high level of support. In fact, the V Shred Women’s Facebook Group is one of the most active online fitness communities, with almost 1 million members.

Thousands of V Shred customers share their journey, supporting each other and celebrating their successes.

“The community with V Shred is much more personal,” Keira concludes. “You get to know a lot of people. I love being a part of the group because everyone’s supportive. You don’t normally see that with other programs.”

Co-founded by Vince Sant, a professional fitness model, certified personal trainer, and best-selling author, the renowned leader behind these proven programs that showcase riveting results has caught the attention of many, serving millions daily.

His uniquely designed and structured programs are aimed at helping people shed and maintain a healthy body weight for the long term.

“Our best-selling programs have helped millions of people around the globe,” expresses V Shred. “Our mission is to simply make fitness more accessible to everyone, regardless of age, financial status, or lifestyle.”

In the end, once you understand how your symptoms of depression affect your mental and physical health, make changes to help break the cycle and heal. With stress-reducing techniques, moving daily to eating healthy, finding your purpose, and getting plenty of sleep can all help the shift.

You can learn more by taking the Body Type Quiz here.

Written in partnership with Mindful Media

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