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4 Easy Lifestyle Changes That Cure Sickness and Promote Overall Health


Businessman James Templeton (husband of Woman’s World contributor Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD) healed himself when Western medicine failed to cure his stage IV melanoma. He details his journey in I Used to Have Cancer: How I Found My Own Way Back to Health ($12.14, Amazon). Here, some of his tips to help you persevere, no matter what your struggle.

Tune in to music.

“Listening to soothing music produces biological changes, such as reducing blood pressure and lowering stress,” says Templeton. Studies at Yale University and elsewhere confirm that music lowers discomfort during medical procedures, reduces postoperative side effects and aids pain relief. Researchers in France report that listening to music during hospitalization improved pain by 52 percent and reduced pre-procedure anxiety and depression.

Tweak the time you eat.

Don’t go to bed on a full stomach. “This allows the body to focus all of its nighttime energy toward healing instead of digestion,” explains Templeton. To get the benefits, “close the kitchen” at 7 p.m., then head to bed at 10 p.m.

Lose yourself in waking dreams.

“Whenever I had time, I visualized a healthy body,” shares Templeton. “I’d take deep breaths and picture the oxygen destroying my cancer cells. When I ate, I’d picture every cell absorbing the nutrients they needed to fight the cancer.” Indeed, studies at UCLA have shown that using guided imagery boosts immunity.

Walk barefoot.

Walking barefoot outside increases the flow of “free electrons” from the Earth into our body. “The effects of this transfer and its impact on healing is shocking and impressive,” says Templeton. “There’s healing power right beneath your feet.”

In one study, 78 percent of participants who practiced this technique, called “grounding,” reported improved health, and 74 percent credited the practice with reducing or eliminating chronic pain. When you wear shoes, consider leather soles. And for best results, go for cotton clothing. Both leather and cotton are more conductive than synthetic materials, allowing the body to soak up more of the Earth’s healing electrons.

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