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15 Tools To Help You Craft a Healthier Daily Routine This Winter

Article presented by Shannon Sparks

There are many reasons to love winter days, like skiing and snowboarding, cozy holidays, and delicious winter treats. Still, there’s no denying that the cold weather and early sunset can have an effect on our health and well-being — and the cold can make it that much more challenging to get out of our beds every day.

Thankfully, forewarned is forearmed! With the right tools and products, you’ll be able to prepare for the chilly months ahead. That’s why we’re sharing the best tools to make your winter days a little less daunting and a lot more delightful.

From the magic of modern medicine to the comfort of your toes, we’ve got the goods to keep you hale, hearty, and happy this holiday season and beyond.

1. CareCard: Order Winter Meds Without Breaking the Bank

Prescriptions can burn a hole in your pocket, but there are many types of medications we need to stay healthy throughout the winter months. Luckily, the prescription discount card from CareCard is useful for maintaining your health through the winter, saving both your day and your wallet.

CareCard’s prescription discount card is the best way to save on the medications that can make all the difference during flu and cold season, and you might even have extra cash for that extra pump of caramel in your latte. Take the guesswork out of holiday healthcare with CareCard.

2. Kizik: Step into Comfort in Slip On Shoes

In the winter, our feet have to go through a lot. Not only can they get cold on snowy days, but we spend most of the cold months stuffing our feet into snow boots and wading through snowdrifts, and our feet could definitely use a break. Kizik’s athletic slip on shoes are soft, comfortable options that will give your feet the relief they deserve this winter.

We know we’re not the only ones who dread pulling on boots to take the pup out for the last walk of the night, but in Kizik’s slip ons, you’re out the door in seconds. They help to keep your feet warm and comfy, and they only take a few seconds to pull on, saving you time, energy, and discomfort throughout the day.

Winter fashion fans don’t have to worry, either: Kizik’s athletic slip on shoes are as stylish as they are soft, which means you’re turning heads at the grocery store. They offer style, convenience, and warmth, making them a triple threat for all your winter health needs.

3. BUBS Naturals: Sip Your Way to Radiance

Winter can be rough on our skin and overall health. After all, it’s the time of year when we have to deal with all kinds of irritation, dryness, and flaking.

Okay, hold the phone and put down the lotion: BUBS Naturals’ collagen peptides powder can help you achieve the radiant skin you deserve all season long.

You can stir, shake, or blend this collagen peptides powder into your favorite beverage, turning your morning routine into a home spa experience. With each sip, you highlight and support your skin and joints, which can help you achieve the kind of glow that usually only comes from a brisk winter walk.

The best part about this treat is that it’s as delicious as it is nutritious, meaning it’s never a chore to take care of yourself. This winter, raise a glass to radiance one delightful sip at a time and toast to the wintry glow-up that’s just a scoop away.

4. Sips by: Tea-riffic Winter Warmers

When the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful, there’s nothing quite like wrapping your chilly fingers around a mug of steaming tea from Sips by. The right mug of tea feels like a warm embrace in a cup, especially when you’ve just come in from the cold.

When that cuppa comes from Sips by’s selection of tea gifts, you’ll have access to a range of flavors that can warm you from the inside out. It’s our favorite way to participate in the global tradition of cozy comfort.

What kind of tea lover are you? Whether you prefer energizing black teas or the perfect herbal bundle for falling asleep each night, there’s a flavor to match your needs. Each sachet can transport you to a bustling spice market or a candy cane forest with just one sip.

For those of you feeling generous, giving the gift of a Sips By tea set is like sending a cable-knit sweater for the soul, warming your loved ones from the inside out.

Steep a pot and watch as the winter wonderland outside your window becomes just a little bit more magical with every sip.

5. The Beard Club: Tame the Winter Mane With Beard Oil

A beard can help keep your chin insulated against the nippy winter air, but with great beard comes great responsibility. The Beard Club’s beard oil is the secret weapon you need in your grooming arsenal to keep your bristles as soft as the season’s first snowfall.

This beard oil is infused with the scents of the season, like woodsy outdoor cedar, and it’s part of a daily ritual that makes you smell like you’ve just come back from chopping wood in the wilderness. Not to mention, it’ll smooth out snags and tangles, leaving your beard as sleek as a sled on fresh powder.

One of the biggest issues we deal with in the winter is dryness, especially in beards. Keep your beard feeling healthy and smooth all winter long with beard oil from The Beard Club.

6. Winona: Menopause Hormone Therapy Is a Balancing Act

Experiencing your own personal summer when it’s snowing outside can be very frustrating. But Winona is here with menopause hormone therapy that can give you the relief you deserve all winter long. Think of it as the thermostat for your body, giving you the control to dial back the heat waves.

With Winona’s hormone therapy, you’re not just surviving the menopausal trek through the desert. You’re able to thrive, returning to comfort, high energy, and a good night’s sleep. It’s about embracing the change with grace, laughter, and ease. With support from Winona, hot flashes have nothing on you.

7. Sunmed: Chill Out in Chilly Weather With CBD Cream

Winter can bring a lot of stiffness and aches, but you don’t have to suffer this season. Sunmed’s CBD cream is here to mellow out the winter discomfort and bring ease back to your muscles and joints.

This CBD cream is topical, but it’s also a topical vacation. Apply a dollop, bid adieu to tension, and say hello to relaxation. The winter chill can make us all feel like the Tin Man in need of oil, but with Sunmed, you’ll be loose-limbed and carefree.

You also have peace of mind when you use Sunmed CBD products since they’re as natural as the snowflakes gracing your windowpane. From the first application, you can turn that winter grind into winter unwind.

8. Incrediwear: Elbow Grease Not Required With Elbow Sleeves

Let’s bend your ear about elbows. We rely on our elbows for everything, but when the winter cold creeps in and those joints start to feel stiff and creaky, it’s time to slide into something a little more … supportive. Enter Incrediwear elbow sleeves, the support your joints need for comfort and care.

These sleeves are lightweight, breathable, and flexible and give injured or recovering joints the support that makes the difference. They can be worn both during and after recovery and used for preventative care and pain support. Winter doesn’t have to mean joint pain, not when you have the support of Incrediwear.

9. Lashify: Flutter Through Winter With Natural Lash Extensions

We’ve heard the old adage, “Blink and you’ll miss it,” but every blink is a grand reveal with Lashify’s natural lash extensions show. These lashes can help you battle your way through the winter gloom with the grace of a snowflake drifting to the ground. As any makeup lover knows, looking good is the first step to feeling good.

Lashify’s natural lash extensions are the no-fuss, no-muss secret to looking — and feeling — as though you’ve got your winter life together. This winter, don’t let the doldrums get you down. Embrace beauty, fun, and drama with natural lash extensions that really stand out.

10. Mad Rabbit: Ink-credible Care With Tattoo Aftercare

Fresh ink on your skin is like the first page of a new chapter: thrilling, fresh, and just a bit intimidating.

Before you strut your stuff showcasing your new art, let’s talk aftercare. With Mad Rabbit’s tattoo aftercare, you’ll be able to pamper your new tat like a VIP at an exclusive spa.

That’s especially important in the chilly, dry skin days of winter. When you’re already dealing with the effects of wind, cold, and super dry indoor heating, you don’t want to worry about damaging or irritating the skin around your tattoo, too.

Mad Rabbit is dedicated to protecting your skin and to keeping your canvas as vibrant as the day your tattoo was inked. It’s the difference between a tattoo that’s just good and one that’s absolutely radiant.

11. Copper Fit: Compression Support to the Rescue

We rely on the arches of our feet for everything, especially on slippery and snowy walkways. That’s why arch support is so essential and why we need to take extra great care of our feet in the winter. That’s also why you’ll want to add Copper Fit arch and compression support products to your winter routine.

When you’re dashing through the snow — or just dashing to the next Zoom call — Copper Fit is here to ensure every step is an “ahh” rather than an “ouch.” It’s about time your arches got the recognition they deserve, and with Copper Fit, you’ll be walking on cloud nine. They’re like a pep talk for your soles, lifting you up when the winter tries to pull you down.

12. Stellar Sleep: Dreaming of Summer Night

Now, let’s tuck in for the night. Winter can make sleep difficult, with the wind howling like a banshee and the heater rattling like a ghost in the attic. With Stellar Sleep’s app, you’ll never need to worry about another restless night. It’s like a lullaby for your brain, tailored to your every late-night need.

Gone are the nights of counting sheep until the wee hours. Stellar Sleep’s tips and tricks turn your bed into a cocoon of comfort so that you can get the rest you need even on the chilliest evenings. It’s about custom sleep advice that adapts to your needs, leaving you refreshed come morning. Snuggle in and let Stellar Sleep do the rest.

13. Mt. View Treatment Center: A Luxurious Reset

If you’re searching for a place where the world’s troubles are as distant as the last snowflake of winter, look no further than Mt. View Treatment Center. It’s the luxury detox recovery center that can make the difference, a sanctuary where serenity and science embrace. Here, detox is a transcendental experience that will help you take the next step on your personal journey.

At Mt. View Treatment Center, you’ll have a view of the valley from the mountains just outside Malibu. It’s nestled in lush surroundings, you can almost hear the stress bubble away like a forest brook.

We all need an escape at times, and this is the place where wellness meets comfort and where each program is tailored to whisper to your body’s specific needs. You’ll also have the support of highly trained staff and therapists and access to in-house exercises and massages. Get ready to be reborn into a world of calm.

14. Egofit: Step Up Your Game With a Home Walking Pad

Who said you need to brave the cold for your daily steps? With a home walking pad from Egofit, you can march to the beat of your own drum, all from the warmth of your living room. It’s like having a treadmill without the commitment or the bulk.

Slide it under your desk and multitask like a boss, or park it in front of the TV and get your steps in while binging the latest series. It’s convenience in motion, a walk in the park (or your home) no matter the weather. And when you’re done? Stow it away with ease; no gym membership required. A home walking pad is the easy-to-use secret weapon against the winter blues.

15. Quince: Wrapping Up in Comfort

Let’s wrap this up — quite literally — with the snug embrace of a weighted blanket. A chunky knit weighted blanket from Quince feels like a hug, a cloud, and a peaceful night rolled into one cozy package. It’s the security of a snow fort and the comfort of a warm hug combined, the sleep accessory you never knew you needed.

On a cold winter’s night, when the wind is howling and your heater is clunking, your weighted blanket is the silent guardian warding off restlessness and anxiety. It’s science and comfort working together to give you a deep sleep that will help you wake up rested. Tuck yourself in, and let the gentle pressure lull you into the sweetest of slumbers.

Wrapping Up Winter With Healthy Cheer

Taking care of your mind and body is always important, especially when it comes to the chilly, dark days of winter. That’s why creating a healthier daily routine can be such a good option for overall wellness on even the coldest nights.

Staying warm, well, and whimsical is just a product away, and our favorite brands have you covered with the latest in health and wellness technology. These are the tools, the secret weapons that will conquer the cold and come out the other side unscathed because you definitely don’t need to get the flu this year. Not with the right tools in your arsenal.

As the winter winds whip up and the snowflakes start to fall, gear up with new products from health-forward new brands and make this season one for the books. With a little bit of care, comfort, and crafted coziness, you’re not just surviving winter — you’re thriving in it.

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