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Whipped Butter Is the Chef’s Secret for Extra-Creamy Flavor — Easy 2-Ingredient Recipe

Spread it onto your favorite foods for a layer of rich goodness!

If you want to turn a stick of butter into a light and fluffy spread, the answer is simple: just whip it. Incorporating air into this fridge staple increases its volume, giving you more butter and an extra bang for your buck. What you’ll end up with is a soft spread that you can smear on toast, place on cooked meats or dollop on a baked potato. Dressing up the butter with various seasonings is also a good option for instantly flavoring your dishes. Here’s how to make whipped butter in 5 minutes!

How is whipped butter made?

Whipped butter is a simple yet wow-worthy condiment worth making. “Starting with just two ingredients — good-quality, unsalted [soft] butter and a bit of salt — beaten to perfection, you’ll have a creamy, cloud-like spread that’ll have you swooning,” Jeannine Rose, founder of, says. While you can whip the butter with a whisk, using an electric mixer creates airy whipped butter with hardly any elbow grease. This way you’ll have a batch of whipped butter that enhances your everyday meals!

The versatility of whipped butter

Whipped butter melts faster than a normal stick because it contains more air. While this makes it not ideal for sautéing or baking, you can use it as a topping or spread for biscuits, searing steak, steamed vegetables or a baked potato. The butter adds a layer of richness and savory flavors, especially when you mix it with your favorite ingredients.

Chef’s surprise ingredient for creamier whipped butter

For extra creamy whipped butter, Gerald Luna, chef and founder at b. street Waffles, suggests incorporating a dash of liquid dairy. “If you prefer a creamier consistency, gradually add 1 to 2 tablespoons of heavy cream or milk while continuing to beat the butter until you reach your desired texture,” he explains. This small amount of cream or milk goes a long way to creating ultra-spreadable whipped butter. (Click through for a tip on how to soften a stick of butter in 10 minutes.)

How to make whipped butter

Below, you can find chef Luna’s easy 5-minute Whipped Butter recipe. After the butter is fully blended, he recommends transferring to an airtight container to store in the fridge for up to 2 weeks. Allow the butter to come to room temperature before using it.

Homemade Whipped Butter

Whipped butter spread on toast


  • 1 cup (2 sticks) unsalted butter, room temperature
  • Pinch of salt
  • 1 to 2 Tbs. heavy cream or milk (optional) 
  • Additional seasonings (optional)


  • Yield: 1½ cup to 2 cups whipped butter
  1. In clean mixing bowl, add softened butter. 
  2. Using electric hand mixer or stand mixer fitted with whisk attachment, beat butter on medium-high speed about 3 to 5 minutes, or until light, fluffy and doubled in volume. If adding cream or milk, pour in halfway through and continue beating.
  3. Once whipped, stop mix and gently fold in salt and/or additional seasonings if desired.
  4. Spoon butter into airtight container and store in fridge for no longer than 2 weeks.

5 delicious flavor ideas for whipped butter

Enhance the flavor of your whipped butter using any of these five yummy suggestions!

1. Sun dried tomato butter

Sweet and tangy sun dried tomatoes add a pop of color and flavor to the butter. Chop them into pieces or make a sun dried tomato pesto to mix into spread.

2. Herb butter

Freshly chopped dill, parsley and chives provide the spread with a refreshing and earthy flavor.

3. Roasted garlic butter

The nutty and caramelized flavors of roasted garlic instantly transforms your plain whipped butter.

4. Citrus butter

Incorporating lemon, orange or lime zest along with a squeeze of juice creates a tart and citrusy whipped butter.

5. Chili butter

Infuse the butter with a pepper kick by adding chili paste, hot sauce or red pepper flakes.

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