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The Best Cat Vitamins to Keep Your Feline Friends Healthy and Happy

Open up and say "meow"!


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Most of us take vitamins and supplements every day to keep us in the best health possible, right? So why don’t we do the same for our pets? The idea of giving your cat vitamins might sound a little silly at first, but in fact, there are many great supplements for cats out there. And if your furry feline friend is a little bit finicky about what they’ll eat (and aren’t they all?) then cat vitamins and supplements can be a great way to make sure they’re getting the absolute best nutrition possible.

Here, we’ve rounded up choices for kittens, senior cats, anxious cats, indoor cats, and outdoor cats — because you aren’t the only one who needs a multivitamin to be at your best! Keep scrolling to shop our picks for the best cat vitamins for your furry friends!

Purina Pro Plan FortiFlora

best for indoor cats
cat vitamins purina fortiflora

Where to buy: $30.99, Amazon

Why we like it:

  • Easy to administer
  • Aids healthy digestion

If you have a cat, you know that stepping in an occasional puddle of cat puke is par for the course. And although all cats can suffer from stomach trouble, indoor cats are often more prone to diarrhea, vomiting, and other digestive troubles. That’s why we like FortiFlora Feline from the Purina Pro Plan line of veterinary supplements. It’s a probiotic solution that aims to support intestinal health and improve overall digestive function by restoring the microflora balance in your cat’s microbiome. Plus, it contains protein, vitamins, and minerals to help relieve stress, restore appetite, and strengthen your cat’s immune system.

Writes one Amazon reviewer: “My 10-year old tortie has high blood pressure and CKD, had lost her appetite, and was losing weight despite trying every available canned food, raw diet, and even chicken breast. In desperation I tried this FortiFlora and it was a complete 180! She will eat anything I sprinkle this on! She starts eating and doesn’t stop until the bowl is clean. This stuff is amazeballs!!! As it was my last hope, this very literally saved her life.”

VetVittles Kitten Booster

best for kittens
cat vitamins for kittens

Where to buy: $25.99, Amazon

Why we like it:

  • Organically sourced
  • Best-selling (stores can’t keep it in stock!)

If you’ve got a kitten (or a few!) at home, you know they can put away an incredible amount of food — and burn off an equally incredible amount of energy! Get those sweet fur babies off to the best start with this best-selling herbal remedy that supports their growth and boosts their immunity. Blended with coconut meat, this herbal supplement is minimally processed and carefully sourced from certified organic vendors. Ingredients include honey, gelatin, vitamins A, E, and C sourced from tocopherol and ascorbic acid, alfalfa herb, ashwagandha root, astragalus root, dandelion root, fo-ti root, hibiscus flower, hops flower, hyssop herb, licorice root, marshmallow root, neem leaf, and shavegrass. Give healthy kittens one teaspoon twice a day, or lethergic kittens up to three teaspoons twice a day.

One happy reviewer wrote: “This really seemed to boost our little Daisy’s immune system while she was fighting a virus and worms. She perked up after just two doses. The only thing was she didn’t want to lick it herself (mostly because she’s so picky, I’m sure) so we just slipped it in her mouth with our fingers. Was so excited to find a natural help for little baby!”

Rescue Remedy Natural Homeopathic Stress Relief Drops For Pets

best for anxious cats
cat vitamins for anxious cats

Where to buy: From $21.15, Amazon

Why we like it:

  • Trusted by veterinarians
  • Helps cat relax naturally

When our precious pets get nervous, sometimes cuddles and reassurance aren’t enough. Next time you take your four-legged friend to the vet or groomer, move to a new home, or just weather a thunderstorm or a night of fireworks, try giving her a few drops of Rescue Remedy — an all-natural homeopathic serum made from flower essences. Veterinarians and cat whisperers alike all love this stuff, which helps kitty calm down without using sedatives. Just give them a few drops and watch them relax! There are so many great customer reviews on Amazon, we can’t pick just one — you’ll have to click through to read them. (P.S. It works for humans, too!)

Dr. Ruth Roberts Holistic Total Body Support for Cats & Dogs

best for outdoor cats
holistic cat vitamins for cats and dogs

Where to buy: $46.99, Amazon

Why we like it:

  • Great for both cats and dogs!
  • Works with any diet

Outdoor cats are known for getting into mischief, and who knows what they’re munching on out there? If they turn up their noses to what you feed them once they make their way home from the great outdoors, make sure they’re getting enough of what they need by adding this multivitamin powder to their diet. Even better, if you’re a multi-pet household, you can give this to your dogs, too! Compatible with any type of diet including raw, canned, or dry food, this supplement contains taurine, which is an essential ingredient in cat vitamins and boosts dogs’ heart health, as well as nutrients from healthy beef and pork organs for glandular support.

This owner of finicky pets attests: “We have a hard time with supplements or medicines that are supposed to be mixed into food for our cats and dogs. They can tell (probably from the scent) that their food has been altered somehow. Thankfully they don’t seem to mind this powder when mixed in with their food. The first time they gave it some cautious sniffs, but they went ahead and ate it without any further hesitation. Though we try to feed our pets dry and moist foods that are as nutritiously complete as possible, our vet said it’s always good to cover all our bases and make sure they get anything that might be missing or low due to the processing commercial foods go through. It’s nice finding a product that benefits ALL of our animals and that they ALL will eat. This one is a keeper.”

THE GIFT FOR LIFE Advanced Feline Hip and Joint Supplement

best for senior cats
cat vitamins for senior cats

Where to buy: $39.79, Amazon

Why we like it:

  • Helps with joint pain
  • Increases energy

If you have a senior pet, you know how special they are — and how much extra love they need. Cats who struggle with hip and joint pain may find relief with The Gift for Life, a peptide supplement made just for older cats. It comes in a chewable treat form that cats love, and is used by veterinarians as a first protocol for aging pets with joint pain. Cat parents report that their senior friends have more youthful energy, shinier coats, increased strength, and even less anxiety as a result of using this supplement. Cat vitamins for the win!

Take it from this kitty parent: “My best friend — a feline obviously — has not much of an immune system, so was constantly fighting a respiratory issue. I am extremely happy to have discovered The Gift For Life. He now breathes much better and has the energy of a kitten, which he has not had in a very long time. Have tried many immunity products and this one WORKS!”

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