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‘Rent a Grandma’ Can Help You Earn Money Using Your Greatest Skill: Love


Grandmas are famous for being the most loving and nurturing member of any family. Just hearing the word can fill you with warm and fuzzy memories of your own grandmother. Now that you might be a grandma yourself, you know just how important it is to carry on that tradition with the younger generations.

That’s exactly what Todd Pliss had in mind when he came up with the brilliant idea for his company Rent a Grandma. As a teacher on movie and television sets for young actors, Pliss told how many of his students’ parents were frustrated with finding care for their children at home. “Often, they hired a young woman (late teens or early 20s) who wouldn’t show up or was more interested in their phones than watching their children,” he explained. “So I thought, ‘Who are the most dependable women? And then it hit me — grandmas!”

Not only are these “Grandmas” less likely to be distracted by their phones, but they have lifelong experience that makes them the perfect caretakers for children, pet sitting, or looking after the elderly. The company screens every potential Grandma for the most professional and capable qualities you would expect from an actual grandmother. It’s also a great way for maternal women to stay active and earn a little extra money after retirement by sharing their greatest talent: love. Grandma Jane, shown in the photo above, tells us: “I don’t subscribe to the idea that older people need to be sitting in a rocking chair. Being a Grandma is a wonderful experience and I have worked with many wonderful families.”

Pliss adds that most of the Grandmas at the company become part of the family — “Think Alice on The Brady Bunch.” That fulfilling bond is especially nice for those with their actual grandchildren not living nearby. “Since my own grandchildren live a good distance from me (and I retired from a career as a teacher), I enjoy the flexibility of working as a Grandma,” Grandma Linda (shown below) tells us. “But most of all, I enjoy being a positive role model for the young people I am entrusted with.”

Rent a Grandma: Grandma Linda

(Photo Credit: Courtesy of Rent a Grandma)

As silly as the name might sound, Rent a Grandma is providing an amazing service for their clients and employees alike. Click here to apply or learn more about Rent a Grandma. If selected, you’ll be able to earn some money and warm hearts at the same time.

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