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New ‘Love’ Riddle Gets Surprisingly Touching Answers


We love the wide variety of puzzles and brain teasers that the internet has to offer — but one new love riddle has a surprisingly heartwarming spin. It all started when Twitter user @ThaDalaiMama posed a question on Twitter: “How would you describe love without using the word ‘love’?” Now, the post is making the rounds on social media — with many users offering some seriously adorable responses.

It may seem like a simple question at first; after all, love is one of those feelings that you just know when you feel it. But maybe that’s exactly what makes it a little bit tricky. Think about it: It’s hard to craft a response to what love is without beginning the answer with the obvious phrase, “Love is….” And even if you get past the urge to begin your answer by using the word “love,” it’s still quite challenging to put one of the most complex and powerful emotions into words. Fortunately, some creative folks were able to craft some pretty incredible descriptions in just a sentence or two.

One person compared a loving relationship to a beautiful garden.

Another person used the example of giving birth to a precious baby.

Yet another explained it as the one star in the sky that stands out among all the rest.

Of course, since this is the internet, a few people offered humorous explanations as well. But even the jokey definitions had a certain tenderness to them. After all, you have to care about someone a whole lot before you share your food with them.

Now it’s your turn! How would you describe love without using the word itself?

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