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Pest Control Pros’ Share the Sticky Solution to Getting Rid of Crickets in Your House — Fast

Plus how to avoid making your home cricket-friendly!

You may love the peaceful sound of crickets outside on a quiet night, but when that chirping is coming from inside your house? Not so much! Like with all insects, it’s never pleasant to discover you have a cricket problem on your hands. Plus, once the noisy bugs take residence, they can quickly become an infestation. So we asked pest control experts how to get rid of crickets inside the house. Keep scrolling for their tricks to evicting them and keeping them out in the first place.

Why you don’t want crickets inside the house

“Those little crickets might seem harmless, but they can wreak havoc in your home!” says Allan Bossel, pest control expert and owner-operator of MBBS. “They sneak in during the winter, and by the time spring rolls around, they’re all over the place. Not only do they chirp all night, driving you crazy, but they also munch on fabrics like cotton and silk.”

What’s the more, the bugs can infest a home quickly. This can be especially frustrating when you’re hearing a lot of chirping and don’t know where to start!

Wondering how they made their way into your home? “Crickets can get into the house from anywhere like cracks in the foundation to gaps where cables and pipes come into the house,” shares Matt Smith, co-owner of Green Pest Management. “They also like to squeeze in through doors and underneath the garage door.”

How to know you if you have a cricket problem

One of the most obvious signs you have a cricket problem on your hands is the noise. (Note: Some cricket species, like the camel cricket, don’t chirp!) But there are other things you may notice that indicate the bugs are in your home, like chewed fabrics or paper and tiny droppings.

You can also do some searching in certain areas of your house that are havens for crickets. “Check damp areas like basements, where they can reproduce and thrive,” advises Bossel. They’re also attracted to light, so outdoor lights by entrances can lead to them coming into your house. Tip: Reduce your outdoor light usage or switch to yellow lights, which are less attractive to insects and if your bulb breaks while trying to remove it, try this trick to remove it with ease!

There may be cases where a single bug sneaks indoors, but any more than a rare visitor could indicate a bigger problem. “If you see a couple of them then there will be many more hiding,” says Smith.

How to get rid of crickets inside the house

Once you discover crickets in your home, there are simple pest control solutions you can try.

1. Enlist sticky traps

Sticky traps are one of the most effective methods, and they should be placed where you usually hear the chirping. See how they work in the video below:

For a cost-effect and eco-friendly version, you can make your own trap, says Nicole Carpenter, CEO of Black Pest Prevention. Create a solution of one part molasses to ten parts water, then add it to a bowl that’s deep enough to hold the liquid but shallow enough for crickets to jump into. “The solution should be liquid enough to hold the crickets but not so diluted that the molasses loses its stickiness and flavor,” she advises.

Then place the bowl in an area where you suspect the crickets are living. “It attracts crickets with its sweet smell,” explains Carpenter. Once the container fills up, dispose the contents and refresh with a new molasses mixture. And since it’s made out of molasses, it’s safe around children and pets.  

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2. Try bay leaves

One thing crickets and other insects don’t like? Bay leaves. Simply place sone of the leaves around your home and in pantries or closets or, you can make a bay leaf spray by boiling 4-5 bay leaves in water, let cool then pour the liquid into a spray bottle and spray around your home or places where you have found crickets. This will help get them to leave hiding spots so you can get rid of the crickets faster.

Also smart: Place cucumber slices or orange peels in areas where crickets are frequently seen. Crickets are known to be repelled by the smell of cucumbers and citrus!

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3. How to get rid of crickets: Use this powder

Another alternative for a more serious infestation: diatomaceous earth. “It’s a non-toxic powder that kills crickets by dehydrating them,” says Carpenter. “This natural insecticide is generally safe for use in the home, but should be used with caution if you have children or pets.” Chemical insecticides, such as sprays, powders, granules and baits can be used to get crickets out of the house if everything else fails. But be sure to read the instructions thoroughly for safe and proper application.

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How to keep crickets out of your house

Now you know how to get rid of crickets, here, experts agree that there are simple steps to take to avoid cricket problems in the future (and to keep a current one from getting out of control).

1. Seal off outside gaps

Caulking is another way to keep crickets out of the house

First, you’ll want to seal off any entry points in your house as crickets can squeeze their way through small gaps. This includes everything from doors and windows to vents and utility openings. “By using materials like caulk or weather stripping to seal these entry points, you can create a barrier that prevents crickets from accessing your home,” says Bossel. Tape, expanding foam and sealant will also work.

2. Change out lights

As mentioned above, it helps to change any outdoor lighting to yellow bug lights, as these are less attractive to crickets. Additionally, try to keep indoor lights off at night or use curtains to block light from attracting crickets.

3. Look for damp spots indoors

Address any environmental factors in your house. “Crickets love cool damp places,” says Smith. “If you dry out their home and make it uncomfortable they will shy away from it.”

Try placing a dehumidifier, repair any leaks pipes and improve ventilation in basements, laundry rooms and crawl spaces. Bossel also suggests removing any standing water from around your property.

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4. Tidy up outside

Finally, you may want to do a bit of tidying up in your yard, as well, especially in any spots closet to your home. The reason? “Piles of wood, leaves, tall grass on the lawn, and various debris are great hiding places for crickets,” says Carpenter. Cutting down on these elements will make a difference!

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