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Want to Feel Calmer And More Focused? Incorporate More Periwinkle Into Your Home

Psychologists say this trendy hue boosts mood, performance and focus

Sometimes all it takes is a pop of color to revamp any room in your house! And right now, color experts and designers agree that the color periwinkle ushers a beautiful balance of joy and relaxation into the home.

Last year, color authority Pantone named ‘Very Peri’ the Color of the Year. The periwinkle shade, which combines cool blue-purple with warm violet-red undertones, continues to be a popular color choice in kitchens, living rooms and beyond. Read on to find out more about the color periwinkle and simple ways to bring it into your space.

Is periwinkle blue or purple?

The color periwinkle belongs to the indigo family and the shade falls somewhere between blue and violet on the color wheel, according to the color experts at “To the naked eye, periwinkle appears pale blue with hints of lavender,” says craft and color pro CrystalsColoring on Youtube. The hue itself is named after the periwinkle plant — also known as vinca or myrtle. And out of the 12 species of periwinkle, two are popular groundcovers, earning it the nickname “graveyard vine.” For more history behind the color periwinkle, check out Crystal’s Color Stories: Periwinkle episode:

What colors pair well with periwinkle?

If you’re thinking about sprinkling periwinkle into your home décor, it’s helpful to know which colors pair nicely with the indigo hue. You can’t go wrong when pairing periwinkle with neutrals or metallics in larger spaces like the living room or a bedroom. For a crisp and refreshing color combination, consider pairing periwinkle with shades of green (like sage or mint). For a more striking color combination, pair cooler-hued periwinkle with a warmer-hued color like orange, yellow or salmon pink.

Keep reading for stylish ways to bring this color in any room in your home.

Beautify your living room with periwinkle

“Very Peri injects a sense of playful freshness and joy into home interiors — it’s a versatile shade that enlivens any space,” notes Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Institute. “It encompasses both the qualities of the blues and warm violet-red undertones.” And the eye-catching shade of periwinkle is well-suited for an array of materials, finishes and textures, like paint, wallpaper and textiles.

To introduce color to a living area, as shown above, start small by displaying throw pillows, decorative platters or bright supermarket blooms. Or, for a bigger impact, try creating a low-commitment accent wall behind a sofa with paint or stick-on wallpaper.

Pretty up your kitchen with a pop of periwinkle

Kitchen with cabinets painted periwinkle

“Incorporating periwinkle into a kitchen provides an unexpected yet lovely pop of color,” says interior designer Cortney McClure (@DesignedByCortney on Instagram). “Going for a bolder color in the heart of the home rather than the typical neutral hues not only elevates the design, it makes the mood livelier.” Here, wood cabinets are renewed with periwinkle paint (Try ‘Mystic Iris’ or ‘Kimono’ from Glidden, starting at $4 for 8 oz., at The Home Depot). For a step-by-step kitchen cabinet painting tutorial, check out this video by DIY pro Cindy Harvey of A Cottage Girl blog:

Other effortless ways to incorporate the color in a kitchen area: Stack piles of cookbooks wrapped in periwinkle scrapbook paper on a shelf, pop vibrant violet-blue blooms like violets, tulips or hyacinths in pitchers and add periwinkle dish towels, bowls or area rugs.

Refresh a creative corner

Home office with periwinkle wall

Simply gazing at blue and violet hues is a proven way to bring on calm. In one study, 62% of people who spent time in a room painted blue said the color had beneficial effects on their mood, performance and focus — subjects also perceived the hue as calming. “When it comes to a home office, a reading nook or a crafting area, weaving in periwinkle is a perfect choice. It sets an atmosphere that’s inviting and inspiring,” says McClure. What’s more, she says, “Bringing hues like Very Peri into a creative space like a home office or reading nook make you want to immerse yourself in a good book or maybe even get that task list checked off!”

To balance out the cooler elements of periwinkle, she recommends bringing a variety of plush textured accents, like a light-purple velvet footstool or cozy blanket into the space. Also nice: “When painting a wall purple, ‘break up’ the color by displaying artwork or hanging drapes.”

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